Obama Donors Switching to Mitt?

• Obama’s 2008 campaign supporters bet on Republican candidate this time around

By Pat Shannan

The Center for Responsive Politics, an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit group that tracks government and campaign money, among other political things, has provided some interesting financial figures regarding the upcoming election. Many of President Barack Obama’s “big money” groups—especially those on Wall Street—are throwing their money at GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.


A few decades ago, during each presidential election year, in order to learn who the “anointed one” was we had to wait until the first or second week of October to see whose face adorned the cover of Time magazine. But in today’s corporate-controlled political climate, the “follow the money” adage may be the more accurate weather beacon.

Understanding that the following companies, groups and organizations themselves did not donate but rather that the money came from the organizations’ political action committees’ (PAC) influence over their individual members or employees or owners, subsidiaries, affiliates and those individuals’ immediate families.

How to be ready for anything

The Sherman Institute

Consider this: The same Goldman Sachs that delivered over $1M to Obama’s campaign in 2008 appears to have abandoned him and so far has sent $593.4K Romney’s way. This year Goldman Sachs does not even make the top 20 on Obama’s top donor list. And the list is much longer.

While Obama’s biggest big-money supporters are Microsoft (nearly $400K), U.S. government employees and universities such as Harvard and University of California, all of the heavy hitters mentioned above that were so strongly behind him in 2008 appear to have gone for Romney.

Solar Backup Generator

Agora Financial
Carotec Health Products

Of course, nobody in America understands better than AMERICAN FREE PRESS readers that the real campaign button that both of these candidates wear is that of the New World Order party. The big money support thrown on the table is merely an exchange for a larger reward later. This also is why many back both horses (one secretly) in the race and guarantee themselves and their cohorts a winner in November.

In a recent telephone interview with Jim Marrs, who first called our attention to these facts and figures, the astute author told this writer of the many unreported primary shenanigans in Texas. Then he said only half-jokingly, “You know, if everybody in America stayed home on election day in November—if nobody at all bothered to vote—the cooperative news media would still report the winner with 52% to the loser’s 48% or thereabouts.”

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