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  1. Throughout my life, I have been repeatedly told that America is the “land of the free,” yet nothing can be further from the truth. This country’s Draconian drug laws have enabled the CIA to be the Contraband Importers of America, financing their black ops by controlling the flow of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of drugs, most recently, the Afghanistan heroin market, and flooding the streets with “qualified immunity,” while the same government this department is under imprisons its citizens for infinitesimally lesser crimes! This is pathetic! This government is the most corrupt artificial entity on the planet, while our mostly unwitting citizenry is fodder for its reprehensible, Constitution subverting hypocrisy!! Good people create government to protect themselves from those who violate the law of trespass, (home invasions, theft, rape, physical harm, and murder). Unfortunately, the smartest criminals simply run for public office!
    The trillion dollar drug prohibition has done nothing to quell the drug problem and has in fact exacerbated it by actually creating gangland activity, a runaway prison state, and a criminal, hypocritical government that harms more people than the drugs themselves. It’s way past time to END THE WAR ON DRUGS like Portugal did in 2001!

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