Any Other Race and This Would Not Be Okay


By AFP Staff

What would happen if, in 2020, video got out of a white student, in a sneering tone, lecturing a group of black, Hispanic, and Asian people at a major university that there are “too many” of them in a room that was otherwise open to the public and it made white people uncomfortable? The mainstream media would fall all over itself, breathlessly reporting every little detail. The girl in question would have been doxxed and expelled, and the school’s administrators would most likely be out on their butts before the cafeteria served its last hamburger for the day.

Now check out this viral video of a young black woman, clapping her hands together in a schoolmarmish way and scolding all of the people in the University of Virginia’s (UVA) multicultural center that there are “too many white people” there.

“Frankly, there’s just too many white people in here, and this is a space for people of color, so, just be really cognizant of the space that you’re taking up because it does make some of us [peoples of color] uncomfortable when we see too many white people in here,” the girl said in the video.

Welcome to higher education in America in 2020.

To its credit, UVA has since responded to the video, saying rightfully, “In order to foster the diversity of experience and ideas that make UVA a great and good place to study and work, these centers are open to all members of the University community. They complement existing student-focused spaces such as the 1515 Building on the Corner, opened in March 2017, and Ern Commons in the Alderman Road residential area, opened in March 2012.”

Unfortunately, we doubt the girl in question was reprimanded for her racist tirade despite her obvious disdain for certain people based on the color of their skin.

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  1. I am 66 and mixed blood. Since the Death of Martin Luther King, I have witnessed racism make a complete 180 turn. It has been encouraged by White Liberals, which, pointed out by Malcom X, were the greatest threat to Blacks and Civil Rights. Under the leadership of Sharpton, Jackson, and tagalong race baiters, Black against White crime has sky rocketed, with the idea it is justified. Black culture is guided by the Godless Rap Stars, and legitimized by the Entertainment Industry, and corrupt media. Pro Choice leadership is proof, that black lives do not matter.

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