The Terror War on Iran

By Richard Walker

For years, a secret war of assassinations and bombings has been directed from Washington and Tel Aviv at Iran, with no public admission that U.S. Special Forces, the CIA, the National Security Agency and Israeli intelligence have been deeply involved. The reason Barack Obama, like his predecessor, George W. Bush, has been unwilling to take responsibility for America’s role in this dirty war is that he has approved the very terror tactics D.C. so often likes to condemn when they are used by other nations.

Israel has also refused to admit its role because it would once again highlight Israel’s flagrant disregard for international law. A few independent media outlets like AMERICAN FREE PRESS could then force Washington to address what is being done in America’s name with the help of Israeli assassins and hired terrorists.


Terrorists trained and paid to kill Iranians have come from two groups operating inside and on the borders of Iran. One is the People’s Mujahedin of Iran or MEK, a dissident Iranian organization that had been based for more than a decade at a camp in Iraq protected by the U.S. military. The other is the Soldiers of God, or Jundullah, a Taliban-type militia from Pakistan. These groups are not only anti-Iranian and anti-Shiite Muslim, they’ve also engaged in the mass killing of Iranians at prayer. Many of Jundullah’s fighters were educated in Sunni religious schools funded by the Saudis and the CIA. Pakistan has warned Washington and Israel they are playing a dangerous game training and hiring Jundullah killers.

A major feature of this secret dirty war has been an assassination campaign by hit teams from Israel’s spy agency, Mossad. They have murdered and kidnapped leading figures in Iran’s nuclear industry, with the help of British and U.S. intelligence agencies. In January 2010, a booby-trapped motorcycle exploded outside the home of Iranian physicist Massoud Ali Mohammdi, killing him. Another scientist was poisoned. Mossad is notorious for using toxins that shut down the body’s main organs. Other acts against Iran have included the bombing of military facilities.

The most notable face of the war has been the use of cyber weapons to infect computers in Iran’s nuclear industry. Experts believe that U.S. and Israeli scientists built these weapons, which included the now-infamous Stuxnet virus. Their use has opened up the real possibility that other nations, including Iran, could deploy similar weapons against U.S. hi-tech infrastructure.

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The aim of psychological operations warfare, or psyops as it is known within the military-industrial complex, is to instill fear and uncertainty in an enemy’s ranks through a cleverly sustained campaign of well constructed lies, half-truths and threats.

Iran has been the target of such a war for years, with Israel running the show while using allies in the U.S. Congress and the media to make Iran feel it is in the crosshairs of the military.

Israel has proved over time it is a master of deception, using guile and downright dishonesty in its major political dealings and negotiations in the Middle East.

In the past, Israel has fed Washington bogus information about Saddam Hussein’s supposed arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, just as it once fed Washington false intelligence about Iran during the Iran-Iraq War. Even before the fall of Saddam, Israel plotted to turn America’s military might against Iran and secretly lobbied its friends on Capitol Hill to make the case that the future nuclear threat to the U.S. and Europe would come from Tehran. It even circulated to the media stolen Pentagon papers it hoped would persuade the American public Iran should be targeted militarily.

Psychological warfare, built around disinformation, is also targeted at every Western citizen, especially Americans. Israel believes if enough lies are not challenged, as is often the case with the mainstream media and politicians in Congress, we shall all wake up one morning and an attack on Iran will have happened.

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In the present economic climate, any decision by Israel’s friends in Congress to prevent Iran from selling oil could have devastating consequences for America.

In the worst-case scenario, the price of crude oil could double, and so too the cost of gasoline at the pump. The result would be catastrophic for middle-class families and for businesses across the nation. That hasn’t bothered senators, who have threatened to punish companies, banks or finance houses doing business with the Iranian Central Bank that handles the daily sale of millions of gallons of that nation’s crude oil, as well as its gas supplies.

A majority of senators said they were reacting to an attack on the British embassy in Tehran, but it has been clear for some time they will follow Israel’s agenda of squeezing Iran at any given opportunity.

The attack on Britain’s embassy in Tehran came after a curious decision by the British government to impose unilateral sanctions on Iran. It was a move that puzzled some EU governments. Experts in Brussels speculated that Britain had been prompted to make the move by the U.S. There is a feeling in some circles in Europe that, with an election a year away, Obama will do anything it takes to secure the Jewish vote and Israel’s backing.

The Iranians reacted to the Senate’s threat by warning that a barrel of crude oil could reach $250, hurting the global economy. The response from Russia and China was that the Senate was being foolhardy.


As the Israeli drumbeat for an attack on Iran has grown louder this year, little attention has been paid to the fact the Iranian military is no pushover. Iran’s potential for striking back would be formidable, especially at targets in Europe and Israel. It could even shut off oil from the Persian Gulf, sending money markets into freefall. None of this has worried the Israelis, who live in a political cocoon, believing chaos is fine if it weakens any Islamic country posing a threat to their hegemonic military domination of the region.

Richard Walker is the pen name of a former N.Y. news producer.