All the Terrorism That’s Fit to Invent

• Mainstream breaks silence on phony terror but ignores FBI frame-ups of white nationalists

By the Staff at AFP

The New York Times on Sunday, April 29, ran a lengthy op-ed on a subject AMERICAN FREE PRESS has been covering for almost a year: the role the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is playing in manufacturing phony “terrorist” plots in order to panic the American people into toeing the line set for them by the regime in Washington. The 1,200 word commentary was a breath of fresh air from a rabidly pro-Israel media establishment that collectively coined the phrase “Islamo-fascism” and which has done everything in its power to link “extremist” ideologies to violence that, by and large, does not exist.

However, the Times did not go far enough in its reporting. While conceding that the individuals targeted by the FBI were often selected for “pure speech”— they had engaged in the age-old American practice of speaking out angrily against the government and its abuses—the “expert” they quoted attacking the FBI’s practices was himself a former FBI agent who had spent his career working undercover targeting white Americans that the government labeled “supremacist.”


The Times coverage made little mention of the role of the FBI in manufacturing “domestic extremist” threats. Instead, the incidents cited consisted solely of Muslim men who had been persuaded by the FBI to attack religious and political targets in the United States with fake bombs, dummied up suicide vests and often with the promise of hundreds of thousands of dollars in FBI money.

Target Traficant

Yet the recent release of the Hutaree militia, a group of white, Christian Americans whose sole concern had been the overreaching of the communist-leaning government of current American President Barack Obama, shows that the threat the FBI poses to the domestic peace and security of American citizens is not limited to “fringe” elements of the population.

The FBI has not arrested Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton or other black public figures for their often violent, anti-white comments. It did not arrest members of the New Black Panthers when they appeared at Philadelphia voting stations with weapons to intimidate white voters. Agents did arrest the New Black Panther leader who called for a bounty on George Zimmerman’s head, but they did so in a quiet fashion on a state weapons charge by local police in Atlanta.

The FBI also does not arrest violent multi-culturalist, Jewish and anti-racist activists who not only call for, but are actively involved in, violence against white people they consider “supremacist”—a term that spans the gap between mildly conservative watchers of Fox News to uniform wearing National Socialists.

The fact that a mainstream, Jewish-owned newspaper is willing to admit that the FBI is manufacturing terrorism is a breakthrough, and a welcome one. But more needs to be done. The American people need to force the media to admit that the century-long jihad the press has been waging against white Americans, culminating in the current fabrication of “domestic extremist” plots, needs to be exposed for the fraud it is.