Ukraine Continues to Collapse

• Eastern Europe slides into abyss begun by U.S., Israeli intervention.

By Ronald L. Ray —

The insanity of interventionism in foreign affairs by power-crazed politicians, and its devastating effects on nations and peoples, are ever more widely apparent to all but the willfully blind. The United States, acting as the sycophantic proxy of internationalists, is a pariah, having destroyed numerous countries. America’s “world democratic revolution” to make the Earth safe for banksters, globalists, and exploitative capitalists, has claimed victims on nearly every continent. In Europe, this is nowhere more horrific than in Ukraine.

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As this newspaper reported previously, the Central Intelligence Agency, Mossad, and George Soros had sought for years to topple Russia-friendly governments in Ukraine and finally succeeded only by staging an overt, bloody coup in February 2014. Since that time, Western politicians and plutocrats, along with Israeli and other Jewish oligarchs, have used the government they imposed to plunder national resources and infrastructure, while subjecting increasingly desperate Ukrainians to war, terror, and chaos. So much for democracy.


Lest there be doubt as to the real purposes of the coup, one of the first results was the theft of Ukraine’s gold reserves in the dead of night. That gold then showed up in New York.

The most recent stage of Ukraine’s U.S.-induced demise began when the country’s minister of economic development and trade, Aivaras Abromavicius, resigned from Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s cabinet in February this year. Ostensibly upset by “corruption as usual” in the so-called reform government, Abromavicius’s resignation may have had as much to do with the consequent failure of Ukraine to transfer enough of its citizens’ wealth to bankers and the International Monetary Fund. Abromavicius is a banking insider who promoted government “austerity” and other code-word programs to impoverish the common man.

Following the release of the Panama Papers, Ukraine’s president, Jewish oligarch Petro Poroshenko, pushed the Rothschild Trust to issue a statement that his investments hidden in Panama were held for him in a blind trust by the Rothschilds.

A few days later, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, who is Jewish, resigned, effective April 12. He threatened that “destabilization of the [Ukrainian] executive power . . . is inevitable, if after the resignation, a new government is not formed.” Yatsenyuk was the post-coup leader chosen in advance by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who is also Jewish.

Though out of office, Yatsenyuk intends to continue his influence and possible control over the direction of government.

One of those campaigning to become new prime minister was former U.S. official Natalie Ann Jaresko, who became Ukraine’s minister of finance and a Ukrainian citizen on December 2, 2014. She remains a U.S. citizen. Her convoluted curriculum vitae is a model of—arguably criminalprivate-public revolving-door profiteering at U.S. taxpayer expense.

Ms. Jaresko lost the prime minister bid, as well as her cabinet post, but it probably matters little to her. She used her taxpayer-funded fortune to buy Datagroup, a Ukrainian company controlling 85% of the telecommunications market in Ukraine—proving again that banksters know how to profit from others’ misery. So much for government reform.

Instead, Speaker of Parliament Volodymyr Groysman, who is Jewish, was elected on April 14 by the Parliament as new prime minister. Poroshenko protégé Groysman and his new cabinet are seen as Poroshenko’s effort to consolidate control over the government. Groysman promised to fight corruption, but commentators are skeptical of any real change occurring.

Ukrainians face major challenges to restoring their nation. The U.S./Israeli-installed, Jewishdominated government is incompetent. The nation’s currency is collapsing. Businesses and infrastructure are dangerously neglected, ruined or destroyed by war. The people’s savings and economic security were stolen by international plutocrats. Much of the country is ravaged by a brutal and genocidal war against ethnic Russians and pro-Russian Ukrainians.

The Netherlands’ opposition to a closer Ukraine-European Union alliance is a plus for nationalism but economically deleterious for a Ukrainian economy dissociated from Russia and its allies.

Russia is suing Ukraine for repayment of a $3 billion loan and will accept no more delays in the case. An already-broke Ukraine would not survive a court order for payment.

Moreover, Russian President Vladimir Putin told President Barack Hussein Obama he wants the new Ukrainian government to start implementing the Minsk peace accord agreement from February 2015 to bring an end to the U.S.-supported ethnic cleansing of separatist Russians and Ukrainians in Donbass and Donetsk.

Why the massive efforts to control and exploit Ukraine? First, it is part of the effort to topple Russia, the only nation presently capable of standing in the way of world Zionist domination.

Second, many Jews are tired of the violent occupation of Palestine. Today’s Ukraine was once Khazaria. Ukraine is the linchpin of a hoped-for “Greater Khazaria,” extending from north Africa through the Levant and “Greater Israel,” up through the Caucasus and Eastern Europe, to Berlin and the North Sea. This Khazarian empire would be the geographic heart of the Zionist-controlled New World Order.

Third, those controlling Ukraine are driven by an unrestrained, age-old vice: avarice.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.

5 Comments on Ukraine Continues to Collapse

  1. The Ukro-fascists here goes furious when the TRUTH is told about the Khazarian junta in Kiev, their state of collapsing economy and Holodomor (starvation) approaching that Chaganate, its majority of enslaved goyim. The Ukrofascists with its Bandera fascist battalions couldn’t succeed against the Russian population of Donbass-Novorossija when they rejected the coup in Kiev orchestrated by the Khazars in the West, like Soros or the U.S. Embassy. And they should implement the Minsk Accords II. Yet, these AshkeNazi oligarchs want to start another onslaught on Donbass. It will be their suicide! This time, Kiev itself will be cleansed from the Ukrofascist and their Khazarian oligarchs who stir wars, but hide their fat asses and big noses in deep trenches far away from the war zone.
  2. About the hypothesis that Russia wants some gigantic oil reserves in Donbass: they could easily have been developed under Yanokovich (since he was an alleged “Putin puppet”).

    As for the economy; Ukraine’s GDP/PPP is now on pair with Bhutan and Congo (IMF 2015).

  3. The guy who wrote this article is sick and is in need of urgent medical attention.
  4. This entire article is reminiscent of the Nazi propaganda just prior to the Second World War. This is pure hate propaganda. What actual evidence can you give that Ukraine’s gold reserves were stolen and turned up in New York? And what if the players involved were Christian or Hindu? Would you state their ethnicity or religion as you seem to feel is important, that they may be Jewish? As for Ukraine’s “collapsing currency,” the Ukrainian currency is actually rebounding this year over last year. More and more trade agreements are being, and have been made, with Western countries.

    Now let’s take a look at the real reason for this entire war. In August of 2013, it was announced that huge new oil and gas reserves were found in the Don basin (Donbas) and off the coast of Crimea. If Russia allowed Ukraine to develop those reserves, then Russia would not only lose Ukraine as an energy customer, but Ukraine would be able to compete with Russia for the EU’s energy business. That would break Russia’s near monopoly for that energy business with EU. And guess who just happens to own huge shares in Russia’s energy giants, through holding companies, who would most profit from Russia controlling Ukraine’s newfound energy reserves? Putin. This invasion of Ukraine by Russia is nothing less than pure evil. It is the theft of another country’s land, assets, and natural resources, and the murder of thousands in order to facilitate that theft. Putin continues to lie and then actually admit that he lied, on national TV. He sees nothing wrong with that because evil does not see the wrong in lying.

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