CIA, Saudis Launch Proxy War Against Syria, Iraq, Iran, Russia; U.S. Checkmated in Syria?

• Allies aim to draw Russia deeper into Syrian conflict by getting hi-tech weapons into the hands of terrorists.

By Richard Walker —

In a repeat of history, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Saudis have united to launch a proxy war against Russia by supplying Islamist groups in Syria with advanced weapons and sophisticated missiles. The strategy has echoes of the secret war the CIA ran with the Saudis against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s when they trained and armed the mujahideen, which included the likes of Osama bin Laden. They supplied the mujahideen with 1,000 Stinger missiles, the most lethal hand-held ground-to-air missiles of the period. Those missiles devastated the Soviet air force and turned the tide of the war.

Terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, which are now backed by the CIA and the Saudis, are demanding supplies of Stingers or similar man-portable airdefense systems (MANPADS or MPADS).

The moment President Vladimir Putin declared Russia’s intention to launch attacks against radical groups in Syria, the CIA and the Saudis increased their flow of missiles to the Syrian battlefield.

By all accounts, they recently transferred an additional 500 missiles and other weapons. The justification for the CIA move was the one that has been used since the start of the conflict, namely that the weapons were intended for “moderate” Islamic groups opposed to the Syrian government.

This all comes at a time when opinion polls in the West show a majority favor Russia’s Syria intervention.


The most significant aspect of the latest supply of additional missiles was how it crystallized the ongoing plans of the CIA and the Saudis to draw Russia deeper into the Syrian conflict by adding even more firepower to the battlefield, hoping radical Islamic fighters will ensure Russia gets bogged down.

There are still many within the Saudi royal family and in the halls of power in Washington who believe Russia is the enemy and that the defeat of the Russian forces in Afghanistan in the 1980s led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

However, it is clear from the 1980s Afghan war that United States and Saudi support for the mujahideen created the Taliban and the even more dangerous radical Islamic groups. The outcome was tied to the September 11 attacks, atrocities across the globe, two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that radicalized Muslims worldwide, and the subsequent emergence of ISIS and its affiliates.

There has been no real scrutiny of the latest CIA-Saudi axis, but evidence shows it has been in place for years. In 2013, the Saudis ordered 15,000 anti-tank missiles from the U.S. Their plan was to arm and train extreme militias they supported in Iraq and Syria, believing those groups would weaken Iraq, destroy the Syrian regime and in the process degrade Iranian influence across the region. Contrary to claims that it has backed the current Iraqi government, Washington has nevertheless allowed the CIA and the Saudis to arm Iraq’s enemies.

The Saudi role in buying weapons and then having the CIA disperse them mirrors the way U.S. intelligence and the Saudis operated in tandem in the 1980s. In 1984, the Saudis purchased 400 Stingers on the pretext they were for national defense but then gave many of them to the mujahideen in Afghanistan.

The Iraqi parliament claims that earlier this year Iraqi fighters shot down two British planes airdropping weapons to ISIS. Iraqi troops also uncovered large stores of missiles that had been in the hands of ISIS fighters in the town of Fallujah. The very fact al-Nusra, its affiliates, and ISIS are interlinked means the missiles recently dropped into Syria will find their way to ISIS for use across the region.

Russia is aware of the CIA strategy, as well as the fact that Washington is saying one thing while permitting the CIA to do the opposite.

According to a Russian diplomatic source, who spoke to AMERICAN FREE PRESS on condition of anonymity, any move by the CIA or the Saudis to enable extremists to shoot Russian planes out of the skies will be met with a “robust response.”

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Richard Walker is the pen name of a former N.Y. news producer.

U.S. Checkmated in Syria?

• How Russia’s intervention in Syria might just end in peace and stability for the entire region

By Ronald L. Ray

The American empire is collapsing. Geopolitical alliances are shifting. A flickering hope for Middle East stability has arisen. We point, for evidence, to that mummified mouthpiece of the New World Order, Henry Kissinger, who mumbled his way through multitudinous half-truths and deceptions in a Wall Street Journal column on October16, trying to save his own reputation. But he had the good sense to admit that the United States should work with Russia in Syria and make nice with Iran.

We do not think much of Kissinger. In fact, we trynot to think of him at all. He is the great architect ofthe problems we see in Asia Minor today, having convinced Richard Nixon to tolerate Israel’s nuclear weapons program, allowing that terrorist state to destabilize and destroy the region. But Kissinger’s Realpolitik did suffer a moment of truth in the face of the Russian-Iranian-Chinese support for Syria.

In what was obviously a long-planned move in late September, Putin increased direct Russian military support to the democratically elected Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad. The Russian leader, in contrast to U.S. interventionists, strictly follows international law regarding the sovereignty of states and treatment of non-combatants. Russia’s involvement in Syria was at the explicit invitation of the Syrian government.

Russia’s advisors support Syrian ground troops, while its air force has accomplished in a few weeks what the U.S. could not—or would not—do in years: the destruction of key bases and supply depots of the murderous terrorists through surgical bombing raids, while avoiding civilian targets.

