INTERVIEW: Facts Fly Fast and Furious

• Government quietly releases 64,000+ pages on Fast and Furious gunrunning debacle.

• Did Eric Holder resign in pathetic bid to avoid criminal prosecution over illegal op?

By Victor Thorn —

On November 4, while every major media outlet was focusing on candidates and ballot counts, Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department surreptitiously dumped 64,280 pages of previously unreleased documents related to the “Fast and Furious” gunrunning scandal into the public domain. It was a deliberate scheme to avoid any more scrutiny over an official program that allowed violent Mexican drug gangs to buy guns in the U.S. and take them back to Mexico.

The operation involved Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agents coercing federally licensed gun dealers from southwestern states to sell thousands of semi-automatic weapons to known Mexican drug cartels—the very types of weapons that President Barack Obama, Holder and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sought to make illegal under an assault weapons ban.

The Fast and Furious files, many of them still heavily redacted, are considered so explosive that Obama did everything he could, even invoking “executive privilege,” to prevent their release in hopes of protecting Holder, the nation’s first attorney general to be held in contempt by Congress.

Further proof that smoking guns exist within these reports arose when Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) acknowledged that, due to highly sensitive information, these documents wouldn’t be publicly released. Despite several federal lawsuits, thousands of Fast and Furious pages are still being concealed, many of which allegedly relate to Holder’s direct complicity in overseeing this operation and lying about it before Congress. Ironically, in an October 2o interview, Holder said one of his biggest regrets was his failure to pass gun control legislation.

“The inability to pass reasonable gun safety laws after the Newtown massacre is something that weighs heavily on my mind,” Holder told CNN.

Seeking some straight answers, on November 5, this reporter interviewed Robert Farago, the founder of pro-firearms organization The Truth About Guns.


When asked about the real story behind Fast and Furious, Farago began, “The government wants us to believe Fast and Furious was a sting operation gone wrong, but that explanation makes no sense at all because law enforcement didn’t keep track of the guns going into Mexico. In fact, ATF agents were specifically told to let these weapons go without any supervision.”

After debunking that angle, Farago continued. “Another theory involves a conspiracy to enact gun control laws. In other words, these guns went south and would then be found at crime scenes. Thus, Holder’s people would say America needs an assault weapons ban. ATF agents actually high-fived one another after learning Fast and Furious guns were located in Mexico.”

Still, this line of reasoning doesn’t reach the crux of the issue. According to Farago, “Most Fast and Furious guns went to the Sinaloa drug cartel. They’re at war with another cartel, the [Los] Zetas. What Obama and Holder desperately don’t want the American public to learn is that they were favoring the Sinaloa cartel and allowing them to smuggle guns and drugs into our country. Furthermore, there was also a Sinaloa money-walking scandal where millions of dollars were being smuggled into America and laundered between the various parties involved.”

Without hedging his bets, Farago insisted, “Under Fast and Furious, the Obama administration allowed guns and drugs to go south into Mexico in exchange for the Sinaloa cartel’s shipment of drugs north. They were in bed with this cartel, and all kinds of agencies assisted in the operation, including Hillary Clinton’s State Department, the Drug Enforcement Agency, CIA [Central Intelligence Agency] and [United States] Border Patrol. We’re talking about highly illegal arms trafficking, an international crime. For Obama, Fast and Furious is definitely an impeachable offense.”

Farago backed up his claims. “Here’s what we know. First, the head of ATF, Ken Melson, watched guns ‘walk’ via CCTV cameras. Secondly, ATF special agent John Dodson told his men to stand-down and let the guns go. Lastly, ATF never monitored these weapons or tried to recover them. There were also no arrests or any investigations. Holder and the ATF knew their guns went into the hands of cartel members. They were actively helping the Sinaloa cartel by aiding the flow of guns, money and drugs back and forth across our southern border. The Obama administration helped the bad guys who were supplying drugs to America.”

Strangely, in the beginning Holder and company deemed their Fast and Furious operation a success. That was until a pivotal event changed everything. Farago filled in the details. “We know for a fact that Holder was involved in Fast and Furious, but once Border Agent Brian Terry was murdered, the whole thing blew wide open. At that moment Holder went into cover-up mode. Since he knew what was happening, it’s certain that Obama did, too.”

Fitting a final piece to the puzzle, Farago told AMERICAN FREE PRESS, “Brian Terry was shot with a gun provided to the bad guys by his own government, and our president has sold him out. Terry was a man who genuinely believed in his mission to protect our border against illegal aliens. But did you know that Obama’s Department of Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano only allowed her Border Patrol agents to carry bean bag ammo? So, when a team of U.S. border agents, including Terry, confronted a gang of criminals, they shot bean bag ammunition at them. Their adversaries returned fire with AK-47s and killed Terry. That’s how he got murdered.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

2 Comments on INTERVIEW: Facts Fly Fast and Furious

  1. Don’t hold your breath about getting any prosecutions from this current government on their own wrongdoing.

    These men are all criminals, so how do you suggest we proceed with a criminal government and corrupt courts?

    How can the American people ever get any justice?

    It’s one thing to bring the information, but where are the solutions when most of the legal system is just as corrupt as the administration?

    Are the people going to have to step in directly?

  2. Fast & Furious was an operation sanctioned under the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) program. This is a BIG component of DoJ. If F & F began as a legitimate law enforcement operation, there would have a written proposal by ATF special agents in Phoenix. This is a very detailed document, which must be written in accordance within the OCDETF guidelines. This fact-filled document must explain the “Who” identify the persons targeted, “What” identify the organized crime group, “When” did the trail become apparent, “Where” does this group primarily operate, and “How” do they operate. This document would have a whole host of intelligence data to support the need for action, plus cost estimates.

    Where is this document?

    There are nine member federal law enforcement agencies under the OCDETF umbrella and they ALL get to review the proposal, so they can add information from their individual agencies, check to see if there are conflicts and see if they wish to participate. Each agency representative must sign off in concurrence. These representatives report back to their agencies. So HSI/ICE, FBI, DEA, U.S. Marshall Service, and IRS/CID to name some.

    All of this review and reporting, yet Mueller, Morton, Napolitano and Holder said they didn’t know about F & F?

    The OCDETF guidelines have a section which addresses “Sensitive Issues” like allowing guns to be smuggled into a foreign country, Mexico in this case. If a proposal was written, this would or should have been addressed. Somewhere along the line someone had to make the decision to ignore this issue and others, plus have the power to order that both the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and the Mexicans not to be told.

    What pay grade in our government would make these decisions!

    Hillary said she didn’t know about F & F?

    Where are the surveillance logs from the field teams of agents that are required to back up what is heard on the wire taps being run by ATF in F & F? If there were no logs and no surveillance, as required under court ordered wire taps, how did DAAG Weinstein keep getting wire tap extensions from federal court judges?

    We have Special Agent John Dodson and his colleagues testifying that there was little or insufficient field surveillance, so how could there be logs? Incomplete surveillance would not suffice for wire tap extensions, not to mention the legal violations.

    The former U.S. Attorney for Arizona, Dennis Burke, who resigned soon after F & F began to unravel. Burke is now partners with the former National Chief Patrol Agent and CBP Commissioner, David Aguilar. They have a security consulting firm, which contracts with the federal government. The firm was founded and initially funded by the owner of an NBA team. I’ll let the reader investigate which team and city.

    I hope and pray our politicians force the cork out of the bottle and get answers to these points. Then get the Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney to prosecute ALL of those involved at every level.

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