Leading Bioweapons Expert Says Covid-19 Likely a Weaponized Virus

By AFP Staff

Respected bioweapons expert Dr. Francis Boyle recently spoke with Dr. Joseph Mercola about the spread of the novel coronavirus known as covid-19. According to Boyle, it is likely that the highly transmissible, deadly virus was weaponized in China and then leaked from a laboratory.

Boyle has been a fierce advocate for international laws that ban the use of bioweapons. In 2972, Boyle pushed for legislation at the Biological Weapons Convention that took place that year. He also drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, which was passed unanimously by Congress and signed into law by President George Bush, Sr.

In a lengthy video interview, Mercola discussed the likely origins of covid-19 with Boyle as well as ways people can protect themselves against it. The bioweapons expert contends that he has carefully studied the spread of the virus between humans and animals.

Here is what Boyle had to say:

My biowarfare antiterrorism act was specifically designed to not only deal with regular biological weapons but also with DNA genetic engineering for biological weapons that was just coming into its infancy when the [Biological Weapons Convention] BWC was being drafted.

Even though the BWC would cover DNA genetic engineering, I wanted to make it clear by name that it was covered. I also made it clear [that] it covered synthetic biology as well.

So, when these unexplained mysterious illnesses break out, I monitor them a while and usually I just conclude they can be explained by normal reasons—lack of sanitation, poverty, things of that nature. But in Wuhan, it seemed pretty suspicious to me.

There is this biosafety level 4 facility there in Wuhan. It’s the first in China, and it was specifically set up to deal with the coronavirus and SARS. SARS is basically a weaponized version of the coronavirus.

There have been leaks before of SARS out of this facility, and indeed the only reason for these BSL-4 facilities, based on my experience, is the research, development, testing, and stockpiling of offensive biological weapons.

For that reason, I stated my opinion that this Wuhan coronavirus leaked out of that BSL-4 facility … maybe mid-November … and the Chinese government has been lying about it and covering up ever since.

Mercola asked Boyle about rumors circulating that covid-19 might have originated from a lab in Canada. Here is his response:

It could have been. I want to make it clear that, in my opinion, they were already working on that at the Wuhan BSL-4 facility. They were working on a biological warfare weapon involving SARS, which is a coronavirus to begin with.

We do know that Dr. [Yoshihiro] Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin … resurrected the Spanish flu virus for the Pentagon, obviously for weapons purposes, and he specializes in mating the Spanish flu virus to all sorts of hideous biowarfare instrumentalities. And there was a record of him shipping his products to Winnipeg.

Winnipeg is Canada’s equivalent of our own Fort Detrick. It’s a BSL-4 facility, and yes, they research, develop tests, manufacture and stockpile every type of hideous biological warfare weapon that we know of. So, some of this technology could have been stolen from Winnipeg. I don’t know about that but, as I said, the Wuhan BSL-4 was already working on this to begin with.

They had already developed SARS. SARS had leaked out two to three times before this, and it seems they were turbocharging SARS, which is what [covid-19] looks to be. This is a brand-new generation of biowarfare weapons we haven’t seen before.

Its lethality goes from 15%, as estimated by Lancet, up to 17% to 18% by a British health official and even Chinese statistics. Its infectivity is 83%. It can infect maybe three to four people for every person infected.

It has gain of function properties, which means it travels through air at least six or seven feet, and … there are reports that even contaminated human feces give it off, that the human feces radiate off maybe six or seven feet. So, we’ve never seen anything like this before in the history of biological warfare, at least in the public record.

I want to make it clear: I have never worked for the United States government. I’ve never had a security clearance. I’ve never had access to any type of secret information.

I just read what is in the public record and the scientific record and try to draw my own conclusions, and that’s what I’m giving you today. I could change my opinion if people can provide me reputable scientific evidence to the contrary.

Right now, I’m standing by my conclusion that it leaked out of the Wuhan BSL-4, the highest level of the Chinese government has known about it, they’ve been covering it up from the get-go, until they informed the WHO at the end of December.

Watch the entire interview by clicking here.

In related news, Reps. Mark Meadows, Doug Collins, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, and Julia Brownley, and Sen. Ted Cruz, are all self-quarantining after learning that they came into contact with an individual or individuals, who were confirmed covid-19 case.

Both Collins and Gaetz have been in contact with President Donald Trump in recent days. Collins accompanied Trump on a visit to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and Gaetz flew with him on Air Force One.

None of the five are currently showing symptoms.

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