Canadian Police State vs. Brad Love

By Paul Fromm

TORONTO, Canada—The decade-long saga of state persecution of inveterate Canadian letter-writer Brad Love reached a new low November 28 when he was criminally charged for writing a letter to his own lawyer.

While many of his fellow prisoners were passing the time watching TV or semi-comatose on the medications freely ladled out by the authorities, Love prefers to read and write. But America’s neighbor to the north can’t have that. It’s better to be a compliant zombie than a dissident thinker in politically-correct Canada. Love’s incoming mail was held up for more than a month, and he has been informed he is not allowed to write to anyone.

Years after his conviction in 2002 under Canada’s notorious “hate law” for writing non-threatening letters to public officials criticizing Canada’s immigration mess, Love is still mired in the toils of repression.


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In March 2009, Love was arrested by eight armed detectives at a Toronto free speech meeting for sending some information packages to four Toronto Jewish groups. In July 2012, after 10 court appearances, requiring travel from Alberta, time off work and loss of wages, Love was sentenced to a further 18 months in prison, plus a further three-year gag order from writing letters to the media or politicians. He has called his ordeal “an abuse by process.”

He has applied for bail, pending an appeal. In July 2013, his bail was arbitrarily revoked, so for the past five months he has languished in jail, again for nothing more than the non-violent expression of his populist, no-nonsense, working-guy views.

Love had been employed in a lucrative job in Alberta’s tar sands in Fort McMurray. The arbitrary imprisonment punished him for his views, denied him an income and, ironically, denied the state a hefty hunk of his pay in taxes.

On November 28, Love reported that police arrived at the prison in Lindsay, Ontario. He was charged with violating his bail, a condition forbidding him to write to, text or email any person.

Yes, this is a condition for his “freedom” pending his trial in Alberta, Canada—not North Korea.

This was not correct, though. His conditions had been amended in July so that he could write to anyone except the parties to whom he was charged with sending “scurrilous” political material. But that didn’t stop Canadian authorities from going after him anyway.

“The cops are just bullies,” Love said. “They arrest the free-speech guy in jail for writing to his own lawyer about free speech. It’s crazy. I told them to check the paperwork. I’m allowed to write to my own lawyer, Peter Lindsay, and, indeed, anyone other than certain politicians and media people in Fort McMurray.”

Love reported that a fellow inmate who had sent out some letters for Love was warned: “You could be getting out of here soon. You’d better have nothing to do with Brad.”

Anyone interested in corresponding with Love must call Kevin Nesbit, the deputy superintendent of operations at the prison, and give your name, address and verbal consent for Love to send you letters. The phone number is (705) 328-6000.

You can write to political prisoner Brad Love, one of our “men behind the wire” at Brad Love [557137416], C.E.C.C., 541 Highway 36, Box 4500, Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 4S6, Canada.

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Paul Fromm is the director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression.

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  1. It’s not really the “Canadian” police state. It’s a Communist police state coming in. First proof, exclusive English translation of the 1972 French-only manifesto of the Parti Québécois for a COMMUNIST State of Quebec.

    That’s what the referendums really were for in 1980 and 1995:

    Quand 1972 Manifesto

    In the British system, the Sovereign issues the WRITS for elections; in Canada, the Sovereign also issues the WRITS for REFERENDUMS. This means that in 1980 and 1995, the QUEEN and her LGs authorized referendums to convert Quebec TO A COMMUNIST STATE, while planning to use a “Yes” in Quebec as a pretext to “negotiate” the Communist system with the “rest of Canada” via the federal level. You would not be told it was going to be Communist, you would be led into it by surprise. That it still their intention.

    In addition, you can help yourself to free downloads from my PUBLIC folder, look for my files on ProtoSoviet Megacities, and Jacques Parizeau introducing Bill No. 1 in 1995. Also important, October 10, 1964 The Queen’s Speech in the Quebec Legislature calling for a new constitution for Canada (and Quebec), and one month later on November 10, 1964, RENE LEVESQUE on CBC TV repeating that demand, and calling to restructure ALL of Canada.

    This is a Communist coup d’état that we are having, and it’s the ROYALS behind it, in league with the corporate fascists and the international banks.

    Furthermore, Canada did not have a “patriation” in 1982, it had a COUP D’ETAT, a new form of government was imposed, and it’s not the one we established BY LAW in 1867. Evidence includes this particular item by COUP adviser, Barry Lee Strayer, admitting six months after the “patriation” that it wasn’t LEGAL, while explaining that they were going to get away with it because of the elaborateness of the mere “procedure” used. In constitutional law of Canada, meaning the real law, there must be a POWER in the Constitution to DO something before you do it. Concocting a “procedure” in lieu of a power is not LAW, it is fraud, usurpation, and in this case, high treason:


    The following websites are research sites, not mere blogs, which document FACTS about the Soviet Communist penetration of Canada, from the top down, for decades:

    CANADA How the Communists Took Control

    Inside The Featherbed File ~ Canada’s Watergate — The Story of Treason in Ottawa

    Topping it off, they are working to give themselves a “law” in Quebec, and also—according to my recent research that is not yet online—also all across Canada through the Federal Courts, allowing themselves to have you arrested and declared “crazy” and subjected to A SOVIET-STYLE CHEMICAL LOBOTOMY:

    Judicial Declarations of Madness

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