UN Orders U.S. to Repeal Drug Laws

• Global group tells Obama to crush laws passed by voters in Washington and Colorado

By Bill White

In an unprecedented challenge to American sovereignty, the United Nations has ordered the American states of Colorado and Washington to repeal laws passed by popular referendum legalizing the use of marijuana, claiming that these violate American treaty obligations. The global group has ordered the federal government to use force, if necessary, to bring the two Western states into compliance.

While AMERICAN FREE PRESS is opposed to the use of illicit drugs, the showdown between the UN and two states poses a dilemma for Washington. Will United States officials back the popular will of the people in two states or will they side with an international organization?


Attorney General Eric Holder stated he is reviewing the laws in Colorado and Washington and that the Department of Justice is considering bringing suit to nullify the popular votes. The Drug Enforcement Administration, an armed American internal security organization, through its former administrators, opined that they believed they should be permitted to use force to suppress the efforts of Washington and Colorado to assert their states’ rights.

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The confrontation may be setting the stage for a legal test of the degree to which international treaty obligations trump the Constitution and the 10th Amendment right of states to govern their own affairs. The Constitution allows foreign treaties to have the force of law—but only recently has America seen an administration that wants foreign internationalist groups to govern the U.S. in violation of basic American rights.

The UN is a “democratic socialist” organization that seeks to eliminate all national borders in favor of a world government and a New World Order in which a handful of elites control the wealth and resources of the world, while the world’s people labor on their behalf.

Under previous administrations, the U.S. has resisted UN authority, refusing to endorse the World Court or to participate in economically devastating treaties that limit carbon emissions from industry. However, the Obama administration, also fundamentally internationalist and socialist, has taken a different tack—“inviting” American local and state governments to “voluntarily” participate in UN environmental initiatives, like Agenda 21, which mandates how private property holders can use their own land.

The question now is to what degree and with what force Obama and Holder will attempt to suppress the people of Washington and Colorado. Obama, an admitted marijuana user in his youth who has also been accused of cocaine and crack cocaine use, has little credibility in launching an anti-drug campaign against Western states. But he has previously ordered federal security forces to attack and close medical marijuana facilities in states where its use is legal and has cared little for the impact of such enforcement on his public perception.

Under the U.S. concept of “dual sovereignty,” federal laws and state laws may conflict, and federal agents may enforce laws not recognized by the states. Several states, including Alaska, have made it a crime for federal agents to enforce laws not recognized by the state, but such laws against federal agents have never been enforced.

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Bill White is a freelance journalist and publisher based in Virginia but currently imprisoned for thought crimes. He is the author of The Centuries of Revolution: Democracy • Communism • Zionism and The Tradition of the Mother: The Aryan & Non-Aryan in the Near East & Europe 3000 B.C. – 1000 A.D. and has also written articles for THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) magazine. For a sample copy of TBR, send $4 to TBR, P.O. Box 15877, Washington, D.C. 20003.