In South Africa, Black Power Means Power Blackouts

By Bill White —

Question: What did South Africa use before candles? Answer: Electricity. Since November, Eskom, South Africa’s sole electric utility, has begun what all other previously White-owned organizations taken over by Black communists have done—it has failed. Eskom that month introduced “load shedding,” or rolling blackouts in which entire towns and neighborhoods go black for hours. These blackouts are the result of ineptness and greed.

Since 1998, independent observers have been warning the country’s Black communist government that its power plants are not being sufficiently maintained, that the expanding infrastructure requires new plants and that new plants are not being built quickly enough.

Rather than address the issue, though, the governments of Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma have pocketed the money needed to maintain the electric grid, channeling it into welfare for their supporters and illegally into graft and kickback schemes.

This kind of corruption and economic trouble is pervasive among most Black-run governments worldwide, from Detroit to Nigeria.

Equally common is the lack of accountability.

Speaking to a meeting of the Young Communist League, Zuma, South Africa’s current president, blamed the blackouts on White racism.

“The problem is that energy was structured racially to serve a particular race, not a majority,” he claimed.

To an ignorant audience of South African Blacks, this argument makes sense. “Racism” is supposed to be behind all of their problems—why not crumbling utility infrastructure as well? Plus, this is a people that for many years tried to fight AIDS [acquired immune deficiency syndrome] with an herbal mix enchanted by witch doctors.

But to the global community, South Africa’s problem is clear: The country is run by idiots.


Throughout the 20th century, communists broke down White and European financial and political power by lying to White people. White people were told that allowing Blacks to run their governments would be just like White rule, only friendlier and more “rainbow.”

In reality, once given power, Blacks began to embezzle public funds, nationalize and redistribute property and, when this led to economic failure, blame “White racism” for the country’s problems, ultimately leading to anti-White attacks.

Thus Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, ended much as Haiti did in 1812. Its economy collapsed, its people starved and few whites remained there.

In the United States, Detroit, among other cities, has fallen into ruin.

And now South Africa, once a paradise in Africa, is coming apart at the seams.

In addition to the failure of Eskom, South African Airways is massively in debt and on the verge of collapse and its CEO has been suspended. The country’s postal service often stops delivering mail for periods of time. Labor unrest, led by Black communists, has also driven many mining interests from the country.

Zuma says that Cyril Ramaphosa, another African National Congress (ANC) flunky, will be taking over Eskom and the post office, but few are hopeful of reform.

The ANC was founded by Jewish communists, much like the American NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People] was. Originally, it only used Blacks like Nelson Mandela as front men to give it a Black flavor. Today, bankers and communists similarly lurk beneath South Africa’s Black veneer, promoting flunkies who run up public debts, turn tax money over to international banks for usury and fatten their own pockets in the process.

The result has been a meager 1.4% economic growth in 2014 and a probable economic contraction in 2015.

White South Africans now have to learn how to cook over fires and read by candlelight like their fathers did—as Blacks did before the White man came—and turn their taxes over to bankers.

But little resistance seems likely from South Africa’s Boer and English minorities, who continue to fear being called “racist” by the world’s Zionist media and who have turned over to their Black oppressors the guns and the military they now need to defend themselves.

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Bill White is a freelance journalist and publisher based in Virginia. He has also written articles for THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) magazine. Bill is also the author of a new book entitled National Socialism: Yesterday & Today. Proceeds go to White’s legal defense fund.

9 Comments on In South Africa, Black Power Means Power Blackouts

  1. This world is falling to pieces and everyone is in the blame game attacking each other. The world banks IMF, Federal Reserve, ALL of them are controlled by the same (or same types) of people bringing in the NWOrder. There is nothing the people can now do as its way too late. Greed and depravity rule this world. Every God-hating atheist has played their part in letting this unfold. Not to mention that evil persists when good people do nothing. Take a good look in the Bible and see the progression of all this as it unfolds before our eyes and know this, it’s going to get a hell of a lot worse than you may think. The madness, genocide and mayhem haven’t really kicked off yet. What we are seeing is the warning signs only so far. So forget the blame game, stop attacking each other and get the hell ready for the mess and mayhem that is just around the corner. If you don’t know how to begin then pick up the Bible and read all about this scenario as it’s all laid out for those who will drop their religious ideas about God and get their eyes opened. It’s wake up time!
  2. Why is it only racism when it’s white on black? Black on white racism is in the Constitution in SA but no one says a word. Most of this article is true.
  3. To Ivan:

    Maybe you are not aware that your post is completely devoid of substance. Other than employing several logic fallacies as arguments, you really have no valid argument at all.

    You claim that Bill cannot possibly know about S. Africa because he does not live there. Really? So in Ivan’s World, Americans can only write about America.

    You make an ad hominem attack on Bill, calling his article a “6th grade school project to pass as journalism,” stating that “AFP has let the publication down by publishing this stereotyped, biased, hackneyed oversimplified, ignorant and racist commentary.”

    OK, so Bill is an “uninformed racist.” Great. But beyond your emotion-based insults, you provide absolutely zero reasons, zero evidence and not even an iota of an argument to back up your claims.

    Maybe you don’t realize it, but you really don’t come across as very intelligent.

  4. Dear Bill and AFP:

    Bill who are you and where do you live? Because you’re not a white South African.

    Bill I’ll put this politely as I can… After reading this article, you can’t possibly represent any authoritative or sanctioned perspective on what is occurring in your own backyard let alone what is going on in South Africa.

    As for the Editor of AFP. You’ve been caught ‘sleeping on the job’ for allowing this 6th grade school project to pass as journalism. AFP has let the publication down by publishing this stereotyped, biased, hackneyed oversimplified, ignorant and racist commentary on a subject Bill White has no business writing about.

    Shame on you!

  5. Sope, why is it always a racial thing with you? Cannot the facts speak for themselves? Communism doesn’t work anywhere ever. When will God be dragged into the ignorant conversation of the self-destroying leftist agenda? It is a mental disease you know.
  6. The witch doctor thing is pervasive still. One thing the communists and racialists did was make the claim that the Christian practice of losing one’s pagan self was nothing but a euro-centric imposition.

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