Influx of Illegal Aliens Could Give NWO Excuse to Force Vaccinate

• 1916 polio outbreak provides a clue to New World Order’s plan.

• Is polio really dead in America?

By James Spounias —

On August 27, news broke that a 30-year-old British man has been excreting a highly virulent, mutated strain of the poliomyelitis (polio) virus for most of his life as a result of childhood polio vaccinations he received. The man has an immune suppressive condition, limiting the ability of his immune system to kill viruses in his stomach.

More than 100 stool samples throughout his life were analyzed and, ironically, the polio virus became more potent and contagious over time. At five months, seven months and twelve months of age, the man had been given three doses of oral live polio virus vaccine and a booster vaccine at age seven.

Establishment reporting minimizes the virulent contagious nature of “shedding,” noting the man received the “older” oral polio vaccine, which was discontinued in the United States in 2000 and in the United Kingdom in 2004. However, the establishment press fails to mention that the danger of the oral live polio vaccine was known long before it was discontinued in the U.S. and UK.

On March 4, 1977, Jonas and Darrel Salk in Science magazine wrote: “Live virus vaccines against poliomyelitis, for example, may in each instance produce the disease it is intended to prevent. The live virus vaccines against measles and mumps may produce such side effects as encephalitis. Both of these problems are due to the inherent difficulty of controlling live virus in vivo.”

Another inconvenient truth is that the oral polio vaccine is still used in developing countries. The reason given is because the vaccine is so much less expensive than injectable versions.


Remember the hysteria about the prospect of “unvaccinated” children infecting immune compromised children in Disneyland? You would think the whole world was about to die a miserable death because everyone isn’t vaccinated, but when the risks of shedding and transmission from the oral live vaccines are explained by the vaccine-promoting media, the actual number of victims, let alone the real risk, is minimized.

The establishment deftly ignores a study from Croatia, which proved that children who received the measles vaccine were not only infected with measles but also infected others.

Did the British man or other, unknown shedders infect others with polio? It’s not easy to know because establishment medicine is hell bent on downplaying the dangers of vaccines in general.

Oh, and don’t forget establishment medicine gives old diseases new names and engages in statistical manipulation to craft a narrative that they have “cured” epidemics when, in fact, they haven’t.

For example, polio has been given new names such as transverse myelitis.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries, author of Dissolving Illusions and a strong critic of vaccination, notes that Dr. Douglas Kerr of Johns Hopkins stated in his foreword to Autoimmune Epidemic published in 2009, “Infants as young as five months old can get transverse myelitis, and are left permanently paralyzed and are dependent on a ventilator to breathe. My colleagues at John Hopkins hospital and I hear about or treat hundreds of new cases every year.”

Ironically, pro-vaccine advocates urge that infants as young as six weeks old get their first polio vaccine, and, remember, what’s been used since 2000 in the U.S. is the inactivated injectable polio virus vaccine, not the dreaded oral live polio vaccine.

Dr. Humphries asks, “Does the public have any idea there are hundreds of cases of something that is now called transverse myelitis that would historically have been called polio and is now leaving children permanently dependent on a modern version of the iron lung?”

Transverse myelitis affects 33,000 people in the U.S. with 1,400 new cases per year. Dr. Humphries notes that the symptoms of transverse myelitis are so close to polio that prior to the introduction of the famous polio vaccine in 1954, transverse myelitis sufferers would have been categorized as having polio.

While there are many layers to the polio vaccine narrative, one notable case involves the work of Dr. J.V. Neel who studied a remote Brazilian Xavante tribe in the 1960s. Neel’s study showed members of the tribe carried all three “wild” polio virus antibodies in their systems, and yet none developed the dreaded disease. Of course, the Xavante tribe was not vaccinated.


The Xavante tribe experience properly explains what is true “herd immunity”—that is, when unvaccinated individuals are exposed to natural viruses (not made in a laboratory) their own immune systems develop antibodies to viruses. The Xavante tribe resisted 20th-century medical interventions such as vaccinations and antibiotics. They  didn’t eat processed foods and were not exposed to DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) or other environmental contaminants that plague “modern” civilization.

Neel noted that the Xavante also showed antibodies to influenza, salmonella and measles. Even Dr. Albert Bruce Sabin, inventor of the oral polio vaccine, was puzzled by the fact that in developed countries, with developed sanitation and vaccinations, polio was on the rise while in undeveloped areas there were few outbreaks.

Dr. Humphries explained it this way: “Although Sabin was simply puzzled about the clean and advanced parts of the world getting sick, he failed to connect the rate of paralysis to easily identifiable factors. Examining what changed in the environment and human diet and how clearly the susceptibility to paralysis in developed areas is the key to understanding polio.”

Dr. Humphries also cited the prolific use of DDT, arsenic, infant formulas instead of breast feeding, tonsillectomies and restrictive braces and immobilization of young polio sufferers as key factors completely ignored as “causes” and exacerbations by the medical establishment of the day, which wrongly said polio was wiped out by vaccinations.

A spectacular polio outbreak in 1916 affected 23,000 people, resulting in 5,000 deaths. Italian immigrants were unjustly blamed in what was a precursor to a psychological terror campaign waged against Americans.

Humphries explains that “Dr. H.V. Wyatt published a document in 2011 discussing the possibility that a highly virulent laboratory-engineered strain of poliovirus ‘escaped’ from the Rockefeller laboratories [in the early 1900s], causing the largest epidemic in U.S. history. Just exactly what could have escaped from the lab is unknown.”

Will what happened 99 years ago be a template for today? The prospect of another lab-made virus causing a pandemic that would easily be blamed on a lack of immigration enforcement could be a pretext to vaccinate the entire American population. Intelligent Americans should realize that while open borders is indeed a problem, we should vigilantly press for hard facts if another scare campaign emerges.

Moreover, we should not accept as victory the half-hearted sentiments from politicians who praise vaccinations yet suggest they be staggered for infants. Modifying a horrific vaccine schedule is akin to playing 20 rounds of Russian roulette every few months, instead of 60 in one day. We need to question why at all.

We also need to learn more about how modern living compromises natural immunity. Thousands of environmental contaminants, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), herbicides and insecticides and processed foods, mercury amalgam fillings and electrical and electromagnetic frequency pollution are just a few factors that are ignored.

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