The OCCULT WAR: Exposing the Hidden Hand Guiding History & Current Events




The OCCULT WAR: Exposing the Hidden Hand Guiding History & Current Events

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There is a secret war—an Occult War—being waged in the world today. The perpetrators of this immoral attack on the people of the world are hiding behind the scenes, manipulating the news media, financial institutions and governments across the globe to attain their nefarious secret society goals. This war has been going on for countless generations and the ultimate aim is the final formation and implementation of what we call today the New World Order.

In his last published work before his death, historian and philosopher Dr. Harrell Rhome, Ph.D. explores this important issue through the words and ideas of some of the great philosophers and nationalist thinkers who have examined the issue. This includes Italian philosopher Julius Evola, one of the leading intellectuals, leaders, philosophers and inspirations for what is today being called “neo-nationalism.”

Now you can travel along with Dr. Rhome and these other writers and thinkers as they expose the secret symbolism, the police state intelligence networks, the Illuminati mind control propaganda efforts, the mysterious relationship between Judaism and Freemasonry, the secret societies, the occult origins of the American nation, the Occult War plots and the ultimate plan to enslave us all—and how we can stop the New World Order in its tracks.

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3 Comments on The OCCULT WAR: Exposing the Hidden Hand Guiding History & Current Events

  1. Thought I had to respond after reading above post. I think there is SO MUCH confusion, because 99.99999% of the researchers into this weird subject share patriarchal views as does that poster above. It’s like BOTH the occultist and the christian read from the same script, have the same worldview but from an inverse interpretation.

    One says ‘God’ is evil, the other says ‘Satan or Lucifer’ is evil. But the same old sh*t stays the same, because the roots aren’t even acknowledged. Which are?

    For BOTH those factions of the patriarchy their real fear and enemy is Mother, women, the sacred feminine, Goddess, feelings, the whole natural world! THAT is what all the masks of the patriarchy fear and degrade nature and the body and the feminine in their own ways. The christian calls it sinful, fallen; the occultist wants to totally control it and creates a technocracy of ultimate control; the mechanistic philosophy calls the body and nature machines and dead, the new age calls the sensual body and nature illusions.

    THIS is why we are witnessing and experiencing so much disrespect and violence against humans and other species and the whole natural environment!

  2. I just hope this is not another publication blaming the entities Satan and Lucifer as being behind the evil Jews Zionists. The real evil is that of Yahweh or Jehovah…and “Allah.” Satan is the adversary of the Judeo/Christian/Islamic “God” and Lucifer is the “Light-Bringer” of Gnosis and Truth. It bugs me that so many people have half of it right…the Jew-Zionists being the true evils, but then wrongly stating that the Zionists are satanic or luciferian….NOT the same entities!

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