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Throughout history, there have always been powerful people who work secretly behind the scenes to advance their own objectives, often to the detriment of the public as a whole.

A system of global control, referred to as the “New World Order,” by President George H.W. Bush in many of his speeches, is in effect today. Insiders are promoting a one-world government, a one-world economy and a one-world religion, with themselves in charge of everything.

But a growing number of people are becoming aware of what is going on behind the scenes, and are becoming increasingly resistant to a global socialistic dictatorship.

Dave Gahary got to sit down with Edward A. Whitney, author of the bestseller The Controllers: Secret Rulers of the World, who discusses his updated version of the classic, in this informative interview (19:46).


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Softcover, 505 pages

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Who Controls Us?

• Updated version of classic book details who’s pulling the strings behind-the-scenes

By Dave Gahary

We all can remember the one event that caused us to question conventional wisdom, that allowed us to break free from the grip of the powers-that-be, to put down the mainstream newspaper or turn off the television news. For Edward A. Whitney it was September 11, 1990, when United States President George H. W. Bush gave his “Toward a New World Order” speech to a joint session of Congress.

Edward A. Whitney

Edward A. Whitney

The speech, officially known as the “Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress on the Persian Gulf Crisis and the Federal Budget Deficit,” was notable because it was Bush’s first public reference to a “new world order.”

The first mention of the term in the speech was when Bush was outlining the objectives of the completely unnecessary and provoked Gulf War I, which had been raging since August 2, around five weeks earlier.

Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective—a new world order—can emerge: A new era—freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice and more secure in the quest for peace. An era in which the nations of the world, east and west, north and south, can prosper and live in harmony.

Significantly, Bush was to use the term in several speeches following this one, most notably his State of the Union address on January 29, 1991, where he referenced it right at the open.

For Ed, then 55 years-old, hearing these words turned on the proverbial light bulb above his head, and almost 14 years later, his first book, The Controllers: Secret Rulers of the World was released. Now, more than a decade later, Ed has released the second edition of the book, expanded and updated at 505 pages, to incorporate and shed light on the earth-moving events that have unfolded since the 363-page first edition was released.


AMERICAN FREE PRESS caught up with Ed on October 16 to discuss the new book.

Born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Ed signed up for the U.S. Naval Officer Candidate School in his senior year in college in 1957, and served on active duty for three years as a communications officer on two aircraft carriers: USS Leyte (CVS-32) and USS Boxer (LPH-4), and as a reservist for another 17 years, retiring as a lieutenant commander.

Ed wasted no time after Bush’s speech.

“I found that I was missing a great deal of information that the insiders keep away from us,” he began. “So, I started really getting into it big time, reading a lot of books and watching a lot of DVDs to try to catch up from what I missed all the years.”

As Ed explains in the introduction to his book:

The information in this book comes mainly from facts (not theories) found in highly documented books by independent authors. I have read more than 800 such books since I began my research into the New World Order [and] more than 400 recordings (DVDs, CDs, videotapes, and audiotapes).

“When I read all of these books,” explained Ed, “I evaluate them somewhat along the same lines as our intelligence services do. First I evaluate the author in terms of his or her apparent reliability, and then evaluate how the information presented ties in with other known facts, its consistency, the same technique as the CIA uses.”

One source Ed will not consult is the World Wide Web.

“One reason I don’t use the Internet is that anybody can put anything on the Internet and you never know, on the surface of it, what you see is true or false,” Ed said. “Whereas if you have a book by a reputable author with footnotes and bibliography and an index and so forth, you know that the guy’s professional reputation is on the line. That is reliable information. I accumulate my information piece-by-piece and eventually get to the point where you can connect the dots and make some sense out of stuff.”

Besides the voluminous resources Ed devoured, his world view was formed in part from watching his hometown crumble before his eyes, as many once-thriving cities across this once-great nation have done and are doing.

“At one point Bridgeport was a very prominent industrial area, but the government managed to drive out the businesses,” Ed explained. “Now you’ve got a lot of poor folks living in the town, and the nature of the people there, which is the real problem, is they’re just not hard-working people.”

AFP asked if this was a microcosm of what’s happening to the country.

“That’s precisely why I get so worried about this whole New World Order business, because that’s Bridgeport on a global scale,” Ed confirmed.

