Constant War Credo Is Cited at Atlantic Council Meeting

Atlantic Council war credo

By Mark Anderson

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Two Atlantic Council (AC) events in early March, attended by American Free Press, provided an eye-opening look into little-known issues that point to where the European Union and the UK are headed in the post-Brexit era.

Biggest scam StansberryThe NATO-connected think tank’s March 4 program covered the ambitious Three Seas Initiative (3SI), which you won’t hear about on the nightly news. The guest who described the 3SI, Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid, told the AC’s Damon Wilson in a townhall-type discussion that, in accordance with her topic for the day, “Completing Europe: Central Europe, The Three Seas Initiative and the Future of the Transatlantic Relationship,” a key goal is to finally and completely eliminate Europe’s dependency on Russian energy sources.

The 3SI region is between the Baltic, Black and Adriatic Seas, hence the name Three Seas.

However, what wasn’t mentioned was that severing Europe’s energy ties with Russia could involve blowback, since NATO’s virtually nonstop expansionist tendencies might become even more audacious if Europe’s dependency on Russian energy, which serves as a partial check on NATO ambitions, is lifted.

The goal of completing “the vision of Europe that is undivided, free and secure,” as Kaljulaid put it, will best be completed via the 3SI, which involves an effort by the 12 Central European states to hyper-accelerate the development of greatly enhanced infrastructure for energy, for digital communications, and for transport. The AC’s discussion with Kaljulaid followed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s announcement that the United States stands ready to commit up to $1 billion to the 3SI, which has been diplomatically endorsed by Germany, among other European nations.

AFP’s questions to AC representatives about whether the 5G communications upgrade—which enables computing devices to rapidly send and receive data via the Internet—would play a major role in 3SI’s digital infra structure were brushed off, with AC members feigning ignorance. This is strange, as concerns that the electromagnetic field emitted via the concentrated digital infrastructure that 5G requires could have dire effects on all living creatures on Earth.

Kaljulaid, tapping into something that aligns with the Bilderberg agenda in terms of bringing together public and private interests for political reorganization tied to big business deals, announced that Estonia will host the next Three Seas Summit and Business Forum in Tallinn from June 15-17 at which heads of state, other governmental leaders, and international financial organizations will convene. The 3SI member states are all members of the EU region—with its population of 110 million and a combined GDP of about $1.7 trillion, AC sources say.

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At the AC’s other program on March 5, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace spoke of an Integrated Foreign Security and Defense Review (IFSDR), that the UK is undertaking, in part to carry more of its own weight so that U.S. forces can focus on other matters. But burden-sharing aside, Wallace said, “I want to make defense the spear of global Britain” while also noting that the UK military under the IFDSR also will review the Euro-Atlantic alliance and “the great power competition.”

“We intend to carry out a full 360-degree exercise, examining what we can do and how we can do it,” Wallace said. “The U.S., the UK and ‘five eyes’ [Western intelligence] will intensify in the area where they’re currently being tested by the hybrid threats of Russia, China, and Iran.”

However, Wallace then dropped a bomb by noting that notions of war and peace are obsolete: “Under my leadership, I’m determined that the Ministry of Defense adopts a more campaigning posture, since we must recognize that the threat no longer resides in the official definition of peace and war, but in their ‘constant,’ ” he said.

“What he’s reflecting on is an idea that’s been coming out through the British military and politicians for quite some time. This credo is that there is no difference between peace and war in the modern world,” Mike Robinson, editor of “UK Column News,” told this writer. “The ‘constant’ means perpetual war. He’s talking about hybrid warfare, the gray zone, and all the terminology they use.”

Mark Anderson is AFP’s roving editor. Email him at [email protected].

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  1. Not a terrible idea – if you also divest yourself of all, ALL US military bases in every single nook and cranny of Europe. Plus, totally ignore all US sanctions since you are all representing supposedly sovereign states. Otherwise, just more US patty cakes games.

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