UPDATE: All Charges Dropped for Florida Pastor Targeted by Feds

From a Kent Hovind supporter’s YouTube page:

Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers drops all charges against Creation Science Evangelist Kent Hovind!

Now we will await full restitution and damages for all of the false charges brought against Pastor Hovind since 2004. An innocent man has spent nearly NINE YEARS in prison. He was forgotten and abandoned by many in the Christian community who failed to look into the case any further than what was written by the atheist run and anti-Christian website “Wikipedia.”

The judge simply will not admit she has been wrong since the beginning so we will see how Dr. Hovind wants to proceed on this legal matter.

Florida Pastor Targeted by Feds

• Pastor Kent Hovind faces possible life in prison for “tax evasion.”

By Ronald L. Ray

Kent E. Hovind is a 62-year-old Baptist minister from Florida, who has spent over eight years in federal prison. Some say it is for his outspoken religious views. The government insists it is because he allegedly committed that most heinous of crimes, “tax evasion.”

Now, just before he was due to be released, he and co-convicted associate Paul Hansen are facing new charges of mail fraud and contempt of court, which could keep them in the slammer another 20-100 years—effectively a life sentence.

Why do federal authorities consider these two so hateful that they dare not restore the men’s freedom? AMERICAN FREE PRESS contacted two of Hovind’s longtime supporters, Ernest Land and Rudy Davis, to learn the answer.

In 1991, Hovind established Creation Science Evangelism (CSE) as a significant part of his religious ministry, in which he defends a literal six-day creation of the world by God, as recounted in the Bible, against the current scientific orthodoxy of evolution. Known as “Dr. Dino,” he even built a dinosaur theme park, originally funded entirely by donations, where families could come without cost to learn about the science supporting a creation account of the world. Hovind also publicly opposes homosexuality and other state-sponsored immorality.

What brought Hovind, and then-trustee of his ministry’s property, Hansen, into the sights of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), however, were his controversial views on church, state and taxation.

Ernie Land explained: “I’m a believer . . . that Satan is controlling the governments of the world” in order to lead people into slavery in the New World Order. Hovind, says Land, believes that federal tax laws, especially the 501(c)3 exemption, are a tool to keep Christian churches from preaching religious truth or revealing the real source of growing government tyranny, and that federal laws do not require churches to register for tax exemption. They point to IRS documents as proof of the latter.

The IRS claimed Hovind should have been withholding payroll taxes on his workers, who were treated by the ministry as contract workers, and that CSE was not a “church.” This was the supposed “evasion.” The feds also alleged that normal, large cash withdrawals to pay workers were “structuring”—a form of money laundering.

In a document provided by Davis, Hovind alleges that the 2006 trial prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle M. Heldmyer, deliberately withheld exculpatory evidence, in particular, letters from an “IRS enrolled agent, a CPA [Certified Public Accountant] and an attorney [which] stated clearly that I was violating no law and owed no tax.”


At sentencing, U.S. District Judge Margaret Catharine “Casey” Rodgers appeared to have an emotional meltdown. Several people have sworn affidavits that she claimed Hovind’s behavior was “worse than that of a rapist.” These words do not appear in the official transcript, leading to charges of tampering by Hovind supporters.

But what is in the transcript may be worse. Judge Rodgers, a George W. Bush appointee, vented her extremist beliefs in American civil religion, implying that Hovind was guilty of treason for failure to pay taxes he may not have owed.

While Reverend Al Sharpton, former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and hundreds of federal employees go unprosecuted for more serious tax crimes, and many rapists and child molesters are punished less harshly, Rodgers stated in part: “This is a serious case, serious charges, serious conduct. Make no mistake about it. By your conduct in this case, Mr. Hovind, in my opinion, you dishonored the men and women in our military. You dishonor your fellow Americans, and you’ve dishonored the Constitution of the United States.”

During imprisonment, Hovind was transferred 23 times, causing another prisoner and even a corrections officer to express shock, since frequent transfers to new hostile environments can result in death.

Moreover, added Land, “They have destroyed the Hovind family. They are scared to death.”

In addition to prison time, 10 properties owned by the CSE ministry were seized by judicial order as “restitution” to the IRS. In 2011, however, when appeals of the seizures were still pending, Hovind and Hansen defied a court order and filed notices of pending litigation on the properties, essentially to warn potential buyers of a potential color to the titles—a normally reasonable action.

For this last move, Hovind and Hansen were scheduled to go to trial on February 9 on the fraud and contempt charges. But the same Judge Rodgers denied them their right to a speedy trial because the prosecutor had an alleged “family emergency,” delaying it until March 2.

Hovind and supporters believe the judge has shown a pattern of anti-religious bias and asked Judge Rodgers to recuse herself. In one example in 2009, Judge Rodgers cited two schoolteachers for contempt for silently praying before lunch, leading over 50 congressmen to issue a letter supporting the teachers.