The book has 19 chapters as well as a foreword (penned by AFP’s Ronald L. Ray), the aforementioned introduction, a bibliography and index, as well as 17 appendices. Twelve of the chapters are named after U.S. presidents.

“That’s just for time division,” explained Ed. “I just simply used their administration as a time reference to put things into chronological order.”

AFP asked if any of these presidents can be viewed as more influential in the plans of The Controllers.

“I don’t think so,” said Ed. “I look at them as all basically being puppets under the control of the controllers, rather than being controllers in their own right.”

One of the presidents, however, may have stood out.

President Kennedy made the now memorable “secret societies speech” to the American Newspaper Publishers Association on April 27, 1961, where he discussed the dangers of secrecy in the country:

The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.

AFP asked if Kennedy was any different from other presidents.

“Well, yes,” said Ed. “He came to realize that the world had become extremely dangerous because of the existence of atomic warfare and he was literally trying to find ways to have peace in the world. He was looking for ways to avoid war and spend more on just basic benefits for people, and unfortunately that didn’t sit well with the military-industrial complex. And in my opinion it was that complex that literally arranged the assassination of Kennedy.”

Ed believes that the murder in broad daylight was done for a purpose.

“Future presidents learned from that example that if they had a desire for more peace and less war,” explained Ed, “to tread very carefully because they know that this powerful force is right there, literally in their own cabinet.”

Ed traces The Controllers origins to the year 1870.

Ed explained why 1870 is the beginning of the modern era.

“That was when the British elite got together and formed their Society of the Elect and their plan was for the British to rule the entire world,” explained Ed. “That eventually led to the Round Table groups, which in turn led to the institutes of international affairs, like the Royal Institute in London and the United States counterpart which is the Council on Foreign Relations and other similar groups around the world, like the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission, all of which I explain in some detail in the book.”

“The Council on Foreign Relations, there’s about 4,500 of those people, and they’re in influential positions in government, business, media, you name it,” said Ed. “And between them, their influence on the president himself is massive. They’re like the puppet masters that pull the strings, and frankly I don’t think it makes an awful lot of difference which particular individual is president or even which particular political party happens to be in office. It’s this group of very wealthy, powerful individuals behind the scenes that really call the shots.”


AFP asked what type of person would belong to the group he calls The Controllers.

“Some are outright psychopaths,” he said, “and they not only are power-hungry and money hungry, but they don’t even care if they kill people. It’s a different breed of people altogether. They unfortunately have very evil ways, and their real god is money. And since they have managed to literally control most of the major governments in the world, they have been able to literally get away with murder.”

One of Whitney’s fears is addressed in Appendix A, entitled “Preparations for Martial Law in America.”

“The country is running itself into bankruptcy with all these continuous budget deficits,” Ed explained, “and the national debt’s over $18 trillion, not counting the unfunded liabilities like Social Security, which can easily be another $100 trillion, and eventually people are gonna stop loaning money to the government and it’s gonna just collapse, and that could lead to a really disastrous condition. That’s why we see the buildup of the military forces in our own country, NORTHCOM and the militarization of local police departments. Did you know there are about 80,000 SWAT raids a year in this country? The whole rule of law is disappearing and creating a lot of discontent.”

“I just read a book called Battlefield America,” continued Whitney, “and it was a very upsetting book to say the least, but unfortunately what it was saying was pretty much true: the federal government is totally out-of-control and they’re totally disregarding the basic concepts and principles that made our country great and leading us down to this martial law state, police state, whatever you wanna call it. It’s like they consider us, the American people, the enemy now. It’s really quite disturbing.”

AFP asked who would benefit from reading his book.

“Well, there are two different types of people that would be interested in this,” said Ed. “First would be those that have little or no background information about this whole group of influential people pulling the strings behind-the-scenes. So it could be a total introduction which potentially could be an eye-opener for the average person, but also it’s highly documented, highly cross-referenced, with a large bibliography and everything’s in chronological order so it also would be a good reference tool for people who are already quite knowledgeable about the New World Order and all the various ramifications of it.”

Ed explained his reason for spending all these years to put out this book.

“What I want to do is get to people’s minds,” explained Ed, “get them thinking, and they can realize what’s going on behind the scenes and educating them on the stuff that the powers-that-be have been keeping away from them so successfully for so long. That’s the whole objective here.”

“The only way we’re gonna save our country is if people wake up to what’s going on,” warned Ed.

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Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

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