Corruption Plagues Obama

By Victor Thorn

There is a sickness in the White House that leads directly to Chicago’s poisonous political machine. Criminality is such a part of Barack Obama’s business dealings—and those of his cronies—that corruption comes to them easily.

The latest scandal involves the theft of over half a million dollars by the program director of Chicago’s Black Nurses Association. The woman in question, Margaret Davis, is charged with defrauding a variety of state agencies for her own personal benefit. The man who funneled taxpayer money to Ms. Davis is Dr. Eric Whitaker of the Illinois Department of Public Health.

On Sept. 26, journalist Jim Kouri described Whitaker as “Barack Obama’s close personal friend, adviser and campaign contributor.” The two met in 1992 at Harvard Law School, becoming so close that Whitaker joined Obama during his 2008 Midwest presidential bus tour.


But their history of cronyism extends much deeper. In 2003, while serving as a state senator, Obama had his political fixer Tony Rezko, now a convicted felon, suggest to Gov. Rod Blagojevich, himself impeached and a convicted felon, to appoint Whitaker as state health director.

In this position, Whitaker directed funds to Ms. Davis that supposedly were earmarked for low-income inner city blacks. Further, according to an Oct. 28, 2008 article by Lynn Sweet of The Chicago Sun Times, Whitaker “approved medical construction projects [while] Rezko and his associates controlled that board, which they used to solicit kickbacks and payoffs.”

Interestingly, Obama personally introduced Rezko to banker Alexi Giannoulias, who proceeded to lend Rezko’s mobsters $22 million.

Connections to the president don’t end there. After leaving his government post, Whitaker signed on with Michelle Obama at the University of Chicago Medical Center, where he pulls $670,000 per year at what is called a “no-show job.”

A Sept. 19 article in Whiteout Press revealed the importance of this institution: “What Yale University and Skull and Bones were to Bush era political power, the University of Chicago has become in American politics.”

To finalize the Chicago way—i.e., quid pro quo or pay-for-play—Whitaker hired Blago’s chief of staff as his senior aide at an annual salary of $311,000. Meanwhile, after Chicago Mayor Richard Daley stepped down, his brother, Bill, moved to Washington, D.C. and became Obama’s chief of staff. In return, Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, conveniently took control of the Democratic Party machine as the newly elected mayor of Chicago.


On Aug. 17, Dr. Jerome Corsi met with “America’s toughest sheriff,” Arizona’s Joe Arpaio, to whom he provided a voluminous amount of information relating to Barack Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate. As a result, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has formed a 40-person “cold case posse” to review these documents.

In a press release sent to AFP and other media outlets, Maricopa County spokesman Jesse Spurgin explained, “The goal is to determine whether there appears to be enough evidence to move forward with an investigation.”

One of the individuals pursuing this matter is Gary Hubbard of the Illinois Tea Party. During a Sept. 28 interview with this writer, Hubbard dropped a bombshell when asked about Donald Trump’s role in and pursuit of the birth certificate issue.

“Prior to the release of Corsi’s book Where’s the Birth Certificate?, the White House desperately wanted to know what it contained. In the meantime, Trump called Corsi for an advance copy, but then admitted that he never read it. Within a week, Obama’s photographically manipulated birth certificate was released.”

When questioned specifically about how this book made it into the Obama camp, Hubbard replied: “Corsi indicated that he thought Trump forwarded it to the White House. Trump then dropped the birth certificate topic like a hot potato. How convenient that he hasn’t said a word about it since.”

Hubbard’s suspicions were evident. When asked why he didn’t trust the high-profile real estate tycoon, he answered: “If Trump decides to run third party, it’ll guarantee Obama’s reelection. They’re all complicit.”

The notion of Obama’s chances in the 2012 election also brought an unexpected response: “The Bilderbergers won’t put up with Obama’s plummeting favorability ratings and inability to govern,” Hubbard began. “They’re in charge. They have the majority of money in the world, and control most of the rest. There are plenty of things closing in on Obama, from many different directions.”

With the ease by which the president’s birth certificate can be debunked, AFP inquired as to why supposedly conservative pundits aren’t validating this issue. Hubbard was forthright: “Fox News is just as guilty as Congress in the cover-up.”

When asked why, Hubbard continued: “Either they’ve all been bought off, they’re worried about some type of ‘accident’ happening to them, or there are fears that the black community will riot.”

Could the birth certificate issue compromise Obama? In other words, the power elite could expose this forgery, and within days a media onslaught would bring about Obama’s version of Watergate.

When posed with this scenario, Hubbard had even stronger ideas: “Obama should be removed from office for treason, not merely impeached. You can’t impeach someone that isn’t even a legal sitting president.”


When Obama addressed the Congressional Black Caucus on Sept. 25, one of the decade’s greatest Freudian slips went virtually unreported. While beating his class warfare mantra like a dead horse, the president suddenly experienced an inopportune teleprompter moment. “If asking a billionaire to pay the same rate as a Jew, uh, as a janitor, makes me a warrior for the working class. . . .”

Now certain disgruntled loyalists are whispering that the president sounds more like Jesse Jackson when he called New York City “Hymie Town.”

Or did Obama’s comment more closely resemble Louis Farrakhan’s remark about Judaism being a “gutter religion” and the rhetoric of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the president’s former spiritual adviser?

Jews aren’t the only ones seething. Many of Obama’s strongest base supporters—blacks—were incensed that Obama found it necessary to slip into a stereotypical ghetto dialect during his speech. Worse, their great oratorical hope chided blacks by telling them to “take off their bedroom slippers, stop complainin’, stop grumblin’ and stop cryin’.”

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) was particularly annoyed, saying that Obama wouldn’t approach Hispanics or gays in the same fashion. Nor would he tell Jews to quit whining about Israel.

Earlier, on Aug. 17, Rep. Waters testified that blacks were getting tired of making excuses for the president. She also wanted to know why, during his recent bus tour, Obama didn’t visit any impoverished black neighborhoods. Lastly, on Sept. 9, Rep. Waters insisted that Obama start treating blacks like Iowans, where he is always campaigning.

Jumping on the bandwagon, Princeton University professor and activist Cornell West characterized Obama as “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.”

In addition to these labels, West added, “Barack Obama has a fear of free black men. . . . All he has known culturally is white. When he meets an independent black brother, it’s frightening.” Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, echoed this resentment when he said there was no leadership in the White House in regard to the economy.

Yet, when all is said and done, will blacks still fall in line and vote for the failed polices of “hope and change”?

Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) conveyed the hypocrisy in a Sept. 18 statement: “If Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this problem [rampant unemployment among blacks], we probably would be marching on the White House.” Cleaver added, “There is a less volatile reaction in the [Congressional Black Caucus] because nobody wants to do anything that would empower the people who hate the president.”

Such an attitude, of course, explains in part why five decades of black submission to false leaders like Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and the Congressional Black Caucus have kept blacks shackled by poverty, inner city violence, absentee fathers, drug abuse and 70 percent of children born out of wedlock. .
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