Political Views at Heart of Firing

• Smearing of white activist, firing look to be related to politically incorrect ideas.

By John Friend —

Matthew Heimbach is once again making headlines and causing controversy. The young activist and chairman of the Traditionalist Worker Party, whose conference this newspaper recently covered, was not only fired from his position as a family case manager for the state of Indiana’s Department of Child Services but has also been accused of physically assaulting a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protester at a recent Donald Trump rally in Louisville, Kentucky.

According to Ashley Emswell Hungate, director of communications for the Indiana State Personnel Department, Heimbach was employed by the state of Indiana’s Department of Child Services from January 11 to January 28, 2016. He was training to become a full-time family case manager before being abruptly fired for “his behavior at work.”

“His behavior in training was disruptive of the workplace, incompatible with public service, and not protected speech,” Ms. Hungate stated. “For example, what I’ve been told is that, while in training, his response to a question suggested violence against a client.”


Thus far, claims that Heimbach was disruptive and incompatible for public service appear to be unsubstantiated. However, this much is clear: After Heimbach’s political views and history of public activism were brought to the attention of the state of Indiana, he was immediately fired.

AMERICAN FREE PRESS spoke directly with Heimbach to get the full story on both controversies.

“To my knowledge, I did not violate any policies and I had passed all training activities, including my diversity training, up until the day I was fired,” Heimbach told AFP. “The department has a policy, however, that states ‘No employee will be appointed to, demoted, or dismissed from any position, or in any way be favored or discriminated against with respect to employment because of his or her political opinions or affiliations.’ It appears to me that the department was violating its own policies.”

In a blog post describing his brief career with the Indiana Department of Child Services, Heimbach noted:

Having a strong academic record at a reputable university and a solid work record, I’m a Department of Child Services hiring manager’s worst nightmare. On paper, I’m the perfect candidate for the job. I aced the interview, because I care deeply about child poverty issues, building strong families, and investing in the folks who need it the most. I pass the “background check” with flying colors, because I’ve never stolen a stick of gum or been caught jaywalking. But I have something in my past which doesn’t get flagged on the formal background checks because it’s not technically illegal; pro-white political beliefs.

Heimbach’s firing demonstrates once again the increasingly blatant assault on the First Amendment and free speech in the United States.

This reporter was forced out of his position with a local municipal government in southern California late last year after officials were made aware of his political views and independent journalistic activities. Dr. James Tracy was also recently fired from his position at Florida Atlantic University, largely due to his scholarly research into the alleged Sandy Hook massacre.

Holding controversial political views and engaging in scholarly research is apparently a crime in modern America.

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“The current political and social climate is one in which we are entering a war on the First Amendment, freedom of association, and other basic civil liberties,” Heimbach explained to AFP. “A civil rights slippery slope is clearly in front of us. If the state of Indiana can fire people for ‘farright’ politics, where does it end? If you are a Christian, who supports traditional marriage, will you be labeled a ‘hater’ and lose your job? There is a state-sponsored war on the First Amendment in our nation from the federal government on down.”

Following Heimbach’s firing, which was reported on by the mainstream mass media, the young activist and nationalist found himself in yet another controversy. While attending a Trump rally in Louisville, Heimbach was accused of shoving and assaulting a disruptive protester affiliated with the BLM movement. Trump rallies are regularly disrupted and subject to organized protests by radical leftists.

Heimbach provided the details and context to give readers a much more balanced and objective view of what transpired at the rally.


“Members of local far-left groups and the Black Lives Matter movement came to the Trump rally I attended with the specific intention to—in their own words—‘disrupt’ the event,” Heimbach told AFP. “There was a protest going on outside they could easily have participated in if they were so inclined, but instead they came into the Trump rally specifically to be confrontational and combative. Within five minutes of the protesters’ arrival in the hall, I saw BLM protesters shove an elderly man and woman and then begin cursing. This situation continued in multiple locations where radical leftists were disruptive, vulgar, and in some cases outright violent with Trump supporters.”

Heimbach and other Trump supporters simply helped remove the disruptive and potentially violent protesters from the rally, he said.

At virtually every Trump rally, the same exact scenario plays out: Disruptive protesters interrupt the populist presidential candidate, and supporters and security officials respond by physically removing the individuals responsible. After reviewing the video of the incident, which is available online, it is clear that Heimbach and others at the rally merely facilitated the removal of the disruptive and uncouth protesters.

The radical protesters disrupting Trump events “continue to think they have a right to disrupt and destroy, and then when they are removed from events, they cry ‘racism’ and play the victim,” Heimbach noted.

In a blog post describing the incident, Heimbach stated that he would not attend future Trump rallies in order to avoid becoming a distraction.

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John Friend is a California-based writer who maintains a blog.