AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: Jim Tucker’s Last Interview*


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James P. Tucker, Jr., famed ‘Bilderberg Hound,’ zeroes in on the international financiers and politicians, who have selected the locale Tucker predicted last week for their annual secret meeting.

Jim explains how he located “the scene of the crime,” as he refers to it, and how the involvement of Americans in the dealings of the shadowy group is a clear violation of current United States law, in this entertaining interview (10:01).

*This is the last interview Tucker gave prior to his passing on 4/26/2013, due to complications he suffered following a fall. Our thought and prayers go out to his family and friends. Thank you, Tucker, for all that you did to shine the light on the “criminals” of Bilderberg.

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Bilderberg Found!

By Mark Anderson

American Free Press has learned from a longtime Bilderberg participant that the Bilderberg 2013 meeting will be held at The Grove, a luxury hotel near London, England. Several of AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s British and Swiss contacts agree that it is “the scene of the crime.”

The Grove, located in Hertfordshire, just north of Watford, is a luxurious, historical, 5-star facility with a first-class golf course and all the other amenities your typical secretive world planner could possibly want. The Grove—built for, and the former home of, the earls of Clarendon—became a hotel relatively recently. The site itself dates back to the late 1290s.

The hotel’s location, some 18 miles outside of London, provides easy access to and from Heathrow Airport. Its rural setting is well suited for Bilderberg’s usual ring of armed security to keep pesky reporters and activists at bay. And this storied, rather snobbish hotel is certainly in keeping with the Bilderberg pedigree of a privileged plutocracy that needs a stately refuge for improperly, and in some respects illegally, making global-governance plans outside of normal democratic avenues.

The annual Bilderberg meeting involves top media moguls, corporate titans, finance ministers, some elected officials, anointed academics and others, in a secretive confab that has been meeting and abusing the public trust since 1954.

An email reply to AFP from a Grove staffer and a check of the hotel website’s calendar confirmed the hotel is booked solid June 5-9. The Bilderberg meeting itself, by all the latest indications, is to take place June 6-9. This updates a recent AFP report that stated England was likely the general meeting location but that the meeting would be held June 9-11. At the time, the hotel where the meeting was to be held was not yet known.

Previous speculation held that Bilderberg would meet in Chantilly, Virginia again, but that would break the group’s pattern of never meeting in the United States two years in a row. A central challenge continues to be breaking the American media’s virtual blackout of the Bilderberg meetings, especially compared to the more open reporting among most European media. The 2012 Bilderberg meeting in Virginia did see more U.S. mainstream media coverage than ever before, thanks in part to the efforts of AFP, and other independent media and activists, to “spotlight” the meeting and urge more coverage.

The Grove is no stranger to secretive conferences. “It has previously hosted the exclusive Google Zeitgeist conference in 2009, 2010 and 2012. Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt, is no stranger to Bilderberg,” states the British-based website. “Hotel staff have said that [a] booking has been made by a ‘major’ and ‘high profile’ group. The whole hotel is ‘out of bounds’ and ‘in lockdown’ for the duration. One member of staff said: ‘We don’t know what it is; senior staff know what it is but they won’t tell us.’ They first heard about this unusual event in January.”

“Every year Google’s co-founder Larry Page and executive chairman Eric Schmidt fly over from California to host the British event,” the online London Telegraph noted, on May 21, 2012, referring to these Google Zeitgeist meetings. “Previous attendees include Prince Charles, David Cameron and Sir Richard Branson.” Former President Bill Clinton spoke at the 2012 gathering. The Telegraph notes that these Google confabs, like Bilderberg, are closed to the press.

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Mark Anderson is AFP’s roving reporter.