What Exactly Killed Baltimore Drug Dealer?

By John Friend —

As mayhem and destruction consumed the city of Baltimore, Maryland following the still unexplained death of black criminal Freddie Gray, unconfirmed reports are emerging that Gray’s “life-ending injuries to his spine may have possibly been the result of spinal and neck surgery that he allegedly received a week before he was arrested, not from excessively rough treatment or abuse from police,” according to news website “The Fourth Estate.”

Although not confirmed, it has been reported that Gray had a history of spine and neck problems stemming from an automobile accident in 2007.

The Fourth Estate and other online sources cite Howard County court records relating to an agreement reached between Allstate, a large insurance firm, and Gray and his sister, Fredericka, in which the Gray siblings would receive a large structured settlement stemming from an automobile accident in which they apparently were involved. According to court documents posted online, the Grays converted the settlement into a single $18,000 payment each would receive, utilizing the services of Peachtree Settlement Funding.

Calls and emails to the Baltimore Police Department from this reporter regarding these allegations were not responded to as of this writing. Additionally, William “Billy” Murphy, founder and senior partner at Murphy, Falcon & Murphy, the law firm in Baltimore representing Gray’s family, has not responded to AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s request for clarification regarding Gray’s alleged spinal and neck problems prior to his death, as well as his settlement with Allstate and Peachtree.

In an attempt to clarify the situation, The Baltimore Sun published a report late Wednesday afternoon arguing that the court case the Grays were involved in “had nothing to do with a car accident or a spine injury.” Rather, the Sun contends, the court documents cited by the Fourth Estate and other online sources “are connected to a lawsuit alleging that Gray and his sister were injured by exposure to lead paint.”

However, in the documents, Gray indicated that “work injury, medical malpractice and auto accident” best categorized his claim.

“When asked to explain,” the Sun reported, “he wrote something that is unreadable.”

“We have no information or evidence at this point to indicate that there is a prior pre-existing spinal injury,” Jason Downs, an attorney working for Murphy’s law firm, told the Sun. “It’s a rumor.”

According to the Sun, the Grays’ case was dismissed on April 2, when neither Gray nor his sister appeared in court.

The recent troubles began on the morning of Sunday, April 12. Gray was arrested after fleeing pursuing officers, who allegedly discovered a switchblade in his possession. Prior to his most recent interaction with law enforcement, Gray had been arrested 22 times in Maryland, largely for crimes relating to the possession and distribution of drugs. Gray died one week later.

Following his death, protesters took to the streets in Baltimore and across America. In Baltimore, violence, looting and mayhem followed, as the protests quickly escalated.

In the days following Gray’s death, local officials in Baltimore, a city with a 65% black population, appeared to be incapable of keeping order and responsibly dealing with the ongoing looting, violence and destruction masquerading as “peaceful protests.” Numerous businesses were ransacked, private property was damaged or destroyed, police officers and vehicles were attacked and private citizens were assaulted and robbed. The Baltimore Orioles postponed games scheduled earlier this week, and were forced to play their game on April 29 in an empty stadium due to the chaos engulfing the city.

Bizarrely, on April 25, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, a black woman, stated that official city policy was primarily concerned with ensuring “that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech.” She would go on to explain that protesters were given “space to destroy,” which apparently is considered “freedom of speech” in America today—at least for rioting, rampaging blacks instigated and encouraged by the controlled mass media and mainstream political establishment.


Furthermore, a senior police commander in Baltimore has alleged that Mayor Rawlings-Blake specifically told her police force to “let them loot, it’s only property,” Fox News reported.

“The mayor of Baltimore is part of a growing group of political people in black cities who look at rioters not as predators or felons, but as ‘victims of racism,’ who were forced to throw bricks at cops, or set fire to stores, or loot local restaurants,” best-selling author Colin Flaherty recently told AFP.

According to the political and media establishment in America, “the real predators are white people and their racism,” added Flaherty. “This is the greatest lie of our generation. And that is why I wrote Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry—to demonstrate that white people are the real victims of racial violence, and black people the real perpetrators.”

