‘Toronto First,’ Says Goldy

Another nationalist candidate is making headlines, this time in Toronto, Canada where Faith Goldy is running for mayor. She wants to make her city safer and “put Toronto first” and is critical of Canada’s open borders. In response, she “has been hysterically denounced by the fake news media and political establishment in Canada, who have portrayed the populist and outspoken young Canadian as a far-right extremist.” Sound familiar?

By John Friend

A young and increasingly popular independent political commentator and alternative media personality is running for mayor of Toronto, the largest city in Canada and home to an increasingly diverse population. She is vowing to “Make Toronto Safe Again” while pledging to “Put Toronto First,” borrowing popular catch phrases from President Donald Trump’s populist talking points and political campaign.

Faith Goldy, who boasts close to 100,000 followers on Twitter and well over 65,000 subscribers on YouTube, is a former reporter for “TheRebel.Media,” one of Canada’s largest and most influential independent media outlets. She has also contributed to a number of other mostly Canadian-based media outlets, sparking controversy for her populist views and straightforward reporting on a variety of contentious issues, including mass Third World immigration to the West, political correctness, and related issues. Ms. Goldy attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va. last year, covering the event for “The Rebel.Media.” She has since ventured out on her own as an independent journalist and reporter, covering Canada’s immigration crisis and the radical antifa movement, among other topics.

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In a recent interview with this newspaper, Goldy explained her decision to run for mayor in her hometown of Toronto.

“I don’t recognize our city anymore. Every day, there’s a new headline about a stabbing, shooting, or mass shooting on our streets,” Ms. Goldy told this reporter. “To boot, millennials my age are working two or three jobs and are still barely able to make rent. Meantime, our commutes to get between jobs have become worse than ever. Toronto needs a strong voice that’s tough on crime and easy on taxpayers—I am that voice.”

Ms. Goldy’s mayoral platform outlined on her website focuses on four key issues: making Toronto safe again, putting Toronto and its legal residents first, ensuring affordable housing for Toronto residents, and fixing and improving Toronto’s roads and infrastructure.

“I will reinstate Toronto’s Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy and bring back the invaluable policy of carding so our officers have the tools they need to make sure our city is welcoming to everyone except criminals,” Goldy told this reporter. “I will bring back the School Resource Program committing twice the number of officers in twice as many schools. I will turn TCHC [Toronto Community Housing Corp.] complexes into gated communities with officers monitoring ID and license plates of people going in and out, so to protect the most vulnerable in our city. And, I will bring job fairs and training to the most violent neighborhoods in our city to help keep our kids away from guns and gangs.”

Ms. Goldy has also been highly critical of Canada’s open borders policies, which have welcomed illegal immigrants and purported refugees at the expense of Canadian citizens. She has vowed to put Toronto first and prioritize the interests of all Toronto residents.

“I want every homeless person in our city to have a warm bed this winter,” Goldy proclaimed, “but right now, they’re being crowded out of our strained shelter system by an invasion of illegal migrants monopolizing our resources. As mayor, I will evacuate every illegal migrant from our public housing and bus them to the front steps of the prime minister’s official residence. Not a single Toronto taxpayer was asked if they wanted to erase our southern border, and we won’t be burdened with the exponential costs of the federal government’s decision to do so.”

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Unsurprisingly, Ms. Goldy has been hysterically denounced by the fake news media and political establishment in Canada, who have portrayed the populist and outspoken young Canadian as a far-right extremist.

“Since announcing my bid to become mayor, our city’s press has taken to the airwaves, defaming me,” she explained. “These fake news claims are nothing more than a diversion tactic, plain and simple. Toronto’s establishment media wants to distract taxpayers in this town from hearing my message because they know it will resonate.”

Various political lobbies and subversive activist organizations, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League, for example, have lamented the rise of populist and nationalist political candidates such as Ms. Goldy in both the United States and Canada.

Thankfully, more and more citizens are ignoring the smears from dishonest organizations working overtime to prevent populists and patriots such as Ms. Goldy from becoming elected representatives.

John Friend is a freelance writer based in California.

4 Comments on ‘Toronto First,’ Says Goldy

  1. She has more huevos than the “men” running Canada. Grow up Toronto, she’s trying to save you from becoming like a European immigrant ghetto.

  2. Toronto residents have long bragged about being the most multi-cultural and least Canadian in city Canada. Faith’s candidacy will provide a platform for ideas that are rarely heard in the GTA.

  3. The current Mayor of Toronto is on tour of the various mosques of Toronto. Under his watch, crime has skyrocketed and Toronto was the victim of two terrorist attacks. There has been a media blackout on Faith Goldy’s campaign for Mayor. That alone tells me she will be the right choice for Mayor.

  4. Goldy is running a typical far-right campaign. The reason that the practice of carding was stopped is that 1)It’s illegal under Canadian law. It blatantly violates the Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 2) It was legally proven to be racial profiling. Hence Goldy is running a campaign to violate Canadian law.
    School Resource Officers were removed after students were violently assaulted by them and the City of Toronto was taken to court. Again Goldy is promoting illegal activity. Goldy says that she wants to say taxpayer’s money but in point of fact, it will lead to lawsuits and fines. Unlike the federal Prime Minister or Provincial Premiers, the mayor cannot evoke the Notwithstanding Clause of the constitution to nullify the decisions of the courts.
    As for turning the social housing complexes into “gated communities”, this is a euphemism for turning them into prisons. New York tried that and lost in court. Again, Goldy’s proposal violates the Canadian constitution.
    The same with the proposal to clear out the shelters of so-called illegals. This again violates Canadian law. Does Goldy really believe her publicity stunt to dump them in front of the Prime Minister’s residence going to work. They won’t get beyond Oshawa before the RCMP stops them.
    So yes one might agree with Goldy’s proposals but it doesn’t change the fact it’s illegal and violates not only Canadian but International Human Rights laws.
    Finally Goldy will face opposition from the Ontario Privacy Commissioner, who is legally empowered to stop any laws or policies that violate Canadian and Ontario privacy laws.
    Finally Goldy needs to set up a party. No mayor can get anything done without a majority on the city council. Rob Ford found this out the hard way when the council stripped him of all his power. Like Rob Ford, Goldy will find herself with the title of Her Worship The Mayor, without any of the authority. I wish her luck in her endeavor.

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