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On April 21 in Macon, Georgia, two black thugs picked the wrong person to rob. They knew their target and figured she’d be easy pickings. What they didn’t know was that she was armed, dangerous and determined to protect herself and her family at any cost.

The story of a hard-working American fighting back against members of the callous welfare class that threaten our safety should have been spread far and wide but was kept under wraps by the Zionist-controlled U.S. media, who own the public airwaves.

Listen to Lulu Campbell describe what happened that night when she was only a few seconds and millimeters from death, in this exclusive interview (25:50).


Second Amendment Alive in Macon

• Grieving Georgia grandma turns tables on would-be murderers

By Dave Gahary

For many decades, information about black-on-white violence in the United States has been consistently and conspiratorially suppressed by the mainstream media. The same can be said when a white victim strikes back. One recent case had a happy ending and should serve as a warning to would-be criminals who think nothing of murdering an innocent person. The mainstream media was predictably silent on this, save a piece in a UK publication and a series of stories in a local newspaper in Georgia.

Macon, called the Heart of Georgia, due to its central location in the Peach State, with a population of 91,351, down from 97,255 in 2000, is around 63% black and 36% white with around 26% of the population below the poverty line. Macon is the home of Wesleyan College, the first college in the U.S. chartered to grant degrees to women. During the War Between the States, the city served as the arsenal of the Confederacy.

The target of the recent attack was Lulu Campbell, 57, a 4’7” Filipina who had immigrated to the United States in 1974 after meeting an airman at Clark Air Force Base in Manila. Mrs. Campbell raised a few kids and took advantage of what the American dream had to offer and became a successful businesswoman. Currently owning almost 10 convenience stores, beauty supply shops and gas stations, she grew up poor and is focused on “giving back” to her community and those in need around the world. In fact, Mrs. Campbell opens stores to hire locals to help bring down the crime rate in her area, skips the application process and instead hires on a handshake and donates almost all the money she makes to various charities, here and abroad.

Several weeks ago, however, Mrs. Campbell had the misfortune of having to deal with the death of her 31-year-old son, a military intelligence officer stationed in Homestead, Florida—a fate no mother should experience, a child predeceasing them.

It was in this context that this woman was brutally assaulted by two black “thugs,” as she referred to them, on April 21, while dropping off her  15-year old grandson at her daughter’s house, who was in Florida at the time handling final arrangements for her brother.

On April 26, AMERICAN FREE PRESS conducted an exclusive interview with Mrs. Campbell, to get a more thorough understanding of the matter.

Still grieving from the sudden loss of her son, Mrs. Campbell had just dropped her grandson at her daughter’s house around 2 a.m. in the driveway. With the engine off and the high beams on in her Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, she waited until he turned the lights on before pulling away. Reaching for her cell phone to call him to make sure he was OK, she realized the device was in her purse in the back seat. Too small in stature to reach back and grab it, she decided to exit the vehicle and enter through the back door to get the phone.

She had just shut the door when she heard a voice in her head telling her to get back in the car and lock the doors, a voice she’s convinced was her dead son’s. She did as the voice said and almost immediately after that she heard a sound coming from the passenger side of her truck. It was the voice of Brenton Lance Spencer, 32, who shouted, ‘Give me the [expletive deleted] money and open the [expletive deleted] door!’ Mrs. Campbell refused, and the criminal said he would shoot through the window, which he did. All the while, Mrs. Campbell’s gaze was fixed on the muzzle, waiting for the flash, her signal to fire back.

“My gun is always under my leg,” said Mrs. Campbell. “The same time I saw him firing was the same time I raised my hand and fired back. I didn’t even know I hit him.” All she could think was, “I have to save myself, to protect my daughter and my grandson.”

Her attention was then drawn to the front of the truck where she noticed another thug, shielding his eyes from the light and aiming a gun. Dantre Horatio Shivers, 30, began firing wildly at and into the truck. Miraculously, none of the 27 bullets he fired hit her.

She reversed out of the driveway, still in shock, to seek help. She dialed 9-1-1, only to be greeted by a recording.

“I drove around, and I tried to find that thug, [thinking] maybe if he’s still there I can run him over at least,” said Mrs. Campbell.

The police finally arrived, and Mrs. Campbell found out she had hit Spencer in the chest. She also learned that the thugs fled in a vehicle and got into an accident and that Shivers is still on the loose.

Macon police warned her to be careful because he’s still on the streets and also advised her to get a gun with more firepower and a larger magazine.

“So actually I bought me a gun yesterday; it’s 50-shot,” said Mrs. Campbell. “Because I never had a gun more than 15- or 16-shot. I bought me three guns yesterday.”

A police officer suggested that she doesn’t need a lawyer, and offered some praise for a citizen looking to make a positive difference.

“He said to me, ‘You’re really cleaning the city,’” said Mrs. Campbell. “I’m doing this for women. I want them to carry guns. At least two: one for the car, one on their hip. Without that gun, I would have been dead.”

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