Assassination Attempts on Police, Leftist Violence a Disturbing Plague


By John Friend

The rule of law continues to break down across the United States, as police officers are violently assaulted and attacked in New York City and radical left-wing terrorists dominate the streets of many major American cities, freely and openly attacking and intimidating political opponents and innocent bystanders alike.

In recent weeks and months, New York Police Department (NYPD) officers have been targeted by thugs and criminals with no sense of decency and respect, who refuse to observe the basic principles of law and order. Countless videos shared on social media have emerged of NYPD officers being doused with buckets of water and ridiculed by mobs of hooligans. But it is getting worse.

Recently, two NYPD officers were victims of a failed murder attempt by Robert Williams, a convicted criminal who was paroled in 2017, a common theme in New York and other liberal states across the country where dangerous crooks continue to be let back on the streets due to misguided efforts at “criminal justice reform.”

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Williams was eventually arrested after opening fire on NYPD officers in the 41st precinct in what is being described as a blatant assassination attempt on the two cops. Following the incident, Hazel Jennings, the chief of the Department of Corrections in New York, issued an official memo encouraging officers, their family members and supporters to refrain from wearing their uniforms or police regalia on public transportation, and to not publicly display symbols or logos associated with NYPD for fear of reprisals from the modern-day gangsters that have largely taken over the streets of NYC.

“In light of recent law enforcement protests and acts of violence against law enforcement employees in the city of New York, the following is reiterated for your safety,” Jennings’s memo began. “If you are utilizing public transportation to traverse the city, do not wear your uniform or other items bearing the department’s name or logo. If you are driving your personal vehicle or parking on a public street, do not place any agency identifiers such as union cards, placards, or any other items bearing association with law enforcement in view, as this may result in vandalism to your vehicle. Advise loved ones and friends to refrain from wearing clothing items or carrying items brandishing the department name or logo, for their safety.”

Patrick Lynch, the president of the Police Benevolent Association, warned that “hatred and violence directed at cops continues to grow.”

“Good luck and kind words are not enough to keep police officers or the public safe,” Lynch added. “Our elected officials need to start listening to us and working with us—not against us—to fix the deteriorating environment on our streets.”

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While New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has offered public support for NYPD, and insisted that the recent attack against officers was a “premeditated assassination attempt against New York’s Finest,” which represented “an attack on all New Yorkers,” many members of law enforcement do not trust the mayor.

The NYPD’s Sergeants Benevolent Association declared a “war” on de Blasio in the aftermath of the assassination attempt on officers in the 41st precinct. “We do not respect you, do not visit us in hospitals!” read a tweet sent to de Blasio by the official Twitter profile for the association. “You sold the NYPD to the vile creatures, the 1% who hate cops but vote for you. NYPD cops have been assassinated because of you.”

Meanwhile, in the antifa stronghold of Portland, Ore., radical left-wing extremists continue with impunity to harass, intimidate, and assault their political opponents, independent journalists, and others who happen to cross their path.

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At a recent antifa protest in Portland, an independent video journalist and YouTuber was chased off by a mob of black-clad antifa members after he was discovered filming their demonstration. “They had concealed objects or weapons in their hands,” Nate Millsap explained. He noted that at least one of the antifa protesters was “approaching me while shaking a can of pepper spray,” a common weapon utilized by antifa in public protests and demonstrations. “I wanted no part of whatever intentions they had for me so I immediately abandoned my camera duties and sprinted to safety.”

Millsap soon encountered Portland police officers monitoring the situation, fully prepared for any violence or disruptions and in full riot gear. An officer explicitly told Millsap “we’re not gonna come out and save you,” advising him to “come up with a different plan” and to “go somewhere else.” Obviously, they have been given orders from higher up the political chain.

Brandon Brown, another independent video journalist, was violently confronted and assaulted by Portland-based antifa radicals, who kicked and punched the man, attempted to stab at him with the sharp ends of umbrellas, threw projectiles at him and pepper-sprayed him, a mere block away from a coterie of Portland police officers. Video is available online.

At Ohio University recently, anti-Trump and anti-conservative protesters confronted Kaitlin Bennett, an independent journalist and Second Amendment advocate, as she and her team attempted to conduct interviews with local college students. Protesters threw coffee, water and other projectiles at their vehicle, shouting slurs and insults at the conservative-leaning team of independent journalists.

Left-wing radicals and anti-police criminals have run rampant in recent years, terrorizing conservatives, Trump supporters, and other decent, honest Americans to advance their radical, anti-American agenda. Despite the FBI and other law enforcement agencies’ insistence that “white supremacist violence” poses a grave danger to American society, left-wing radicals prove beyond any doubt with their own actions that the real threat to America emanates from antifa and other criminals who have operated with impunity across the country for far too long.

John Friend is a freelance writer based in California.