Whatever the motivation, there seems indeed to be an extreme government hostility toward Hovind and Hansen. And maybe keeping cells full in the “prisons-for-profit” system is another cause. For more information or to support the two men, visit FreeKentHovind.com and 2Peter3.com.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.

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  1. I don’t know a lot about Mr. Hovind, however, I watched a YouTube video he did about creation and the science of it and I can honestly say that I believe this man has been imprisoned for his religious beliefs, not for any laws he broke.

    Good grief, look at all the crooks in Washington, D.C. Jesus said we would be persecuted because of Him. This man should be freed immediately and restitution made and this judge should be locked up. He also deserves a public apology from the U.S. government. In the end, all that is good will be labeled evil and all that is evil will be labeled good.

  2. No open Bibles allowed in this “judge’s” courtroom speaks volumes as to the master(s) to which she bows. Despicable, ruthless behavior of this fed “gang” finally being exposed: accusing the innocent, extorting monies, illegal imprisonment, cruel and unusual punishment, just to name a few. What a crew! Salem Witch Trials in The Northern District of FL and beyond. Covert operation of wicked, deceptive, lying, thieving servants of the dark side in plain view. This is serious. Open your eyes, America. We are under attack.

    *May our Heavenly Father, The One and Only, God In Heaven, help and save “us” all…In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen. (* See reference below).

    * “Us” and/or “us” refers ONLY to those: (1) who do NOT take offense to this prayer specifically, and/or to prayer(s) to God, both specifically and/or generally; (2) who truly want prayer for his or her self and/or for others; and, (3) who turn away from evil and honestly seek God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

  3. Kent Hovind has been tortured, tormented and persecuted for his faith in the one true god and savior Jesus Christ.

    His stand and popularity really torqued the evil-utionists, humanists and atheists who have had a “system” working for them and he was near to turning our country right-side-up!

    He had to be stopped. He is a godly, patriotic, family loving man who was serving his god and prospering in that endeavor. Of course all those charges were false and they realize that if they let him out now, he will really blow the lid off their lies and false religion.

    That is what this is all about! Connect the dots!

    We who believe in the same god as Kent and Paul John are looking for his total freedom, complete exoneration of all and every false charge, all his money, land, homes, and his honor returned to him, times 100 in restitution from the federal government and all others who conspired against him.


  4. I know for a fact that there are a lot of Christian law firms out there that should be chipping in and helping Kent. Just saying you claim to be a Christian but there are no actions to prove it, I’m just saying we as Christians should be putting our money where our mouth is and support Kent. I challenge our Christian lawyer brothers and sisters in the ministry to take a stand and fight for this God-fearing man of God who has already blessed thousands of people.
  5. Forget the mainstream disinformation:

    By this twisted logic, if you deposit or withdrew $500 from your own bank account every week for 21 weeks, you could be arrested and charged with 21 counts of structuring because the amount went over $10,000. You could be fined $5,250,000 and sentenced to 105 years in prison (even though you never had the $10,000 in your account at any one time and the money was not earned or spent illegally)!

    Not Income Tax Evasion – Structuring – That’s How They Got Kent Hovind

    The Internal Revenue Service agents did not accuse Ms. Hinders of money laundering or cheating on her taxes — in fact, she has not been charged with any crime. Instead, the money was seized solely because she had deposited less than $10,000 at a time, which they viewed as an attempt to avoid triggering a required government report.

    “How can this happen?” Ms. Hinders said in a recent interview. “Who takes your money before they prove that you’ve done anything wrong with it?”

    The federal government does.



    The purpose of this group is to unite, organize, network and find expedient viable solutions despite our doctrinal or theological differences and to maximize publicity as well as dispel rumors verses the facts in hopes to raise legal council for our brothers immediate release.

    “Chew the meat and spit the bones” – Kent Hovind


  6. This is purely a case of government repression of truth. Kent, at the time of his arrest, was one of the world’s leaders, if not the leader, in creationism proof of the falsehood and anti-Christian establishment of the evolutionary religion which was propagated into all current ‘science’ textbooks. His logic, and wisdom far surpassed that of his opponents who were backed by humanist. The chief enemies of the creationist movement were the evolutionist, the anti-religious humanistic government of USA and the Big Bang proponents to a fantasy religion labeled as ‘science’ which included NASA and astronomers worldwide. His views and the evidence he presented were sure to bring the entire evolutionary and geological science industries to a screeching halt! Worst yet, the irrevocable truth of his anti-evolutionary science was sure to make known the reality of a Cosmic Creator (God) who, by right of creation, owns this world and by right of His ownership, controls and defines morality and the punishments against those in opposition to His authority. This is something no government on earth, made up of evil men (as there is no such thing as righteous men) were going to allow. As a result, trumped-up charges of ‘structuring’ and threatening an IRS agent were manufactured as a way to remove this menace to society from public circulation (in their minds and view)!

