Source: DHS Almost Used Force Against Peaceful Anti-Illegal Alien Protesters

Source says agents of the U.S. Border Patrol refused to attack fellow citizens.

By John Friend —

Anti-illegal immigration activists and organizations are becoming an increasingly powerful political force in the United States, despite being hysterically demonized by liberal media outlets and commentators. As the crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border intensifies, so does the opposition to the illegal invasion of America by third-world immigrants, including unaccompanied children and entire families.

For instance, protesters in Murrieta, California appear to have scored a major victory recently by preventing buses loaded with illegal immigrants from being relocated to their town.

As a result of the massive influx of illegal immigrants, many from Central American countries who have traveled hundreds of miles to reach America with the expectation of receiving amnesty, medical care, housing and other benefits, federal authorities began transporting illegal aliens all across the U.S.

Federal facilities and resources in southern Texas and Arizona, where most of the illegal aliens are being discovered and detained, have become overwhelmed. As a result of this, in recent weeks, federal officials have sought to transport the illegal aliens to other parts of the country for processing and resettlement. Murrieta, a small city in southern California with a Border Patrol processing station, was one such destination.

As local officials and residents learned their community would essentially serve as a dumping ground for countless illegal aliens, protests against federal immigration policy erupted. The protests in Murrieta dominated national headlines, prompting outrage in some quarters, admiration and respect in others. As this newspaper recently reported, the protests succeeded in stopping the transport of illegal aliens into Murrieta, at least for the time being.

However, according to an anonymous source with contacts inside the Murrieta Border Patrol facility, there may be more to the story. The source, a prominent Murrieta community leader, explained to the Internet-based news outlet, “Guerilla Media Network,” that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) planned on using force against the protesters in order to facilitate the transfer of illegal aliens to Murrieta. However, local Border Patrol agents and Murrieta police officers refused to cooperate with DHS, declaring they would not follow orders that violated the Constitution.

“Most of the Border Patrol agents here at this facility are residents of Murrieta, and when they found out that the DHS was going to come in with riot gear, the agents declared that they would not obey any unlawful orders which violate the constitutional rights of peaceful protesters,” the source stated. “Our contact inside the U.S. Border Patrol told us that we do not even realize the impact of the protest. It was a shot heard around the world.”

According to the source, there has been a marked decrease in the number of illegal aliens entering the U.S. as a direct result of the protests and the media coverage it generated.

“The influx of immigrants coming over the border has decreased from 1,500 per day to 800 per day,” he said.

Repeated calls and messages were left with both the Murrieta and San Diego Border Patrol stations in order to verify the anonymous source’s claims. However, no calls were returned.


Resistance Organizes

By John Friend

In mid-July, hundreds of protests against illegal immigration took place across the United States. “With a coalition of more than 50 groups and organizations of various sizes, protests against illegal immigration and the Obama-inspired surge of illegals at America’s borders took place in more than 300 locations,” according to a recent press release from Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC), one of the leading organizations behind the protests in late July. “The protests were highly visible and some were small with a handful of people on overpasses with others being larger with hundreds of people.”

ALIPAC and other anti-illegal immigration organizations and activists are organizing more protests in the weeks ahead.

“It is clear that the surge of illegal immigrants on our borders coming for the immigration reform amnesty promised by Obama and some Republicans has brought a great change in public views on this issue,” William Gheen, president of ALIPAC, recently said. “There is a real political movement growing now. We hope it will manifest in the 2014 elections in the removal of immigration-reform amnesty-supporting Republicans like incumbent Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and in the defeat of a historic number of Obama-allied Democrats this November.”

As organized ethnic groups lobby for amnesty and granting citizenship to millions of illegal aliens, who have committed federal immigration crimes, more and more Americans appear to be taking a strong stand against the illegal alien invasion of the U.S.

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John Friend is a California-based writer who maintains a blog.

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  1. When the people have ZERO ability on the laws of the land then this long, long, long train of abuses must end.

    For the first seven days of each new month NOBODY buy ANYTHING at ALL, meet in local parks both Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Let’s see how we can begin to restore the nation for the people, not privatized corporations.

    Kick out NOW all illegals taking most construction jobs. Refuse to shop at Walmart, stores like that. Let’s not buy but organic, local food and use only local small businesses. Refuse to support local newspapers and bullshit spoon-fed media supported by the 1%. Better still lets freeze the bankers and the 1% money.

    Their day is not coming, but it has arrived.

    Restoration for the nation.

  2. Fascism/Communism—both Totalitarian

    Expose International Banker’s & Bilderberger’s NWO agenda

    To understand their agenda, Google: “CFR, TC, Bilderberg”

    The PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK must be exposed and abolished

    *Council on Foreign Relations CFR & Trilateral Commission TC Background & Quotes*

    “An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal attack”—Richard Gardner, Ambassador to Italy – quoted in (CFR) Foreign Affairs, April, 1974

    “Actions at the multinational level will be needed, if the process of international relocation of industries is to be accelerated in an organized fashion. . .” – TC Report #23, 1982

    How our “government “ has been controlled by the International Banksters

    CFR members are very tightly affiliated with the U.S. government. Since 1940, every U.S. secretary of state (except for Gov. James Byrnes of South Carolina, the sole exception) has been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and/or its younger brother, the Trilateral Commission.

    Also since 1940, every secretary of war and every secretary of defense has been a CFR member. During most of its existence, the Central Intelligence Agency has been headed by CFR members. Virtually every key U.S. national security and foreign policy adviser has been a CFR member for the past 70 years.

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