Interview: Time to Finish Off Two-Party Tyranny

By Victor Thorn —

With one Democratic and two Republican presidential debates now completed, many Americans are concerned that next year’s election will bring little more than the same faces and ideas, none of which will significantly alter the dire predicaments confronting this nation.

One of the most vocal critics of what he calls the “two-party tyranny” of Democrats and Republicans is Robert David Steele, a former Marine infantry and intelligence officer, Central Intelligence Agency case officer, analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency and United States Special Forces, in addition to founder of the Earth Intelligence Network.


During an October 2 interview, Steele told AMERICAN FREE PRESS, “We need to break the back of two-party tyranny in this country before it’s too late. The American public is fed up. Did you know that in the 2012 presidential election, Barack Obama was elected by only 26 percent of eligible voters? About 100 million eligible voters stayed home. The system is so rigged that Ron Paul, supported by a huge army of volunteers, still had primaries stolen from him because of Diebold fraud.”

Steele sees this issue as one that can unify an extremely fractured populace.

He continued: “Electoral reform is at the root of everything. It’s the center of gravity, the only fight we can all come together on. Each political party is handcuffed by commitments to major donors, as well as having platforms that are insane and corrupt. Republicans and Democrats are basically mandated unilateral tickets.”

But it doesn’t end there, according to Steele.

“Even if we elected a so-called independent president, he still wouldn’t be able to work with Congress because they’re hand-picked foot soldiers for each party,” he said. “Congressional members don’t write and read legislation any more. They simply vote by party line. What we essentially have are rich politicians surrounded by gatekeepers who are terrified that any new ideas will be let in.”

From Steele’s vantage point, there no longer exist any alternatives.

“We must destroy two-party tyranny in 2015 if we’re to elect an honest president and authentic Congress,” he said. “If not, whoever’s elected in 2016 will be neutered on day one. Democrats and Republicans are controlled opposition, well-paid servants and criminal enforcers. They’re both evil and extremist, with neither truly interested in helping everyday workers. Ever since JFK’s assassination, the presidency has been theater. Real power in this country is held at the Treasury via Wall Street.”

Referencing some of the well-known figures on today’s political stage, Steele didn’t hold back.

“Barack Obama represented a massive theatrical fraud funded by Wall Street,” he said. He was a Manchurian Candidate. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic Party’s death. Hillary has consistently prostituted herself ever since she sat on the Watergate committee, whereas Sanders will always support Israel to the bitter end.”

Republicans don’t fare any better in Steele’s eyes. “Jeb Bush destroyed democracy in Florida. By disenfranchising 50,000 voters before the 2000 election, he, along with Ralph Nader, guaranteed victory for his brother George.”

Steele then revealed some bombshell information.

“When the 2000 presidential election was contested in Florida because of hanging chads,” he said, “Warren Christopher, a major league fixer and former secretary of state for Bill Clinton, informed Democratic nominee Al Gore, ‘If you fight our decision [giving the win to George W. Bush], you’ll never get a corporate speaking job in America again. But if you agree with our conclusions, you’ll become fabulously wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.’ It wasn’t Dick Cheney that destroyed America. It was Al Gore because he didn’t have the balls to stand up for democracy.”

Beyond electoral reform, Steele also set his sights on one other critical issue.


He elaborated to AFP: “Any tax plan that you hear from this current batch of candidates which doesn’t eliminate all income taxes is inherently fraudulent. What myself and others are proposing is a tax on all purchases, including every stock and currency transaction. This point is critical because, with no IRS and no tax on income, a tremendous burden will be lifted from the backs of workers.”

However, Steele took his proposal one step further.

“Tax rates should be set by the public, not the Federal Reserve. In other words, the size of government would be determined by a national ballot. If politicians wanted to raise taxes for something such as war, the public must first vote on it. Also, by demanding a balanced budget, we’d know exactly what was being paid for with our taxes.”

This writer outlined to Steele an intriguing tale about how President Jimmy Carter’s entire cabinet had been preselected for him by members of the Trilateral Commission such as Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller. Carter realized that before even being inaugurated, he had lost control of his presidency.

In response, Steele said: “Before the 2016 election, each candidate should be required to not only name their coalition cabinet in advance, but also be permitted to select a vice president not affiliated with either of the major parties.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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