    As a construction contractor who uses many sub-contractors for various task, I know the law about contractors. Kent had NO full-time employees! In fact, he had NO employees at all. They were paid volunteers which puts them in the class of sub-contractors who were responsible for their own employment and FICA taxes. Kent’s only responsibility as such, would be to report to them on a IRS Form 1099 the amount he had paid them, if and only if that amount exceeded $600 per calendar year. They would then use the amount reported to them (by January 31st) on their own 1040 Tax return. It was not his responsibility nor was it legal for him to withhold anything!

    As to the structuring charges: Myself and almost ever contractor I know, who pays sub-contractors in cash is guilty of structuring if the amounts withdrawn from our accounts are less than $10,000. Actually, anyone who take cash out of their own account in amounts less than $10,000 can be so charged! Yes you too!

    As to the threat of an IRS agent: This charge was based on an on-the-air broadcast by Dr. Hovind in which he prayed for the IRS agent. His prayer was for God’s assistance and intervention to assist the agent in identifying the facts of the case so that Kent might have a fair trial. This is hardly a threat and I, as well as others, would argue that it was, by its very nature, a request for God to bless the agent in a positive way!

    Bottom line, Kent Hovind is not in, now or then, any violation of IRS laws. He was railroaded in my humble opinion.

    Paul Paradise

  7. I’ve known the Hovind family just about my whole life. They are dear people that are simply not going to lie to save face or get out of insane charges. The charges brought against them are bogus. Kent and Jo had a very very normal if not below average home in far as cost and didn’t take any exorbitant salary. No air conditioned dog houses…you can read the transcripts till you’re blue in the face…it’s a biased and ridiculous system and this is all a guise to keep a good man from teaching and preaching the truth. I’ve been praying for them for better part of 25 years and what is great is Kent hasn’t stopped his ministering to others just because he is behind bars. Our modern day Paul!
  8. We CURSE Judge Rodgers and all who enable her!!

    May they burn in Hell TODAY!!


  9. The IRS is a private offshore corporation located in Puerto Rico. It collects the interest from you, for loans given to the U.S.A. by the private offshore corporation of the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) which is not subject to the laws of the U.S.A. Interest money given over to the FRB is funneled to the Bank of London (40%) and then eventually to the Vatican Bank (60%). Great Britain and other aristocracies of Europe including the Vatican depend on your tribute payment to survive. America is still a colony of Great Britain. This is a well-kept secret, so do not tell the slaves of America or you will end up in the same prison as the preacher.

    The following research by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

  10. I have learned a lot from Hovind’s work and research. I listen to a lot of his teaches and material and you can also see that his hard work has helped with a lot of other people’s lives as well. I hope there will be some kind of break for this man and that he can get out. Prayers for him and his family.
  11. I have attached some material on Dr. Kent Hovind which you may find useful.

    Please feel free to use any of this information to MAKE NOISE and SHINE LIGHT to educate people about Kent’s case.

    If you feel so led by the Lord, it would be great if you could make a public statement in support of FREEDOM for our brother in the Lord, Dr. Kent Hovind.

    3 Resources to bring someone quickly up-to-speed on Dr. Kent Hovind

    Rudy Davis

    LoneStar1776 videos


    Others may have different thoughts, but below are some TOP RESOURCES on what I would recommend for newcomers to the Kent story:

    As Pastor Faces Lifetime in Prison, Supporters Argue Persecution

    IRS vs. Kent Hovind: Imprisoned Evolutionary Foe Now Facing New Charges, Life Behind Bars

    FREE KENT HOVIND: Imprisoned 8+ Years; Now Facing New Trial for Bogus Charges with a Biased, Anti-Christian Judge Presiding

    20 shocking attacks on Kent that North Korea would welcome

    Illegal Imprisonment of Christians in America

    FREE KENT HOVIND: A Case of U.S. Religious Persecution

    Live jailhouse interview with Kent Hovind on the Manning Report

    “Domestic Terrorists Of The Paper Kind”

    Attached and BELOW all the best stuff I got on Kent Hovind. Attached are form letters for Congressmen, Pastors, and a Brochure.

    Thank you!


    Other important links below as well…

    Kent Hovind explains the false charges against him in 8 minutes.

    Kent Hovind explains his innocence after 99 months in prison.

    Kent Hovind Innocent. PEDOFILE Lawyer kills himself after trial.

    Kent Hovind update. Pt. 2 STRUCTURING

    Kent Hovind DONATE BUTTON


    Form Letters Below:


    Dear Congressman ______,

    I am contacting you with an urgent appeal for a Congressional investigation. As you are well aware, the IRS has recently been under Congressional scrutiny for abuses of their authority in targeting conservatives for audits and denials of benefits.

    What you may be unaware of is a gross injustice in the case of Kent Hovind. Hovind is a conservative, somewhat controversial Christian minister who has served 8-years in jail on trumped up multiple counts of tax-related charges. Hovind, having served his prison time, was scheduled to be released in early 2015. The U.S. government has now brought up additional charges against Hovind while he is still in jail, for mail fraud and contempt, basically for using the prison mail system to appeal his previous convictions.

