Rash of Leftist Terror Targeting Conservatives Spreads Across U.S.

Antifa Terror

Liberal media ignores another attack on Trump supporters in Florida.

By John Friend

A deranged, Trump-hating radical drove his vehicle into a voter registration tent set up by local Republicans in Jacksonville, Fla. on the afternoon of Saturday, Feb. 8, motivated by his contempt for President Donald Trump.

Gregory Timm, 27, was arrested by Jacksonville Sheriff’s officers shortly after the vehicular attack. He stands accused of two counts of aggravated assault, criminal mischief, and driving without a license.

Timm stopped at a Walmart to purchase groceries and cigarettes near where the group of local Republicans had set up a voter registration tent and became immediately agitated after noticing the GOP volunteers. According to the police report of the incident, Timm began driving toward the tent in his vehicle as two Republican volunteers approached him. Timm then proceeded to ram his vehicle into the tent, knocking over several chairs, a table, and the tent, narrowly missing the volunteers. “The suspect then got out of the vehicle, took out his phone, ‘flipped them off,’ and drove away,” according to the police report.

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Timm later admitted to investigating officers that “he does not like President Trump” and that “someone had to take a stand,” indicating the hysterical, unhinged, and violent nature of the Trump-hating radical left. He even proudly showed law enforcement agents videos on his cell phone he captured leading up to the assault, including one video of the suspect “driving toward the tent with the victims standing in front of the tent,” the police report states.

“The suspect was upset that the video ended before ‘the good part,’ as he described it,” the report goes on to note, demonstrating the twisted nature of this young man. Thankfully, none of the six volunteers were injured during the violent attack.

State and national Republican leaders, including President Trump and Florida Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, quickly condemned and denounced the attack. Sens. Rubio and Scott both described the attack as politically motivated, with Scott insisting Republicans “will not be silenced or intimidated.” Duval County GOP Chairman Dean Black criticized the national media’s response to the violent attack, as did Donald Trump Jr.

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“It is high time that the national media begin to act responsibly in this case and call this deranged criminal’s attack what has been made clear: an obvious assault motivated by blind rage toward President Trump,” Black stated in a press release. “With the release of a revised police report, the national media now has no place to hide. They must cover this story honestly or abandon all pretenses of integrity.”

Donald Trump Jr. was equally as critical of the national media’s response and emphasized the blatant double standards at play when radical anti-Trump leftists engage in political violence and terrorism.

“Where is the outraged media? Why are they so silent on this?” Trump Jr. tweeted. “This would be the number one story in the world right now if it was a Trump supporter doing it to a group of liberals. It’s a disgrace that they don’t even pretend to pay attention to growing leftist violence.”

According to local news reports, Timm appeared before a judge the following Sunday and “walked into the courtroom with a smile on his face.” He is currently in Duval County jail in Florida on a $500,000 bond with his next scheduled court appearance set for March 3.

John Friend is a freelance writer based in California.

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