Mainstream Media Stokes Violence; DoJ Helped Organize ‘Trayvon’ Protests

• Mainstream media seems determined to instigate full-scale race rioting

By John Friend

On July 13, George Michael Zimmerman, 29, was found not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida on the night of February 26, 2012. Following that news, protests and demonstrations erupted across the nation, with large gatherings reported in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Oakland and other major American cities. The riots and rallies staged expressed outrage over the acquittal of Zimmerman—an outrage that had clearly been fueled by biased and oftentimes totally distorted media coverage.

In Los Angeles, hundreds of supporters of Mr. Martin gathered Monday evening at Leimart Park to protest the acquittal of Mr. Zimmerman.  Numerous participants left the main protest and began blocking traffic on Crenshaw Boulevard, a busy thoroughfare in Los Angeles, with some protesters breaking windows and jumping on cars.  A local Walmart was later raided and fights broke out along the street amongst individuals associated with the protest.

In Oakland, protesters attempted to block traffic on Interstate 880 during rush hour traffic Monday evening, and others were arrested for acts of violence and vandalism.  Other protestors in Oakland have smashed storefront windows and burned American flags during anti-Zimmerman rallies.

From the start, liberal media outlets, including The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, and MSNBC, and high-profile black celebrities, entertainers, and professional athletes, have influenced and instigated the protesters with their sensationalist reporting and statements. New York Giants wide-receiver Victor Cruz posted on his Twitter account, “Zimmerman doesn’t last a year before the hood catches up with him,” which he later apologized for, and other high-profile celebrities and entertainers, including Jewish producer David Simon, of the hit HBO series The Wire, have expressed shame for even being an American as a result of Zimmerman’s acquittal.

As a result of this reporting, on July 14, Christopher Simson, a white man in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was brutally assaulted by a group of young Black men as a result of Zimmerman’s acquittal.  Shouting, “This is for Trayvon!” as they beat Mr. Simson, the assault left the victim with a broken hand and injuries to his head, chest, and arms.

Colin Flaherty, author of White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It, notes that while the nation’s attention is on the rallies held in support of Mr. Martin across the country,  “run of the mill black mob violence is still happening every day in cities around the country.”

“Over the last few days, there have been incidents of large-scale black mob violence in Rochester, Denver, Indianapolis, North Carolina, Chicago, Madison, Teaneck and other places—all in the few days before and after the Trayvon verdict.” But not a peep from the media.

As Martin’s supporters rally in protest of Zimmerman’s recent acquittal, Benjamin Crump, the lead attorney for the Martin family, has threatened Zimmerman with a civil suit.  Other reports indicate the Department of Justice may consider bringing a federal “hate crimes” lawsuit against Zimmerman as well—simply for performing his duties as a neighborhood watch captain and defending himself after being violently assaulted by  Martin.

Justice Department Helped Organize ‘Trayvon’ Protests

• Judicial watchdog group bares Eric Holder’s racist agenda

By John Friend

In a bombshell revelation, Judicial Watch, the anti-corruption public policy organization, recently released documents demonstrating that a little-known unit of the Department of Justice (DoJ), the Community Relations Service (CRS), was deployed to Sanford, Florida shortly after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012, in order to “provide technical assistance for the preparation of possible marches and rallies related to the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old African-American male,” according to a July 10 press release from Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch provided the following summary of the documents in its possession following a Freedom of Information Act request placed with the DoJ:

March 25-27, 2012, CRS spent $674.14 upon being “deployed to Sanford, Fla., to work marches, demonstrations, and rallies related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen by a neighborhood watch captain.”

March 25-28, 2012, CRS spent $1,142.84 “in Sanford, Fla. to work marches, demonstrations, and rallies related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen by a neighborhood watch captain.”

March 30-April 1, 2012, CRS spent $892.55 in Sanford, Fla. “to provide support for protest deployment in Florida.”

March 30-April 1, 2012, CRS spent an additional $751.60 in Sanford, Fla. “to provide technical assistance to the City of Sanford, event organizers and law enforcement agencies for the march and rally on March 31.”

April 3-12, 2012, CRS spent $1,307.40 in Sanford, Fla. “to provide technical assistance, conciliation and onsite mediation during demonstrations planned in Sanford.”

April 11-12, 2012, CRS spent $552.35 in Sanford, Fla. “to provide technical assistance for the preparation of possible marches and rallies related to the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old African American male.”

