AFP PODCAST: Black Gun Violence Leaves Hardworking White Man Paralyzed


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Scotty Arnold, a 24-year-old father of three kids and two step-kids, was out doing his job for a towing company when he was asked to help remove an illegally-parked vehicle from an apartment complex. Scotty had been repossessing vehicles since he was 18-years-old, and he knew the apartments he had been dispatched to was a tough area, with high black occupancy and lawlessness.


Although Scotty was prepared for trouble, not only from the black violence, but from the city of Memphis’s towing ordinances which endangered repo men, it was not the kind he ran into on the night of October 3rd. Now paralyzed from under-the-arms on down, Scotty talks about that fateful night, when he was violently assaulted by a black man with a concealed-carry permit, all for a vehicle, in this heartbreaking interview (14:02).

Donations for Scotty Arnold by check or money order should be made out to:

“Benefit of Scotty Arnold”

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Citizens Bank P.O. Box 667 Byhalia MS 38611

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