    The lead prosecutor in the original case was arrested for attempted child molestation charges 8-months after Hovind was sentenced. He most certainly targeted Hovind for his creationism beliefs, not because he was a grievous tax cheat.

    The judge in the original case, Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, made a statement during the trial that what Hovind did was “worse than rape,” according to several eyewitnesses. She has also ruled against Christian causes in other cases. Her biases against all things Christian are not in question. She is scheduled to preside over the next Hovind trial set to begin in March 2, 2015. She has refused to recuse herself from his upcoming trial.

    Hovind is facing an additional 20-years in prison, again for conjured up misapplied charges. He will not be able to receive a fair trial from a judge who is biased against him, due to his unwavering Christian faith.

    I am making this appeal in hopes that the Congress will thoroughly investigate this blatant case of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct. Kent Hovind is eager to testify before Congress against the IRS for their abuse and targeting of himself.

    As a former New York City police officer with over 20-years of service, I have never seen a more egregious case of American persecution against an individual for what I believe are his conservative religious beliefs, using tax code violations as an ruse to keep him incarcerated. Now they are seeking to give Hovind a life sentence.

    I hope and pray that you, through Congress, will thoroughly investigate this case and put an end to this IRS abuse, judicial and prosecutorial misconduct, and obscene injustice case. Kent Hovind needs to be released from jail. He has already served well more than enough time for his alleged tax crimes.



    FREE KENT HOVIND: A Case of U.S. Religious Persecution

    Live jailhouse interview with Kent Hovind on the Manning Report

    Kent Hovind The Real Reason he was sent to jail


    Hello Pastor xxxxx,

    Hebrews 13:3 Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.

    2 Timothy 1:16 The Lord give mercy unto the house of Onesiphorus; for he oft refreshed me, and was not ashamed of my chain:

    God bless you Sir. I pray you take the time to digest the information in this email regarding an innocent baptist minister in prison and under current persecution.

    I along with so many others are deeply grieved in our hearts when we hear that they are trying to keep Kent Hovind in prison for the remainder of his life as people were looking forward to him being released in 2015. I truly believe this is an innocent man in prison and a POW (Prisoner of War) in the spiritual warfare of Good vs Evil. God will get the glory in Kent’s case no matter what. As you may know, Kent will not compromise with the devil and has maintained his innocence the entire 99 months that he has been incarcerated.

    20,000 people have signed a petition to free Dr. Hovind. Below is a form letter we are sending out to anyone and everyone who might be able to help shed some light on the injustice being done to this Christian minister.

    We are asking that you educate yourself and take whatever action God leads on behalf of our brother in the Lord, Kent Hovind.

    Kent’s Creation Science Videos

    Live jailhouse interview with Kent Hovind on the Manning Report

    FREE KENT HOVIND: A Case of U.S. Religious Persecution

    Kent Hovind The Real Reason he was sent to jail


    Hello John Doe,

    Can you please review Kent’s situation and use your influence to shed additional light on Kent’s case?


    Al Sharpton owes $4.5 million in back taxes and has visited the White House over 80 times and Kent Hovind gets sent to prison as an innocent man. We need you to expose this injustice.

    Kent Hovind has a new scheduled court date on March 2, 2015. We need a strong influence by that date.

    My name is Rudy Davis. I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and a friend of Kent Hovind. We recently visited this innocent man in Santa Rosa County Jail.

    Kent Hovind was talking about the New World Order decades ago. Four federal agents surrounded his wife in a night raid and took her to prison.

    Live jailhouse interview with Kent Hovind on the Manning Report

    Kent Hovind explains the false charges against him in 8 minutes.

    Kent Hovind The Real Reason he was sent to jail

    Prison for Creationist Because of Tax Fraud or His Religion?

    Kent’s Creation Science Videos



    100 reasons why evolution is so stupid

    Kent Hovind speaks from prison, January 9th, 2015

    Pastor Steve Anderson interviews Kent Hovind

    Kent’s prosecuting attorney John David Roy Atchison U.S. Attorney (suicide pedophile)

    I am writing to you today, with concerns for the injustices that I perceive have been perpetrated upon one Mr. Kent Hovind. If you are not currently aware of who this man is, you can do a quick search for him on the Internet, as he is a well-known Baptist minister who made great strides in promoting Creationism before he was incarcerated for charges of tax fraud, structuring, and threatening an IRS agent. Sir, I will attempt the best I can to show you why I believe these charges are false, and why this man should not be where he has been for the past eight years of his life. Please note that they are now trying to throw additional mail fraud charges at the man for another 100 years in prison.

    On the issue of tax fraud. First, I would like to make clear that I believe Kent’s witness, yet that in itself would not justify any thing. Yet I humbly ask you sir, to research these things, and view the trial transcript, or at least do what you can to bring this to your congregations attention. These are Kent’s own words below, and the “she” is Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Heldmyer.