On October 19, for example, Russian news website reported that, “Russian bombers and assault planes have attacked 49 terrorist targets, making a total of 33 sorties over the last 24 hours. . . . ‘Pinpoint airstrikes by the Russian operational air force in Damascus province have resulted in fundamental changes of the operative situation in the region. The groups of Islamic State [ISIS] militants are suffering a dire shortage of munitions and are abandoning their positions en masse,’” according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

While American officials whine that Russia is targeting “moderate” insurgents, not just ISIS—now on the run in Syria—this propaganda lie papers over the truth that Jabhat al-Nusra and others are also a bunch of head-chopping terrorists, condemned as such by the United Nations (UN). All of the insurgents are terrorists, including thousands of mercenaries from other countries.

The Russian approach was condemned by President Barack Hussein Obama, who called it a “recipe for disaster,” claiming Russia would bog down in a “quagmire.” No, Barry, Syria is not Vietnam or Afghanistan, and the only “disaster” is the one now being experienced by the Zio-American exporters of terror.


Secretary of State John Kerry claimed Russia’s aid to Syria would create “more bloodshed, more extremism and more jihadists,” while presidential candidate Hillary Clinton alleged that Putin is “creating more chaos.”

At the UN, Obama declared that, “There is not a conspiracy of U.S.-controlled NGOs [non-governmental organizations] that . . . bring down leaders,” but the U.S. “cannot stand by as the . . . sovereignty of a nation is flagrantly violated.”

This is rank deceit on the order of the Big Lie. It is the United States, at the behest of the apartheid, terrorist state of Israel and world revolutionary Zionism, which creates more bloodshed and chaos—in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Somalia, Ukraine, Syria, Central and South America, Germany, Austria and more. The millions of “refugees” flooding into Europe and the United States, with demographic and societal disaster in their train, were not caused by Russia, China or Iran.

The U.S. destroys nations, bombs hospitals and journalists, and commits war crimes on a massive scale, including drone strikes against civilians and “double-tap” strikes against the rescuers of those attacked by drones, the use of death squads, torture to obtain false confessions for propaganda uses and deploying chemical and depleted uranium weapons against civilian targets.

Putin in only a few weeks has destroyed decades of Israeli-American efforts to control the Middle East and has created a strategic realignment which offers hope of increasing regional and global stability and a return to diplomatic—not military—solutions to problems.

Establishment wonks see the handwriting on the wall, even if officials do not. The State Department has been reduced to whining that a negotiated “solution” for Syria must still include regime change and the departure of Assad.

However, Assad is wildly popular with nearly two-thirds of Syrians, including Christians, whom he protects. He has said many times that he is prepared to hold free elections as soon as peace is restored and would be happy to return to private life in the medical profession. So what problem, apart from destructive American-Israeli imperialism, is there, really?

Putin is playing masterful geopolitical chess. But we were wrong previously about one thing. Obama is not playing checkers. He’s playing tiddlywinks.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.

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  1. The overwhelming evidence of gross violations by the system employees’ officiators will NOT be denied! The biggest problem is NOT THE creation of al Queda or ISIS, but these who have been subversively creating boogie people, when in fact the evil in real time is them!
  2. Shilling or just hopelessly bought into MSM propaganda. Never ceases to amaze me that people will clutch to the main spin rejecting anything that suggests a different insight of events. The tide is rapidly changing, the dyke won’t hold much longer. The difference is, go with the flow or be swept away in the deluge. Common sense should point the direction. Too bad it’s not as common as it should be.
  3. “Faisal Ibrahim,” your true name is Schlomo Yehuda Abraham, a Zionist agent. Google-Bloody Zionist (Masonic) Fingerprints Left On 9/11 Crime Scene!
  4. Excellent and true article! Read on Google-Bloody Zionist (Masonic) Fingerprints Left On 9/11 Crime Scene!
  5. Where is the difference between Shiites and Sunnis in Islam? It is the Saudi royal family who are creating this difference and crack between Muslim solidarity whereas they are supposed to unite the Muslim world. It seems to me that the extremist Sunnis and their leader, Saudi royal family, backed by Israel, are the greatest enemy of Islam and Muslims. It may be mentioned here that we, the Bangladeshi population are generally known to be Sunnis, but we actually don’t see any difference between Shiites and Sunnis. I would urge upon you and all the Muslims to use their conscience against the harmful prejudice and follow the true teaching of Quran and sunnah which says, “A creator of ‘fatwa’ or ‘chaoas’ or ‘unpeaceful’ situation is worse than a killer of innocent human.”
  6. Russian presence in Syria is an invasion against a sovereign country. Everyone knows that Bashar Al-Assad no longer have legal rights and power upon the Syrian people. The Syrian people have reject his claim on the office of the Presidency, thus eradicating his power as the President of Syria. And the Russian invasion over Syrian soil is an invasion over the Sovereignty of the Syrian people. Thus, the Syrian people cannot be called ‘terrorist.’ The invader and the murderer, that is Russia and Assad’s regime, that entitled the call name of ‘terrorist.’ The Syria people formed various groups of armies, such as FSA, Jaish Al-Islam, Ahrar Al-Sham, Jaish Al-Fateh, the Southern Front, etc. The Syrian people have the legal right to be known as the Freedom Fighters. Most of the Syrian people are Sunni Muslims. So, the Syrian Freedom Fighters and civilians are back and helped by Sunni countries all over the world. Three countries militarily backed the Syrian Freedom Fighters. Those countries are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the GCC countries.

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