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If you love America and you want it back, there’s only one choice for President: Merlin L. Miller. Now’s our chance to discard the broken, corrupt and cancerous two-party system and put a regular American in the White House, one who cares about this country and will make sure that those in the United States government who represent foreign interests, will be barred from positions of power in Washington, D.C. Merlin discusses his childhood, his time in the military, his 30 years in the motion picture industry and why he’s running for the highest office in the land, in this engaging interview (38:32).

Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s “Underground Interview” series.

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Does Merlin Have a Bit of Magic?

One candidate stands above the rest on November 6: Merlin Miller

By Paul T. Angel

Historically, strong independent parties arise when there are important, polarizing national interests at stake in an election, as in 1860, where candidates from the Republican Party, the Constitutional Union Party, the Social Democrat Party and the Democratic Party vied for the presidency. Fully 78% of Americans eligible to vote cast ballots in that election, one of the highest voter turnout percentages since the early 1800s.

And, many times parties independent of the Democrats and Republicans have appeared when the choices for presidential candidates offered to us by the duopoly were noticeably weak. This is the case in the 2012 election where domestic disaster Barack Obama (a foreign-born usurper according to many) is squaring off against flip-flopping Israeli puppet Mitt Romney. A check mark for either of them is truly a wasted vote. One will probably plummet white America further into the financial abyss, and the other says he has no problem getting America into yet more disastrous Mideast wars.

But you do have a choice—quite a few of them, in fact. For me, however, one third-party candidate shines above all the rest in this election. That candidate is Merlin L. Miller of the American Third Position Party. Merlin is unabashedly pro-white and pro-middle-class America. He is an America-first nationalist who is against wars that only serve the interests of foreign powers and multinational corporations. And when it comes to the economy, Miller supports American manufacturing and is for “fair trade” over “free trade.” He is, according to my colleagues at AMERICAN FREE PRESS, the only candidate who scored a 100% positive score when they reviewed the stands on the issues of all the candidates while assembling our 2012 candidate report.

In the 2008 election, only 57% of registered voters showed up at the polls to cast ballots, mostly for Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) or Senator Barack Obama. What might happen in 2012 if that 43% of non-voters came out and voted for third-party candidates? Could some third party emerge as a viable option in the next election? Certainly, continuing to vote for the Democratic Party candidate or the Grand Old Party candidate is getting us nowhere. Today, those two parties are identical sides of the same worn out wooden nickel.

Miller will only be on the ballot in Colorado, New Jersey and Tennessee, but I plan on writing him in, anyway, in Virginia. Miller is looking to build a base for ensuing efforts. A vote for him would not be “wasted,” but would be an investment in our future. A vote for Obama or Romney is a vote for four more years of America-last politics.

Many people have told me over the years that the answer to America’s problems does not lie with third-party candidates. But can you honestly tell me, in this election at least, that either the Republicans or the Democrats have what it takes to turn this nation around? 

Paul T. Angel has been a writer, graphic artist and art director for over three decades, receiving his design degree from American University in Washington, D.C. in 1983. He is also the production director for THE BARNES REVIEW history magazine. Want a sample issue? Call 202-547-5586 and request one free.