    “Attached to my third affidavit (Exhibit #2) were letters from three tax professionals whom I had paid to review my ministry to insure I was obeying all tax laws that applied. IRS booklet #517 says I am to ask these three professionals if I have tax questions. Each professional—an IRS enrolled agent, a CPA and an attorney stated clearly that I was violating no law and owed no tax. She withheld these letters from both the Grand Jury and the Petit Jury to deceive them deliberately. I had also attached several letters that I had written to the lead IRS agent who testified against me, Scott Schneider. I sent him the letters from the tax professionals and asked him to please show me if I was violating any law. He had never answered a single letter and admitted so at trial. Attorney Heldmyer had all of this exculpatory evidence a full year before the trial yet she misled the juries and the court by maliciously withholding it. She violated her duty to insure I received procedural justice by not demanding his testimony be stricken from the record and the case be dismissed.”

    Please note that this man, Kent Hovind, is and never was a tax protester, only a man exercising his religious freedom in running a ministry dedicated to promoting the Biblical account of creation, and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As such, he was told by the very people that the IRS told him to contact with assistance in regards to his status concerning taxes that he owed none. They assured him, and this man has the letters to prove such, and that he was violating no tax law. Yet this man is, and has been in prison for the last eight years. This sir, is an outrage and I am doing my best to make this public, because there are three people, and possibly more, that have to be held to account, which you can make happen. Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Heldmyer, IRS Agent Scott Schneider, and Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers. I beg of you to consider, just the possibility of Mr. Hovind’s allegations being true, in just the section above. That only scratches the surface of the injustices that I have perceived of this case.

    Secondly, on the issue of structuring. Sir, do you realize how utterly stupid this law is? It states that if a person makes withdrawals of less than $10,000 in order to avoid the bank reporting the transaction to the government (CTR), then that person faces a hefty fine and up to five years in prison, without regarding whether that person was actually laundering money, or if the funds were obtained illegally, but only for the fact that the person didn’t want the transaction of funds to be reported. I refer you to the 1994 case Ratzlaf v. U.S., in which the defendant was not guilty for the reason that the U.S. Supreme Court sensibly interpreted the word “willfully” in the Bank Secrecy Act to mean that in order to convict someone of structuring, the government had to show that the defendant knew that structuring was illegal. It wasn’t enough to show only that the defendant knew about the reporting requirement. Yet why is Mr. Hovind in prison? He was told by his Pastor to not do it, in order to avoid the reporting, yet does this mean Mr. Hovind was laundering money, or that he was stealing from somebody, or that he was drug dealing? Some people, like myself, would rather not be reported to the government for withdrawing my own funds (yet this man was withdrawing ministry funds!), and had no idea that it was illegal to withdraw $9,999 instead of $10,000 to avoid this (despite the funds being totally legitimate without me having anything to hide). How many Americans do not know this sir, and are being criminalized by this stupid law? You know that they took the word “willingly” out of the Bank Secrecy Act, so that now people can be prosecuted even if they don’t know that this action is illegal despite the legitimacy of their funds? This is outrageous, and it is outrageous that Mr. Hovind has given eight years of his life for this.

    Thirdly, we should consider on what grounds they convicted this man of threatening an IRS agent while performing his duties on Mr. Hovind according to his account, can only surmise that since he prayed for that man on his radio show, it was interpreted as a threat against him. Should it matter what we pray to our God or gods for regarding people? Is that not our religious right? Even if I was praying death upon someone (Psalm 109), how is that perceived as a threat to do someone harm, or illegal? Is this the land of the free?

    Sir, this man Kent Hovind has many enemies, and few friends, and there are many lies concerning him spread across the Internet. My greatest concern is that he is facing another 100 years in prison for new charges being brought against him at the end of his sentence. Why? Why would they want to keep this man locked up after serving eight years in 20 different jails and prisons? It boggles the mind sir, and I am just asking that you review this for yourself, and hear both sides with an objective mind. I don’t know whether you are a creationist, or an evolutionist, I simply ask you as a representative of the American People to exercise whatever power you have, to see that these questions are answered justly and thoroughly.

    Thank you Sir,
    Rudy Davis
    [email protected]

    Eight things anyone can do for Brother Kent Hovind….

    Share the two websites:


    Item 1) Pray and ask the Lord for guidance

    Item 2) Share and watch Kent’s creation science videos

    Item 3) Educate Yourself on Kent’s case so you can speak intelligently…

    Kent Hovind explains the false charges against him in 8 minutes.

    Live jailhouse interview with Kent Hovind on the Manning Report

    Kent Hovind The Real Reason he was sent to jail #1

    Kent Hovind The Real Reason he was sent to jail #2

    Item 4) Sign the petition

    Item 5) Donate to support efforts to Free Kent Hovind (care of Ernie Land trusted adviser)

    Item 6) Write to Kent Hovind in Prison and also tell him your phone # and even visit him if you are in area

    Kent’s Mailing address:

    Santa Rosa County Jail
    c/o Kent Hovind
    P.O. Box 7129
    Milton, Fl. 32572

    Item 7) Setup a collect call for Kent to call you

    To setup a collect account to have Kent Hovind call you:

    GTL Advanced Pay System: 1-800-483-8314
    Customer Service 877-650-4249

    Item 8) Send out the mailer above to people of influence.

