Freedom of Religion Non-Existent in China

By Victor Thorn

Imagine if 2M Christians, Muslims or Buddhists were detained in the United States in prisons, labors camps and “reeducation” centers. The voices of protest would be deafening. Yet in China, some estimate that as many as 2M adherents of the Falun Gong religion have been jailed under inhumane conditions.

Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa), although it has roots in traditions of Chinese antiquity, is a relatively new religion (or set of religions), dating to about 1984. Similar to Buddhism, it teaches its followers to practice morality and to worship God. And that’s where the trouble begins. Falun Gong’s central tenets bring it into sharp conflict with Communist Party teachings, which mandate strict atheism.

Buffalo Regional Conference

Organizers at a Falun Gong protest in Vancouver recently reported that inmates in China endure “suffocating heat in unventilated rooms filled with fumes of glue and feces, [working] up to 20 hours a day. Those who refuse are tortured or starved.”


On September 4, Levi Browde, a small business owner in the United States and a Falun Gong member, spoke with AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

“Ever since the Chinese government’s persecution unfolded in 1999, Falun Gong members have been rounded up, some tortured to death,” he said. “This is the largest group of prisoners of conscience in the world.”

The Real Problem In America

Once these people are incarcerated, their traumas only begin. Browde explained: “After they’re behind bars, Falun Gong prisoners are pre-screened for blood type so that they can be entered into the organ transplant business. Railroad cars filled with detainees pull up to military hospitals and unload these people, many of whom have been stripped of their identities.”

When AFP inquired about the specifics, Browde replied: “Human organs are expensive: Hearts go for $100K. A kidney is worth $60K. Obviously, only the elite can afford these. But now it’s so prevalent that an organ-tourism industry has actually sprung up in China, with wealthy individuals from Taiwan, Japan, the U.S., Israel and Europe traveling to China. In their countries, it may take two years for an organ transplant. In China, they can have one in a week.”

Weird Money Trick

The reason Chinese communist leaders have targeted Falun Gong illustrates how soulless this government is. Browde told AFP: “Falun Gong represents a traditional self-cultivation discipline where truthfulness, compassion and forbearance are promoted. But these notions are antithetical to communist rule. So, the politburo initiated an eradication policy to crush the movement. . . . The land has been devastated, just like the people.”

The root cause can be traced to the system itself, as Browde conveyed: “When Chinese communists rose to power in 1949, they terrorized the people into accepting the state’s power. They killed landowners, capitalists and intellectuals until all of them were beaten into submission. These campaigns created great famines, where 30-40M died of starvation or were shot.”

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Browde continued: “Look at Tiananmen Square, where thousands of students were gunned down. The Chinese leaders aren’t economic or military wizards. They’re propagandists. That’s how they’ve built and maintained power.”


Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and the author of over 30 books.