The revelations from Judicial Watch underscore the political motivation behind the prosecution of George Zimmerman, and the corrupt nature of the Obama administration in general and the DoJ under Eric Holder specifically.

CRS was set up under the DoJ as a result of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and ostensibly serves as “the Department’s ‘peacemaker’ for community conflicts and tensions arising from differences of race, color and national origin,” according to its official website. CRS allegedly “does not take sides among disputing parties,” however, Judicial Watch found evidence this little-known unit of the DoJ “took an active role in working with those demanding the prosecution of Zimmerman.”

As AMERICAN FREE PRESS goes to the printer, repeated calls to CRS for an official response to charges that the federal government had assisted demonstrators have not been returned.

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John Friend is a writer who lives in California.


Observations Post-Verdict in Manhattan

By Jeff Smith

In the hours after the George Zimmerman verdict in New York City, I walk out on a street in Manhattan’s Murray Hill district, one of the city’s original Anglo-elite neighborhoods. A beautiful sunlit scene, nothing seems changed or amiss.

I meet a friend and we enter the subway, where things quickly change. It’s the morning after the late night announcement of the verdict in the Zimmerman trial. One woman holds a newspaper with a blast headline. She and a couple next to her speak quietly, furtively. The train comes and I board a new subway car, with indeed old city problems. A group of young minority members talks loudly what they would like done with Zimmerman. The whites in the car carefully maintain distance and above all avoid eye contact even with each other.

The train rolls towards midtown. Finally, one couple, some out-of-towners, probably some tourists from Indiana who don’t know the “rules,” dare to directly look at the group of young inner city types if only to question what is happening. What follows is a classic incident of the inner city types looking threatening at someone if for no reason than the out-of-towners have shown insufficient fear of their group. My friend and I decide to intervene. Within clear ear shot of the self-appointed alternative jurors, we pipe up, asking the tourists, some of whom are now visibly sweating, despite the cold air conditioned car, where their group is from. One older woman says they are from Nebraska. I look at my friend and then in a slightly louder semi-joking toned voice say to the tourists: “Wow, this is an illegal concentration of white people.” “Yeah,” my friend says, “you’ll have to disperse immediately.” Several of tourists begin to openly laugh. The inner city crowd goes into such overload that they fall silent for a moment then go to the edge of explosion. Most of the 20-or-30s and yuppie types in the car are convinced they are going to die in the next few seconds, or at least being in the vicinity of such a remark and the lack to correctness it represents, will ruin their social and professional standing forever.

But being a patriotic activist of long standing in a place like New York teaches you exactly how to really handle things. The kids are now making increasingly hostile remarks over perhaps twenty seconds, until my friend puts his hand in his coat clearly showing the motions of removing what appears from the motion to be a handgun, sending the unmistakable question if the threatening group wants to bet if we are “strapped.” Not that we care, but this also gets the inner city kids off the hook in their world. This allows them to say that we would never dare to speak this way if we were not armed, and second, if they only had the firepower, they would have shown us. The wonderful New York social structure.

The train comes to a halt at Broadway and Eighth Street, the west Village area. We go topside to check out some audio equipment. Several groups are marching north with signs denouncing the verdict and “racism” in general. We look at two speaker systems which a guy has for sale. Back out on the street, we decide to follow the protestors, who have converged on Union Square at 14th street. About three hundred demonstrators of inner city, far leftist and various parts of the diversity industry are shouting their hatred of Zimmerman, the police, the judge in the case and even the performance of the prosecutors. Several of the protestors said they thought the prosecution had deliberately thrown the case due to the “atmosphere of racism” in Florida. In growing disbelief, we watch as hundreds of protestors robotically march to the square mouthing almost the exact texts of protest.

Finally, we decide to check out some gear at a sporting goods store just north of the square. After exiting from the store, we walk up Broadway towards 23rd Street. As we walk, it’s clear that the protestors are flowing up the avenue going north, in effect, overtaking us. One protestor holds a sign ‘the white man is a devil.’ My friend blanches and his reaction is noticed by some of the crowd. A group of perhaps eight demonstrators of various stripes slow down, and one woman, an absolute reincarnation of Bella Abzug, approaches us. “Justice for Trayvon,” she shouts. The woman, who holds a sign marked ‘Jewish mothers against war,’ sees we are less than supportive. My friend simply asks her if she thinks the devil sign is racist. She explodes into a four-letter-laced invective as to how “people like us” can exist. I’ve had enough, first the ghetto brats on the train now this.  Thinking quickly, I say, “Hey, what’s everybody getting so upset about? Trayvon made out well in all this. Right after the incident, he picked up two endorsement deals!” “He’s dead,” the woman howls. “Yeah but he still picked up two endorsement deals from Dorman’s (a famous local brand of Swiss cheese) and Carrier Air conditioning.