  12. I’ve learned a lot from Hovind; he is full of information and allows room for us to study the subjects pertained to his teachings. It’s sad to say it’s now normal that in America, a nation built from God and Jesus as our Savior, has now turned against the very thing that has made us stronger and faster-growing than any other nation. Satan obviously has his hand in on our government and they don’t either notice it or choose to be blind to it because of vanity. Yes I think Hovind might should have figured out some kind of tax program for his employees, but I think he is truly being attacked because he proved God’s righteousness, love, long suffering, proof of creation, and plan of salvation for us. It’s kind of like how Herod treated John the Baptist: couldn’t shut him up or prove him wrong in the doctrine, so lock him up so the public doesn’t hear the truth; make him look like a criminal so they don’t believe his teaching. Only it’s back firing, his testimony is true, and still leading people to the Lord, prisoners can go to Heaven too, the one guy next to Jesus on the crosses went that very day of after death. How do you think these politicians and officials would feel when they see a felon that gave his life to Christ get into Heaven while they are on their way to eternal darkness?
  13. Maybe the U.S. government is onto something.

    Feeding the prison industry with poor people of color needs help. Would it be such a bad idea if we rescued society from these bible beating, anti-science, delusion promoting intolerant haters?

    Personally I wouldn’t miss them at all.

  14. The world is watching! FREE KENT HOVIND! Everybody needs to melt the phone lines of their congressmen and demand an investigation into this lawless regime targeting of our brother in Christ!
  15. The federal government has absolutely no right in keeping Dr. Kent Hovind as long as they have. They are holding a hostage. I cannot wait until the day they are forced to release him and he resumes his work for God. I guess in a nation full of idol worshipers a satanic musician can go years without paying his taxes until his usefulness wears out at least. And a banker can go indefinitely without paying taxes in the US. But a man who is not required to because of the law that supposedly is to protect him has to go to prison for his straw man. Not the country our founding fathers fought for, that’s for sure.
  16. Kent Hovind did nothing wrong, either legally or morally.

    This man changed my life and now he is possibly going to jail for 100 years for letters? Have they lost their minds?

    No wonder America is done; domestically and internationally.

    I live all the way in South Africa, yet Mr. Hovind’s influence on me has been tremendous.

  17. I pray Dr. Hovind is freed in his upcoming court case. Eight years is enough! We allow rapists out faster than eight years when the evidence proved they are guilty. This man because of his Biblical beliefs has been kept in jail way too long. America has freedom of religion and SPEECH so let’s get him home with his wife and grand-kids folks. Enough already!
  18. Kent was convicted for his beliefs, the original prosecutor committed suicide after Kent’s conviction due to kiddy porn, and if any of us remove cash from an ATM more than two times we can be charged with structuring. The man has done his time, let him go.

    Free Kent

  19. It’s a proven fact that the 9-11 was an inside job, that there’s nothing Federal about the Federal Reserve, that the income tax is unlawful, and that the courts are filled with corruption. Most judges, lawyers and politicians and all of the global elite are evil swine. There will come a time when they will be punished in hell for their wickedness. There are many swine who will laugh at this fact, but just remember this you swine: one day you will see that I am right about this and you will remember that you were told by at least one person at some point in your lives. You will be punished for your crimes against God and your chances for salvation will be lost forever.
  20. My God let this poor man go! He is not a danger to society and has served his time for heavens sake! This smacks of corruption and fear.
  21. I have said all along as well as many others, this has NOTHING to do with tax, or law, it has to do with persecution because he DESTROYED all of the arguments of the atheists. The college professors were upset that they lost every debate with Hovind in trying to argue the case for evolution, which as Hovind has showed is no case at all. What drives an atheist absolutely crazy and makes their heads explode with anger, is when they are told that evolution IS a religion in itself, which Hovind told them regularly.

    For any of you who say Kent Hovind was not persecuted for his beliefs and ministry, but for legitimate tax evasion charges. For all who still are taking this position, then you need to see this.

  22. As an Australian following the story for years, I cannot believe the rubbish that has been leveled against Kent Hovind. The penalty seems to outweigh the crime. Structuring occurs all over the world in business circles. I don’t see your government chasing technology companies that use structuring to avoid tax all over the planet! I fear something far more sinister is behind it.
  23. Based on everything I’ve been able to read on the case, I do believe Mr. Hovind was trying to evade taxes, was caught doing it, and sentenced accordingly.

    As to the merit of these new charges, I will not speculate.

    Jesus tells us quite clearly of our duty to the state in paying our taxes, and He Himself even paid the monies due during His time on earth, so if the Son of God can humble Himself to the state (and the cross), I don’t see there being justification for not paying your taxes.

