Famed Freedom Activists Push Back

April 26, 2020 AFP Editor 0

Cliven Bundy speaks with AFP about his son’s efforts to ensure right to worship. By Mark Anderson Some significant pushback against a Covid-19 crackdown that is infecting our Bill of Rights started on April 3 […]

Bundy Hit Again

August 27, 2018 AFP Editor 8

The Department of Justice has appealed the ruling of a Nevada judge who dismissed the department’s case against Cliven Bundy et al. on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct, evidently intent on seeing the land-rights protesters […]

Finicums, Bundys File Lawsuits

February 20, 2018 AFP Editor 1

Lawsuits have been filed by Jeanette Finicum, widow of Arizona rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum who was assassinated in cold blood by the Oregon State Police and FBI on Jan. 26, 2016 while apparently surrendering, and […]

Victory for the Bundys

January 11, 2018 AFP Editor 2

Federal agents and prosecutors repeatedly lied and hid evidence during the Cliven Bundy legal proceedings, prompting Judge Gloria Navarro to dismiss the entire case with prejudice. The government is thus barred from prosecuting these patriots […]