After receiving criticism for his department’s slow and timid response to the rioting and looting, Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts argued that due to the age of many of the thugs rampaging throughout the city, the police simply could not respond forcefully and decisively.

“They’re old enough to know better, they’re old enough to know not to do those things, they’re old enough to be accountable, but they’re still kids, unfortunately,” Batts inexcusably told reporters.

As protests continue in Baltimore and as others erupt across America, new information and testimony is challenging the media-promoted narrative that Gray died as a result of improper treatment by Baltimore police officers following his arrest.

A relative of one of the police officers involved in Gray’s arrest recently told CNN that the officer believes Gray was injured prior to being placed in a police van. Also, a prisoner in the van with Gray alleged that Gray was “banging against the walls” of the van in an attempt to deliberately injure himself, The Washington Post has reported. He now claims he was misquoted.

The Baltimore Police Department released the findings of their investigation to the state’s attorney for Baltimore on May 1, resulting in murder and manslaughter charges being filed against the six officers involved in Gray’s arrest, three of whom are black.

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John Friend is a California-based writer who maintains a blog.

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  1. LOL! Compare societies of races against each other then it will make sense, like, Detroit before and after! DUHHH! And yes, white people are the targets because the white man got the fire and actually did sh*t with his knowledge. The yellow race got the winds and explored the seas in their junkers, the blacks got, eh, seas and went fishing, and the red man got the land and mastered the plants. But then some idiotic fu**rs showed up, and them’s the ones that need to go but ugh oh! Y’all can’t even FATHOM what all is really going on with just the bits and pieces they give from the media machines they own.

    LOL! But I DO wonder what the “elite” will think, feel and believe once they realize the world doesn’t care about them HAHAHAHA! Bunch of inbred crybabies and freaks.

  2. The trouble is coming from outside the cities. It is an agenda, of provocation, pushed massively by the Jews’ lamestream media.

    Right now, Cleveland is about to face its rioting nightmare. But, there are a group of former NFL/gang members trying to keep the calm. THEY ARE THE ONES SAYING THAT THE TROUBLE THAT IS BREWING IS COMING FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES….i.e., Jewish funded sources like Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, Antifa and many other colored looking but Jew-directed groups. Time to go after the money source and shut this sh*t down already. Since when does the National Guard stand down and NOT SHOOT THIEVING RIOTERS?

  3. There is a rumor on Internet radio that Gray was some sort of undercover informant. He may have been trying to act like he was going berserk and injured himself.
  4. Will you look at that, American Free Press pushing the status quo narrative. Go figure. Unless it’s about the EVIL JEWS who did 9/11 and every other evil thing out there, these scum will side with the establishment when it concerns “the Negro;” they did it with Trayvon. Every time a white cop murders a black person, you bet American Free Press will be there defending the murdering pig.

    You suck.

  5. Au contraire, my gadfly friend.

    Lynch mob? Talk about flipping the script. An indictment is not a lynching, a mindless mass act of savagery that befell countless innocent, postbellum African-Americans.

    Conversely, what may have befallen Freddie Gray could have in fact been an extra-judicial execution.

    I worry that the so-called right is just as rabid and slanted as the left, and that both sides want to use us as pawns in their sinister power games. Sheesh. The snares are many and the wolves are gathering and becoming more cunning. We must remain “wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

  6. How HILARIOUS would it be if Gray’s death was TOTALLY unrelated to his treatment by police? ONCE AGAIN the Libs just COULDN’T keep their traps shut until they knew that facts! Now we got Mosby spouting off about the verdict before the trial even happens. Hob-nobbing with anti-police shills. On stage to stand with Prince, against the police. THAT just PROVES how impartial she is! I mean, it’s staggering.

    Well…this is why the situation never actually improves. Hanging the cops to satisfy the lynch mob in Baltimore isn’t going to solve the problem because it’s becoming clear the cops did nothing wrong.

    By becoming one of the lynch mob, Mosby is perverting the system and her mouth is writing checks her ass may not be able to cash. Once these cops are released, Baltimore (and many another urban areas) is going to EXPLODE.