  24. Kent is one of the most talented and gifted teachers, preachers, truth seekers that I have ever known. I had the opportunity to hear him debate and it was amazing. God Bless Kent Hovind and bring him out of this pit the enemy has tried to bury him in.
  25. Kent is a wonderful man. He was given the wrong sentence at the very least. The max time was three years for a repeat offender. As for quoting his son Eric. Eric is not the courageous person his father is. So have some discernment with that and don’t cherry pick what his son said. Kent was a pioneer at speaking about what has transpired today. GMOs, Masons, vaccines and of course the evolution hoax. It is clear to see. God bless everyone.
  26. He is a wonderful man that has been wrongly jailed. No 1st time defendant with his charges gets sentenced let alone three times the maximum. I pray they do the right thing and if it is in God’s will sees him out very soon. God Bless.
  27. He was obviously targeted. He has already spent more time in prison than many violent criminals. Now they want to bring up new charges to keep him in prison for the rest of his life. Judge Rodgers obviously has an anti-Christian bias and is trying to make an example of Dr. Hovind. She needs to recuse herself or be removed. Moving him 23 times in eight years is ridiculous and very dangerous. Who’s doing this? Everything about him being targeted, his case, and the continuing persecution for a man than never drank a sip of alcohol or harmed anyone is extreme prejudice and unjust of the most extreme measure. Instead Dr. Hovind wanted to spend his life teaching about the creation and the Bible. And he did it very well. This is about FREEDOM OF SPEECH. This is about INTIMIDATION and this is about RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.
  28. We rightfully bemoan ISIS’s treatment of Christians abroad, while our own government is persecuting those whom it was created to protect. In many years of prison work, I haven’t seen the government taking this hard of a stance against much more deserving cases. We have a strong tradition of political dissent in this country, but the IRS’ steel-booted tactics are purposely designed to have a deep chilling effect upon anything that doesn’t look like fawning obedience to the all powerful state.

    Free Ken Hovind! The 1st amendment lives!

  29. The Hovind case represents a threefold dangerous precedent.

    Which should be of profound interest even to those of us who are not religious at this point:

    1. Though any persecution of people for telling the truth is damnably egregious, Kent Hovind is not a David Duke, or an Edgar Steele. (Both of whom are/were vilified for the controversial positions they stood upon.)

    He, unlike people like them, cannot be successfully labeled as a a “homegrown terrorist” or “right wing extremist” or a “racist, anti-Semite.”

    This is a minister of the gospel. A man whose international (yes, international) ministry is recognized and lauded and celebrated by thousands whose lives have been touched by it.

    Though it has been said before that “if they take (insert name here) down, it’s open season on all of us!” this case truly represents a new frontier of that reality—that it is now perfectly acceptable to attack and railroad highly-respectable public figures regardless of what pillars of the community they are. If a Kent Hovind can be successfully prosecuted through such a flimsy and dubious case, who’s next? Anti sodomites? KJV onlyists? Anti Abortion activists?

    In time, anyone who promotes Christianity on any level could come under fire. Because it began with the most radical amongst us who the majority of our peers allowed to be targeted absent the voicing of their righteous indignation because after all they were too “extreme.”

    Well, the reality of it all is that that bar for what is “extreme” is only going to get lower, to say nothing of what shallow and superficial reasoning that is to begin with.

    If you get nothing else from this point, realize this: If for no other reason, you should be concerned about the Hovind case out of a desire for your own self-preservation, regardless of whether or not you agree with the man.

    2. The outrageous nature of the sentencing and treatment of Hovind is beyond the pale—and is the second dangerous precedent here. As has been pointed out many times, even assuming Hovind’s guilt (which is hardly a point of concession from Hovind or his supporters) on all charges, he should have been released six years ago at the latest. Many people found guilty of comparable offenses only have to pay fines. Should you find yourself in a similarly unfortunate situation, equally atrocious treatment of you will not be unheard of.

    On top of that, these new charges that are clearly in response to Hovind’s refusal to back down and succumb to the onslaught marshaled against him that threaten to put him away for life set the precedent that once railroaded, continuing in your defense can warrant even more severe sentencing. The epitome of being kicked while you are down. This is possibly the most dangerous aspect of all about this case that should have everyone outraged, whether you’re Christian or secular—whether you agree with Hovind or not.

    3. Christians who bemoan the extent to which we have declined as a nation have no business invoking the grace and power of God to aid them in their endeavors to promote the truths so fundamental to our restoration if they allow the precedent to be set that all this can be done—even to a fellow minister of the gospel, a fellow ambassador for Christ, a brother in the faith once delivered to the saints; not merely without our vocal opposition, but our zealous approval. Have we forgotten that judgment begins at the house of God? And that “a man who does not provide for his own is worse than an infidel” applies to our racial kinsmen as well as those of our own blood?

    I have said it before and I will say it again:

    This case ceased to be about your particular grievances with Hovind (I don’t care who you are and what you believe) from its outset.

