Fake News Conglomerate Strangling AFP

AFP Being Strangled

Attacks by Some of the Biggest Companies in the World Threaten to Cripple Our Honest Newspaper

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It’s obvious the “powers that be” don’t like AFP. In the past several years we’ve been attacked by the likes of Google, Amazon, PayPal, Wells Fargo, The Huffington Post, the SPLC, the ADL, CNN, The Times of Israel and a multi-million-dollar Soros/Clinton front group called Media Matters for America. They say AFP is too politically incorrect. Now you can add another outfit to the list of those out to silence us. The New York Times has slammed AFP for interviewing political candidates who were against illegal immigration! For a small newspaper, we sure do make a lot of waves, but only with your extra help can we survive to fight on. . . . Please support us in this struggle with a donation today.

You are among a select group of patriots who understand how important it is that AFP stay in business and continue to fight for ALL the American people. We are asking that you please take the time to make a donation of $15 or more to AFP today and, in return, we will reward your generosity by sending you a copy of a booklet we’ve recently published called What Ails the President and Other Essays of a Patriotic Bent.

What Ails the President

What Ails the President is a 61-page collection of three powerful, in-depth articles by Barnes Review history magazine editor John Tiffany that have never before appeared in print

The first section of this booklet takes us on a tour of the various health maladies of the presidents, from Washington up to the modern era. When did their illnesses affect their ability to run the nation, and which of their health problems was kept from the public? You might be surprised to learn just which presidents had some very serious health problems and how their presidencies were affected by their ailments.

In the second section, Tiffany gives us the history of the right and duty of the citizenry to arm itself, not only to ward off invaders but also for personal protection. It’s a long and proud history going back to the days of the kings of England, now ingrained in our American psyche.

And, finally, Tiffany discusses the legality of the Internal Revenue Service. We’ve all heard about the strange 16th Amendment, that may or may not have been ratified, but why else does the author consider the IRS a “questionable agency”? And how long will its reign of terror continue? Find out from an author who has himself been battling the myrmidons at the IRS for the past 25 years!
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