  7. Common sense is telling me that if I believe that beating an entire race of folks into correct behavior and compliance is justifiable—then I’m possibly justifiably insane and a fascist on top of it.

    It’s also telling me that if divide and conquer is the name of the Illuminati/globalist game—then we’ve all been played, like pawns on a stage hypnotist’s chess board.

    Also, if my church is preaching division and dehumanization, then my religion has failed not only me, but humanity and God, as well.

    Because if I truly see that supremacy is the road to salvation, then maybe I have been blinded and misguided—by the ‘father of lies’ and not the Heavenly Father.

    Common sense, it seems, is not so common.

  8. We as a people (all color of people) have been corralled into one fence off area. We the “Trustees” will now take away everything you desire, you will feed on each other. You are too stupid to do anything else. Your days are numbered. You do not even look for the answer to the problem you created. Your own Bible say that you are the BODY of the “Messiah” but you do not understand what that means. You will die in your own filth.
  9. LOL. The latest claim from the racists. The injuries gray died from could not have been from weeks or even a day earlier because he would not have been able to get out of a bed, let alone walk, with a severed spine.

    LOL. Nice try though.

  10. The only reason why these animals are looting and rioting is because they are being allowed to get away with it with the powers to be. If police and national guard were given the green light to throw them all a beating day after day you will see how a bunch of animals will be tamed in a weeks time. Nobody likes the pain of Tasers put in them multiple times or tear gas in their eyes. The only way to guarantee peace is to forcefully deal with these animals at their own level. 90% of the black community could not give a crap about what happened to Gray. They use this situation as an excuse to commit more crimes in their neighborhood. The black leaders in every community do not know how to deal with this epidemic problem they are facing in every city throughout the U.S. while the rest of society are building their lives and providing a future for themselves and their families these animals in Baltimore and throughout our country are creating havoc and still blaming everyone one else for their own personal screw ups in life.
  11. What a complex, disturbing society in which we attempt to live. Whatever happened to the good ol’ days when they weren’t so ‘spirited’? We gave them a Christian god and beat the hell out them. You’d think by now things would be much better.

    Sure, we treated them like animals and to the best of our abilities tried to make them believe they were, but let’s face it—they are black. We felt and feel that if the white man is God’s preference and proxy, then at the other end of the humanoid continuum stands the blacks.

    How we turned what we thought were incorrigible, survival-oriented, civilization-challenged savages into subservient, self-loathing, pathetic pack animals is beyond me. Hell, maybe we shouldn’t have freed them in the first place—if even for their own damn good.

    We promised them death and dismemberment if they got caught trying to read, let alone succeed. And believe me, we delivered. And now because of their dysfunction, they wind up getting used for target practice. Something just isn’t right.

    Honestly, I don’t hate them. Maybe I just hate to see them so messed up. Maybe all these years and centuries of multi-generational, trauma-based mind control are inescapable.

    I’ve been to Baltimore and have seen blacks and whites, living in harmony and against all odds, living in a system that wants to destroy them/us both. Hell, it’s sewn all kinds of dysfunction and evilness into us and then profited off our conflicts and misery. Still is.

    Maybe this problem is a lot deeper than we think it is. If living in conflict over all this time hasn’t produced positive results, then maybe actually living in harmony will. Life is way too short and this mess has been going on way too long.

    Praying for wisdom and peace; working for a deeper understanding and results.

  12. You are correct, James. Good Job!

    I rarely encounter the truth on website.

    It is a Jewish Agenda, the immigration of Rats into Europe and U.S.

  13. America has turned into a third-world sewer with a black, Muslim communist dictator in charge. Now we have tens of millions of illegals about to be made legal, who will vote Democrat. It is OVER! White people had better come together and organize and stick together and advocate and fight for OUR interests or they will take our ability to defend ourselves away and then the mass slaughter of White men, women and children by the MILLIONS will commence. Better yet, we should organize a mass EXODUS out of here to a much safer place. Dangerous times for Caucasian people in America are here and every single day that danger grows.

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