Libya Facing Anarchy

• U.S. meddling destroyed once-prosperous Arab republic

By Ronald L. Ray

The 2011 American-led violent overthrow of Muammar Qaddafi, long-time ruler of Libya, has benefited neither Western oil companies nor the Rothschild-controlled international banking cartel, which supported the hit on the former leader of one of the last few nations not under its control. Their hopes of exploiting Libya’s oil and water riches have evaporated in the conflagration of civil warfare now raging across the land. But it is the unfortunate Libyan people who must pay the wages of revolution in blood and treasure.

AMERICAN FREE PRESS is nearly alone among the U.S. media in bringing readers the full story of this American-made tragedy, although European news outlets also have been more forthcoming. Thanks to Dr. Elmer M. Chattham and the German-language website, “National Journal,” we can report the latest in the ongoing African disaster.

The West’s vassal government in Tripoli has been unable to re-establish any semblance of civil order or economic stability.  It is much hated by many Libyans as a colonialist puppet regime, incompetent and corrupt.  Unable to disarm the various militia groups with military force, the putative leaders have resorted to monetary payoffs, in vain hopes that rival factions will “play nice” and co-operate with the government.  But the chaos spirals ever more out of control.

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Curiously, two of the dozens of factions battling each other are both backed by the CIA and Mossad, namely, the Muslim Brotherhood, which dominates the government, and al Qaeda. Various officials and militia leaders have been assassinated or kidnapped, and even Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was abducted briefly. Fifteen miles from his own office, tribal warfare rages.

The eastern province of Cyrenaica declared an autonomous regional government on November 3, 2013.  Eighty percent of Libya’s oil reserves, the largest in Africa, are found in the Barqah region.  However, most of the revenues go to the western provinces, while those in the east are largely ignored.  This brought on the independence movement, which Tripoli threatens to crush by force.

But the Cyrenaicans have the upper hand.  Local security forces and militia have taken over many of the oil refineries and are attempting to profit by black-market sales.  The consequent naval blockade costs the government $130M per day.  While crude oil production earlier in the year was 1.4 million barrels per day, actual production has plummeted to a meager 160,000 barrels daily.  The cash crunch means the government may exhaust its cash reserves soon and be unable to pay civil servants.

Worse, according to the British Secret Service, the provisional Libyan government may control only 20 of 400 weapons stores. Not only are 3,000 shoulder-fired rockets missing, among other weapons, but the Russians recently pointed out a grave nuclear threat. Some 6,400 containers of yellowcake uranium are kept near Sabha under grossly deficient security measures and are a prime desire of terrorist groups.

All of this is on top of North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s destruction of Libya’s infrastructure and economy.  According to Dr. Chattham, if the provisional Libyan government fails to establish a new constitution by the time its mandate ends on February 8, 2014, either it will have to prolong its own unpopular existence, or a power vacuum will result in dozens of civil wars across the country.

The latter likely would be exploited both by neighbors such as Egypt, and rising world powers like China, which covet Libya’s natural resources. The only difference is that China will exercise its incredible diplomatic skill and never fire a shot, unlike the Western imperialists.

The U.S. bears sole responsibility for the chaos in Libya, which comes as a result of America’s misadvised foreign policy—a product of the internationalist mentality pervasive in Washington, D.C.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.