The woman and her friends go into the perfect, sublime state every far leftist and inner city type does when he believes they have really found an example of the bigotry they have dedicated their highly-worthwhile lives against. The woman and two of the crowd instantly attempt to rush us. We back into a street fight posture and I let her know, woman or no, I’ll clock her and then have them all arrested. The crowd issuing really vile comments backs off and after a time we continue our journey to speak to someone nearby. After giving the prospect some literature, we proceed up to 44th Street and 6th Avenue, leaving a hand-delivered letter and some literature for another contact. We drift west to get some food, only to discover our friends from Union Square are now just above Times Square and have been joined by perhaps five hundred more protestors. The crowd is howling for Zimmerman’s head.

And this is the “Old” left. This is no Occupy Wall Street group seeking to get at who’s really running things. This is a classic leftist protest against a symptom, which either has been caused by the forces mounting the protest or a condition the protest movement needs to exist to recruit members. The police are keeping a certain distance, letting the energy of the protest slowly drain if possible.

One protestor begins to get in our faces. But he does this near one of the main media nests. Two film crews, one from WABC and one from I think WNBC, begin to record the event. “Hey wait a minute,” my friend finally shouts at the crowd, the media and the flocks of very white tourists nearby. “We have a kid with gang markings using mixed martial arts over some forty year old type. What do you expect? Did this kid see and reach for the gun?” Several in the crowd of protestors now clearly want to get into a physical confrontation with us. Fine, but then someone who clearly had some kind of authority runs forward restraining the two hostiles saying the cops were watching.  “Sure, none of you wants to answer any of that,” I taunt in an even louder voice. The person who seemed to be in authority was in fact part of an unannounced but clearly visible network of sort of parade marshals making sure the “unorganized” and “spontaneous” demonstration followed a predetermined course.

Of course, all of this achieves exactly what every international banker in New York and London and the scores of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on the City’s Upper East Side, in academia and in London wants. This kind of incident and the orchestrated media surrounding it achieves exactly the distraction the internationalist establishment wants from the quickly mounting list of serious visible indications that things are disastrously wrong in the country and just as quickly getting worse. Trayvon distracts from the out-of-control activities of the NSA and its sister groups in Britain and Australia, which were set up as a group in the late ‘40s to mid-50s. It also distracts from the growing efforts to muzzle what is left of the less controlled major press. L’affair Zimmerman distracts from the behavior of the Federal Reserve and the fast-rising critical notice of what the at base, secret, private economic group has done to bring us so close to the economic disaster we are now near. Martin’s demise distracts from the United Nations and all the foreign-policy NGOs which have made Washington now only the ceremonial seat of government. And the list goes on of how convenient this incident is to many of the most powerful people in the world.

Further, the Trayvon/Zimmerman incident and its aftermath is the latest classic example of the occult methodology which the groups behind the one world movement use, which patriotic groups endlessly for over sixty years at this point, have sought to alert their fellow Americans against.

This incident and the aftermath is an absolute new order out of chaos type operation; the central operational method of every known occult group seeking social, spiritual, economic or political change.

But while the above is true, the old conservative saw that making reasonable answer to the violent agitation growing out of such incidents is somehow an improper action or helpful to the internationalist cause is undoubtedly not true. Especially the use of threats and violence against average middle Americans, such agitation must be effectively answered. And like almost every aspect of how this society is under attack, you cannot expect aspirin-level defenses to deal with advanced cancer-level conditions. Generations of conservatives have counseled without reason or merit that any defense of Western values is somehow divisive and thus helpful to America’s enemies.  With the decline of the conservative movement and the reemergence of a genuine patriotic movement, many of these false arguments have been put to rest.

Back in Times Square, we watch as the police begin to push back against the surging crowd which has started to force passersby, tourists and anyone else from the sidewalk they want to use. After several more shouting contests and near-physical battles, the crowd, or a significant part of it, begins to move north, some nearly running.

From a scanner at our next stop, we learn that part of the demonstration is headed for 125th Street in Harlem and to, reportedly, the Bronx.

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Jeff Smith is a correspondent for AFP’s Eastern Bureau.