Globalist Mouthpieces Suggest New World Order Police Force

global police force

Given President Trump’s America-first policies, Europe must now assume the role of world policeman in order to make the world “safe for democracy,” claim the globalists.

By Mark Anderson

A just-released essay, “The Committee to Save the World Order: America’s Allies Must Step Up as America Steps Down,” in Foreign Affairs, the flagship journal of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), contains a proposal for a new economic and political grouping to fill the world-leadership “throne” being vacated by President Donald Trump due to his America-first emphasis.

Penned by CFR fellow James M. Lindsay and Chicago Council on Global Affairs (CCGA) President and former U.S. Envoy to NATO Ivo H. Daalder, the essay meanders through various arguments that Trump and his America-first credo are poisonous to “the rules-based order” that rose under President Truman after World War II, while suggesting strategies to counter the Trump phenomenon. The essay’s centerpiece is the formation of Daalder and Lindsay’s proposed “G-9”

The article begins: “Trump’s hostility toward the United States’ own geopolitical invention [the rules-based order] has shocked many of Washington’s friends and allies. Their early hopes that he might abandon his campaign rhetoric once in office and embrace a more traditional foreign policy have been dashed.”

The “more traditional foreign policy” that these policy wonks believe is fading is not America’s historical tradition at its founding, but a new “tradition” invented by these trans-nationalists, who have prodded desperate war-torn nations with few options into post-war alliances and trade regimes friendly to boundless corporate profiteering and hegemony and increasingly centralized economic and political controls.

The real American tradition calls for trade and friendly relations among nation states, but entangling alliances with none. The world establishment that has forced itself upon the peoples of the Earth literally subsists on entangling alliances, where citizens from whatever nation must look beyond their home polity and offer up tax dollars to rebuild other nations and, if necessary, put on a helmet and sacrifice their blood, or that of their children, to die for the sacred “collective”—the rules-based world order.

Daalder and Lindsay go on to define their G-9 and its strategy, naming the nations that potentially would participate: “France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the EU in Europe; Australia, Japan, and South Korea in Asia; and Canada in North America are the obvious candidates to supply the leadership that the Trump administration will not. Together, they represent the largest economic power in the world, and their collective military capabilities are surpassed only by those of the United States.”

They then volunteer these countries to pony up more for military spending, adding, “They will have to go further, increasing military cooperation and defense spending and using a variety of tools at their disposal to take over the U.S. role as the defender and promoter of democracy, freedom, and human rights across the globe.”

Then, these comrades reveal their hand even more, writing as they do for an organization like the CFR that has many current and former media moguls, editors, and writers as members, even while the orthodox press omits reporting on the CFR:

The United States’ friends and allies—with the G-9 countries in the lead—need to act more ambitiously. They must focus less on how to work with Washington and more on how to work without it—and, if necessary, around it. As German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told a Japanese audience in Tokyo last July, “If we pool our strengths . . . we can become something like ‘rule shapers,’ who design and drive an international order that the world urgently needs.”

Get Out of CashThe global cities movement is going full-bore, which is all-the-more notable given these clear signs that what the proposed G-9 may do from the top down to save globalism, the global cities movement will do from the bottom up. The Global Parliament of Mayors just held its annual summit Oct. 21-23 in Bristol, UK, even while other relevant programs were held, such as the CCGA’s Oct. 25 program, “The Empty Throne: U.S. Abdication of Global Leadership,” based on a book of the same title cowritten, not surprisingly, by Daalder and Lindsay.

The interplay of the G-9 proposal and the global cities scheme is a textbook example of how these unelected policy wonks play their “game of thrones” and reconfigure our cities and other tiers of governance to preserve, defend, and advance their self-serving power grid—operating as it does under a monopoly of credit in a debt-based money system, which is the apex of their pyramid of power. Onward they march, without a vote cast and under an almost total media blackout.

Mark Anderson is AFP’s roving editor. He invites your thoughtful comments and story ideas at [email protected].