Liberal Black Rule the Problem, Not Law & Order

By Victor Thorn —

Since President Barack Hussein Obama, Reverend Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and former Attorney General Eric Holder have chosen to interject themselves into racially inflammatory matters recently, maybe they should instruct black criminals to refrain from resisting arrest instead of provoking an already tense situation to the next level.

While tuning in to coverage of the Baltimore riots, this writer witnessed innumerable examples of the most deplorable Ebonics imaginable. Blacks being interviewed commonly used words such as “troof” (truth), “axe” (ask), “yoof” (youth) and, “It do’s dun breaks ma heart.” In all honesty, each network should have placed subtitles on the screen so that what these blacks were saying could be understood.

More than any other single individual, Obama bears the brunt of blame for America’s cities being enflamed. With a bully pulpit constantly at his disposal, why does he adamantly refuse to help black male teenagers by telling them to pull up their pants and speak properly? He could inform them that rap stars aren’t heroes, going to prison isn’t a badge of honor and joining street gangs or pimping prostitutes shouldn’t be considered as career choices.

Inner-city blacks are now a subculture that cannot function within respectable society, and Obama has done nothing to change this. To the contrary, he’s peddled more food stamps and made these individuals increasingly addicted to the system. If anyone’s a racist, it’s Obama.


Another glaring problem that dispels decades-old liberal stereotypes can be found in Baltimore’s power structure. The mayor is a black Democrat, and there hasn’t been a Republican mayor since 1967. In addition, all 15 city council members are Democrats, with 60% being black.

The police chief, also black, recently made a push for cultural communist-style “social justice” in February, stating, “Leadership should be focused not just on crime-fighting, but tackling racism. He forgot to mention that over 50% of Baltimore’s police officers are black.

Like Detroit, Chicago and other large urban centers—even including the federal government—one point has become abundantly clear: Blacks and Democrats are incapable of effectively running the show. Their incompetence has shone through countless times.

Police officers aren’t the problem. Liberal big government policy dating back to Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” is the guilty party.

Today, policemen should be commended for enacting a barricade between these black barbarous ghettos and the remainder of civilized society.

Baltimore illustrates the effects of multi-generational government dependence.

With the fifth highest black population in America (63%), it ranks as America’s No. 5 murder capital despite being significantly smaller than other metro areas. Of the 632 homicides committed in Baltimore within the past two years, 95% were black-on-black crimes. Lack of government money can’t be seen as the culprit, either, for Baltimore has the fourth-highest U.S. tax rate in the country.

There’s more.

Baltimore also reigns as the U.S. heroin kingpin, with one in ten residents hooked on it. Much of this activity stems from a notorious prison gang known as the Black Guerrilla Family (BGF) that engages in smuggling and drug dealing. The thug who murdered two New York City police officers last December had ties to the BGF, and obviously its presence has had a negative influence across Baltimore.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.