    If freedom truly fails in this country, the histories will trace our fall back to moments such as this and irresolution and inaction in the face of them.

  30. Dr. Hovind is one of them smartest man on the planet today. They locked him up and threw away the key because he exposed the wicked religion of evolutionism and atheism for what it really is. Stupidity!!
  31. The fix is clearly in with Hovind, but it is not over until the fat lady sings. (Granted, that may seem a more likely scenario than ever with America’s growing obesity epidemic).

    Time and time again in scripture, we see the precedent that the servants of God are required to shine light and make noise (like Gideon) and then God would intervene on their behalf even against impossible odds.

    Joshua was ordered to march his army around Jericho and blow the trumpets before the walls crumbled before them, and later prayed for God to hold back the sun for a day, that they would have longer to battle the enemy.

    Jehoshaphat was told to have the choir lead the army into battle rather than his elite shock troops or skirmishers, or cavalry and God turned the enemies of His servants against each other in so dramatic a way that they slaughtered each other to the last man while Jehoshaphat and his army looked on.

    If we do our duties, shine light, make noise and obey the law of God, He may yet intervene.

    If it be His will for Hovind to be railroaded once again, then it is still our duty to fight it every step of the way.

    As Patrick Henry said, “the battle is not to the strong alone, but to the vigilant, the active and the brave.”

  32. The unlawful imprisonment of Dr. Dino should cause all of us to speak on his behalf. Why are there high officials still operating in their offices having unpaid taxes and yet Kent Hovind sits in prison for an invented crime?

    Free Kent Hovind!

  33. Dr. Hovind is a fearless warrior for the truth and has done much damage to TPTB! Thank you for telling his story!
  34. Kent Hovind is being used by the gov’t as an “example” to believers, as a scare tactic to keep people quiet. Best examples of this in the article which proves the point is Al Sharpton and Tim Geithner. The difference? They aren’t preaching and spreading Biblical truths. Sure, Eric Hovind may talk here/there and isn’t sought after by the gov’t at the moment, but Eric isn’t a threat as his dad was and doesn’t speak/preach/teach in powerful ways that his dad did/does.


  35. Thank you AFP for this article. I pray God hears our prayers and opens the gate of freedom for Kent to go home and be with his loved ones.


  36. By the way, please stay away from the ex-IRS employee and admitted liar RLBaty at Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind vs USA IRS who uses the affirm/deny illogical legalistic jargon that is nothing but doublespeak nonsense.

    Proof right here the guy admits he is lying about Kent Hovind on purpose.

  37. This comes down to a few simple points.

    1- Does government or God own Christianity/Church? IRS corporate churches dare not speak out against government or face harassment and/or prosecution.

    2- IRS admits in their own publications churches do not need to incorporate as long as money spent on spreading the gospel—Kent proved that all money was spent on the church yet they still lock him up. Why?

    3- About Eric Hovind’s comments on his father. Well I don’t want to split the family apart or pin one against the other. Eric is an incorporated IRS church and therefore does not speak out against government like his father did and therefore faces no harassment.

    The government is turning into Nazi Germany—it’s as clear as day.

    America will have to face God’s judgement sooner or later.

    We need to Free Kent Hovind right now—or we are done.

  38. Thank you for reporting on this Christian persecution. If we lose this war against the feds and the IRS then there is NO hope until Jesus returns.

    We appreciate your courage in reporting the truth!


  39. Eric Hovind does great work in the field of Creation Science, but he has totally checked out of any other meaningful activism in the cause of truth.

    Immediately after Doc Hovind’s railroading, Eric incorporated the ministry and totally knuckled under to the feds.

    Did he do what he felt like he had to do? Was he under tremendous pressure? Undoubtedly.

    But did he make his decision based on conviction? Doubtful, seeing as how conviction by the truth is the primary reason behind the vast majority of the issues Hovind has stood on.

    Anyone who can’t recognize that Eric really has no choice but to take a position such as is evidenced in his quote (and other quotes in interviews with him around the Internet) in order to justify his compromise, is putting blinders on.

    Tremendous journalism and reporting, Mr. Ray.

    I’ve been a big fan of this publication since my childhood back when it was The Spotlight and articles like this remind me why.

  40. I advise you, Ronald Ray, you better do a better job of research on Kent Hovind’s current problem. In fact, you might want to ask Kent’s son, Eric, what he thinks about it. In fact, he has already spoken about it:

    “Has my dad made the wisest choices? No. But was he targeted specifically for his stance on taxes? Was it because he was serving God? Was it because he was a Creationist? Well, I’m a Creationist. That wasn’t the intention of the targeting. Well, he was publicly out there saying ‘taxes are voluntary.’ Ultimately, yeah. They’ll target anybody for that, and I have no problem with that. He was not martyred for the sake of Christ. This isn’t over the Gospel or over the sake of preaching the Gospel. Was the Gospel affected? Of course.”

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