Zionist Intrigue in Argentina Exposed

By Ronald L. Ray —

What do Israeli imperialism in the Middle East, Zionist lobby groups and Wall Street vulture capitalism in Argentina have in common? They are all part of a vast conspiracy to demonize Iran, enrich plutocratic poobahs, bring down the Argentine government and gain control of the South American country’s land and natural resources. The truth was revealed on April 18 by Jorge Elbaum in Pagina 12, a Buenos Aires newspaper.

Political commentator James Petras published an English account in late April on his website but AMERICAN FREE PRESS is the lone national newspaper reporting it. The Zionist-controlled mainstream media have suppressed the story.

Elbaum, one of Argentina’s leading Jews, is the former executive director of the Delegation for Argentine Jewish Associations (DAIA). Considering himself Argentinian first, he publicized the Zionist plot against his country following the murder of Argentine federal prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who was also Jewish. The original article in Spanish appeared as “Vultures, Nisman, DAIA: The Money Route.”


The origins go back to 1994, when unknown persons bombed the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires. The investigation dragged on for two decades, led by Nisman. Suspects varied over time, according to the foreign policy objectives of the United States and Israel. The terrorist action was blamed in turn on Hezbollah, Saddam Hussein, the Palestinians and Syrian intelligence operatives.

Most recently, trusting to the historical amnesia of the masses, Zionist interests attempted to blame their current archenemy, Iran—even claiming that Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and her government were colluding with Iran to cover up the latter’s responsibility. And when Nisman turned up dead, they attempted to blame President Kirchner—despite Argentine-Iranian mutual cooperation in seeking the bombing perpetrators.

This happened shortly after President Kirchner told Jewish vulture capitalist Paul Singer and others that they would never receive full face value on defaulted Argentine bonds, which the wealthy investors had bought for a pittance. President Kirchner thus defied a court order by a New York judge, and Singer got world banksters to declare Argentina in “default” on its sovereign debt, although it had missed no payments. This suggests the whole Nisman event may have been a payback.

Singer is no innocent bystander in the Jewish Community Center investigations. Elbaum reported that Nisman had a secret New York bank account to which Singer funneled money, apparently to finance Nisman’s efforts to discredit the Argentine-Iranian investigation and the Kirchner government. If the latter could be replaced with a pro-American/pro-Israel regime, rabidly Zionistic Singer stood to make millions off of his bond holdings.

Elbaum cited documents that prove that the U.S. embassy and Zionists like Abe Foxman at the Anti- Defamation League and Mark Dubowitz’s Foundation for Defense of Democracies supplied Nisman with fraudulent “evidence” and “corrected” his investigative report, so that it would “demonstrate” Argentina’s supposed cover-up of Iran’s alleged responsibility for the 1994 bombing.

The operation apparently was directed by Israel, in order to further its hegemonic goals in the Middle East, even at the expense of Argentina’s Jewish community. They fabricated evidence for their operative, Nisman, in order to “prove” Iranian guilt and isolate and demonize the Persian nation—with the added hoped-for effect of further derailing any nuclear agreementwith Iran. To this end, Israel also co-opted Zionist organizations like DAIA within Argentina.

However, unlike the U.S., where Zionists—including over 500 congressional shills and patsies—march in lock-step for the Israeli cause and drag Americans into countless bloody wars and coups, and the media still falsely present Nisman as a hero, many Argentine Jews, like Elbaum, oppose Israeli intervention in their home country. On April 23, hundreds of Argentine Jews demonstrated publicly against Zionist groups like DAIA, which claimfalsely to represent the entire Jewish community there.

The whole Zionist plot, says commentator Petras, highlights how Israel is willing to sacrifice Jewish communities worldwide, in order to obtain its empire—with no regard for the likely anti-Jewish backlash, as Jews become suspect of treason in the countries where they live.

But there is another possible aspect to this convoluted conspiracy. According to Adrian Salbuchi, founder of the Movement for the Second Republic of Argentina, the Argentine sovereign debt “crisis” created by Goldman Sachs, Singer and other plutocrats appears designed to create the international legal framework to enable banksters to confiscate the land and assets of sovereign nations, when the latter inevitably become unable to pay the usurers. Think “foreclosure.”

Salbuchi believes Zionists intend to resurrect the Andinia Plan to establish a Zionist homeland in Argentina’s resource-rich Patagonia region. Controlling Argentina’s sovereign debt is the Zionists’ means to this end.

“Beware Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Brazil, South Africa—the [Zionist] world government is marching in!,” concludes Salbuchi.


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