Portland Antifa: Paid Provocateurs?

Portland antifa

Both sides of violent protests are being funded by powerful, wealthy Zionist groups. Why?

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

On June 29, a few dozen Proud Boys demonstrators congregated at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Ore. for a “patriot prayer” rally. They were met by more than 100 antifa counter-demonstrators. According to media reports, “scuffles broke out” and “violence ensued.”

Who started the violence? That is the million-dollar question. But big media buried the answer so deep beneath rivers of irrelevant, misleading verbiage that the casual reader might be forgiven for never finding it.

The 17th through 19th paragraphs of USA Today’s report on the incident let the proverbial cat out of the bag:

Disorder broke out when a group of antifascist protesters left their designated area and marched toward the Proud Boys rally, repeatedly trying to get around police blockades.

One banner read “F*** Nazis and fascists,” while some protesters waved a banner for the Satanic Portland Antifascists and chanted: “No hate, no fear, Proud Boys are not welcome here.”

Footage showed scuffles between opposing protesters, while several antifascists were wearing face coverings or helmets, and carrying homemade shields, bats, and weapons.

So the basic facts are these: A few dozen Proud Boys held a demonstration. Instead of just ignoring them, 100 antifa counter-demonstrators showed up with the intention of violently quashing their opponents’ First Amendment rights. Brandishing signs vaunting obscenity and Satanism, faces masked, wearing helmets, and carrying weapons, antifa attacked both the police and the Proud Boys.

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Are antifa organizers so thickheaded and thuggish that they don’t realize how bad they look? Don’t they understand that their disgusting, idiotic actions make the Proud Boys look good?

By attacking peaceful demonstrators, antifa is committing both terrorism and treason: terrorism, because they are perpetrating politically motivated violence against civilians to create fear, and treason, because they are blatantly violating the First Amendment, which guarantees the right of all Americans, even those with despicable views, to peacefully protest.

Without antifa, the Proud Boys’ tiny protest in Portland would have gone unnoticed. Thanks to antifa, it scored a huge success. Video of antifa thugs bloodying the faces of victims, including gay Vietnamese-American journalist Andy Ngo, went viral, bringing the Proud Boys priceless publicity and casting them as the relatively good guys. Despite mainstream media censorship, this will play well with their base.

Could this all have been by design? Anyone familiar with the world of street demonstrations knows that whenever masked “protestors” incite violence, those “protestors” are almost certainly paid provocateurs—often in the employ of police and/ or intelligence agencies.

So who is antifa’s paymaster? Having been censored by antifa—they prevented me from doing scheduled speaking events in New York and Portland—I discovered that one of their wealthy backers is a mysterious German group called the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation. Like its sister organization the ADL, the foundation’s main mission is to silence critics of Zionism. The Rosa Luxembourg Foundation is apparently the biggest single donor to the Left Forum, America’s leading gathering of leftists. The foundation used its financial clout to force Left Forum organizers to cancel my scheduled talks there in 2017 and 2018. During the same time frame, Portland antifa successfully pressured radio station KBOO to cancel my interview with host John Shuck.

So antifa appears to have been created and funded by wealthy Zionists. How about the Proud Boys and their national Zionist friends like Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, whose stage name is Tommy Robinson? Just like antifa, Robinson is also funded by wealthy Zionists. The radical pro- Israel group Middle East Forum (MEF) pays for Robinson’s events and covers all of his legal costs. Robinson’s old associates have alleged that wealthy Zionists approached them years ago with an offer: “Attack Islam, never mention the bankers, and we will make you a star and give you all the money you need.”

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Everywhere Robinson goes, he manages to get himself filmed while being attacked by “Muslims.” It is my opinion—and it is not necessarily the opinion of my publisher, which is openminded enough to allow me to state my beliefs in this newspaper—that these are Jussie Smollett-style staged events, with both Robinson and his possibly phony “Muslim” attackers collecting Zionist paychecks for playing their scripted roles on camera.

The whole movement the Saker terms “National Zionism,” just like antifa, is owned and operated by Zionists. They are creating a “strategy of tension,” playing the right off against the left in a pincer movement designed to weaken and ultimately destroy the Western middle class and America’s constitutional liberties. They want you to despise Islam and forget about our real enemies—the bankers.

Zionists staged 9/11 in order to brainwash the world to hate Islam, bankrupt America in wars for Israel, and flood the West with refugees. Are they today staging diversionary spectacles to distract us from Zionist crimes?

Kevin Barrett, Ph.D., is an Arabist-Islamologist scholar and one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror. From 1991 through 2006, Dr. Barrett taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin. In 2006, however, he was attacked by Republican state legislators who called for him to be fired from his job at the University of Wisconsin-Madison due to his political opinions.

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  1. “Are they today staging diversionary spectacles to distract us from Zionist crimes?” Ab-suh-tive-ly! The banks have a long history of backing both sides of a war/conflict for profit. Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!
    Cui bono? By and large it is the Zionists, masters of distraction away from the real criminals and genocidals. Goy blood always equals profit and power for them!

  2. What’s interesting about Yaxley-Lennon is how popular he is while being a convicted conman, shill, and huckster, among other things. How is it that the frontman for his groups has been selected in view of his sketchy past? His willingness to be incarcerated? And, I read that THAT didn’t work out so well for him in the past week or so. Maybe he’s reached the limit of his marketability or usefulness.

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