AUDIO INTERVIEW: Jewish Child Sex Predators Protected by U.S. Gov’t


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In December, the Brooklyn, New York District Attorney, with a long history of turning a blind eye to child sex predators in the close-knit Orthodox Jewish community, announced sweeping pedophilia charges against nearly 100 Orthodox Jews, men and women.

A good start, for a community that “requires anyone alleging sex abuse by a fellow observant Jew to first report to its rabbis, who decide whether the case should go to secular authorities.” Trouble is, he didn’t even release one name of those accused! Writer, attorney and child sex abuse advocate Michael Lesher, an Orthodox Jew, has been following these troubling scandals since serial child rapist and self-proclaimed rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz fled to Israel in 1984, one step ahead of NYC detectives.

As an Orthodox Jew, Lesher provides great insight into the community’s practices and history in this 39-minute interview.


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  1. There are no “Jewish sex predators” for the Talmud allows sex with girls of the age 3 years and one day and with boys of the age of six and one day. And Talmudic Judaism is your main religion, from the East Coast to the West. Your Judeo-Christianity is the same.

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