Bundy Hit Again

Cliven Bundy

The Department of Justice has appealed the ruling of a Nevada judge who dismissed the department’s case against Cliven Bundy et al. on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct, evidently intent on seeing the land-rights protesters jailed. This development made AFP’s front page in the issue just released and now available online. Click here to subscribe to AFP Online.

By Mark Anderson

Former federal prosecutor Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, issued a press release earlier in August on behalf of his client, Cliven Bundy, vowing to fight a Department of Justice appeal of a judge’s dismissal of the case against Bundy for his role in the spring 2014 protest against federal land tyranny in Nevada.

In January, U.S. District Judge Gloria M. Navarro dismissed conspiracy charges against Bundy, his two sons, and fellow protestor Ryan Payne after finding prosecutors violated federal law and unjustly failed to share with the court evidence favorable to the defendants. Later, on July 31, Judge Navarro rejected the prosecutors’ request to reconsider her dismissal of the case.

“The court’s finding of outrageous government conduct was not in error,” Judge Navarro wrote in her 11-page ruling in late July, reports The Oregonian. “On the contrary, a universal sense of justice was violated by the government’s failure to provide evidence that is potentially exculpatory.”

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Despite this, federal prosecutors are trying again to go after the Bundys, hoping that in a third trial they will be able to take down the famed Nevada rancher.

“My client and friend Cliven Bundy is confident that the Ninth Circuit will affirm Judge Navarro’s dismissal,” Klayman said.

The government’s case was “based on prosecutorial misconduct,” Klayman added. “That the prosecutors who committed and furthered this gross prosecutorial misconduct would now seek to file a notice of appeal underscores that my once proud alma mater, the U.S. Department of Justice, has become the Department of Injustice.”

A longtime observer of the Bundy saga, KSDZ-FM radio host Jim Lambley of Gordon, Neb., told AFP on Aug. 20 that he believes a serious effort on the part of the federal government to pry open this case again could lead to even more, and worse, revelations of federal misconduct— including the possibility that an alleged letter could surface—rumored to have included a chilling “kill list” that armed federal agents had compiled and that the list included the names of women and children.

“The federal judge dismissed the case in part to save the feds further embarrassment,” added Roger Roots, who attended nearly every day of the lengthy trial.

“It’s at least conceivable the Ninth Circuit could override Judge Navarro and force a new trial, but think of how ridiculous it would be. You get your case dismissed, it’s thrown out but two years later, you get a call from your lawyer saying you’re looking at life in prison—again.”

Mark Anderson is AFP’s roving editor.

8 Comments on Bundy Hit Again

  1. Is this Sessions or Rosenstein spearheading this???

    Whose name is on the court docket acting as prosecutor against the Bundy’s?????

    If it is Adam Paul Laxalt, the internet sleuths need to find out his connection to Harry Reid: who obviously is still very much concerned with controlling Nevada Lands

    and does not want his three corporations Reid Family Trusts,
    Bunkerville LLC (and ?), investigated for the transferring of BLM
    Bureau of Land Management lands, to his corporations.

    Harry Reid has used the Bureau of Land Management to enrich himself, and his mining attorney sons, through transfer of BLM lands to their corporation. Look up Rusty Hill

    Harry Reid personally handpicked Gloria Ann Navarro to be judge:
    she prior had worked for Clark County protecting it from lawsuits.

    Interesting that this same Gloria Navarro, hand picked by Harry Reid,
    took it upon herself to get rid of the CLark County Recorder of Deeds,
    who having long worked in that office,

    would be very, very familiar with the land deed transfers.

    The alleged charge was an undocumented two hundred dollar payment to
    an employee. Yes, two hundred dollars, while Harry Reid rips of the Nevada and American taxpaper for tens of millions.

  2. TO THE FEDS: Grow up and accept defeat. Do everyone a favor and go away with your tail tucked deep. STOP USING [STEALING] OUR HARD EARNED TAXES on this revenge tactic because you got your hand slapped for lying under oath in a court of law. You have shamed yourselves.

  3. If the DoJ wants to pursue this – Let the head of the DoJ pay for it out of their own pocket. We are thru financing harassment of Americans.

  4. The Feds will continue this persecution until they bankrupt and destroy Bundy or the President steps in and tells them to stop.

  5. The battle for our land is on like never before. Under Agenda21,the push to fully implement this UN land grab is facing great threat and opposition through the Trump Administration. Without HRC, to carry on the Obama legacy, Agenda2030,is not going to happen to suffice the NWO deadline for global control. As much as I am saddened to see Mr Bundy go through this charade again, I am confident God is in control and this court battle will lead to even a greater victory! Like the Mueller Russian Collusion, this too will undoubtedly expose and incriminate those inside the BLM, and law agencies who unlawfully came against the Bundy’s knowing there has been no real crimes committed by the Bundy’s. As our patience grows thin watching the bogus accusations against our President go on for so long, it has only served to identify corruption withing the FBI, DOJ, and DNC, that all points back to HRC. And our President? Innocent, just as Mr Bundy is. What needs to happen is for the patriot movement to bring this case in the face of American viewers so they can see what the Federal govt is trying to do to the Bundy’s is exactly what will happen to all property owners and that is to grab our property and land. People need to become students of Agenda21. Go to the UN website and pull up the pdf copy of the total report published by the UN on Agenda21. Here is a comprehensive site for information on Agenda21. http://www.arewelivinginthelastdays.com/com/attack.html

  6. Federal personnel claiming to be Judges, Magistrates, Clerks and Deputy Clerks are failing and/or refusing to disclose credentials that are required by the U.S. Constitution, Acts of Congress, implementing Regulations and applicable Court decisions e.g. U.S. v. Pignatiello is right on point. So, I ask you, why are attorneys refusing to touch this relatively simple question with a 10-foot pole? For example, after submitting several hundred FOIA Requests for those credentials, beginning late August 2001, we finally received one and only one second OATH required by 28 U.S.C. 544.

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