INTERVIEW: Multiple Shooters Alleged in Aurora Theater Massacre

• Engineer says other facts don’t add up in case against “lone nut”

By Victor Thorn —

On April 27, opening arguments will commence in the trial of the man accused of shooting up an Aurora, Colorado movie theater on July 12, 2012 in which 12 moviegoers were killed and 70 others wounded. If one is to believe the official story, 24-year-old lone-nut gunman James Eagan Holmes committed one of the worst mass shootings in United States history by opening fire in theater 9 at the Century Aurora 16 Multiplex Theater. Prosecutors are arguing that bullets from Holmes’s weapons penetrated the theater’s walls and struck viewers in adjacent theater 8.

However, according to an Aurora independent researcher who AMERICAN FREE PRESS will identify only as “Mr. Johnson,” this version of events should be considered ludicrous.


“My background is in architecture and engineering,” Johnson told AFP on March 11. “I’ve personally designed walls for TV studios that are almost identical to those at the Century theater. At the risk of sounding too technical, walls at television studios and at theaters require 65 decibel sound transmission classifications.”

With this information in mind, Johnson continued: “Prosecutors claim that bullets fired from Holmes’s guns in theater 9 wounded people in theater 8. But these walls were impenetrable. It’s impossible. Here’s why: The core masonry walls between theaters 8 and 9 were 12 inches thick. They also possessed vertical and horizontal reinforcing bars. In addition, the cells inside these walls were filled with either sand or gravel, while further being sheathed with 1.5-inch sound attenuation insulating vats and 5/8-inch gypsum board covering the resilient metal studs.”

Johnson provided more details: “All told, the width of these separator walls between theaters 8 and 9 totaled 14 inches. On top of that, they acted as load-bearing structures, which supported the roof and snow loads. I apologize for so many specifics, but it’s proof positive that no bullets could have penetrated these walls. Thereby, it points to the existence of multiple shooters in multiple theaters.”

The bizarre circumstances associated with this case involved more than just dimensions and measurements, as Johnson related to this reporter.

“Multiple eyewitnesses in theater 8 reported seeing muzzle flashes and the detonation of gas canisters that seemed to be coordinated with other assailants in theater 9,” he said.

Returning once again to the mainstream media’s timeline, Johnson said: “We’re told that immediately following this massacre, law enforcement officers apprehended Holmes outside the theater’s rear exit doors as he stood near his white Hyundai. Although this version is also highly suspect, the operative word is ‘immediately.’ Yet police radio transmissions revealed that an hour after this event transpired, they were still searching for other suspects in what they called a ‘coordinated attack.’ The clothes mentioned in these dispatches didn’t match those worn by Holmes.”


A number of other outstanding anomalies cannot be accounted for, explained Johnson.

“Why was a second gas mask found hundreds of yards away from where cops seized Holmes, not to mention additional gas cans, ballistic gear, an orange duffel bag and a blood trail?” he asked. “Remember, Holmes was supposedly captured immediately afterward.”

Why did Johnson come forward to talk with this newspaper?

“I’m a concerned citizen,” he said. “I don’t want notoriety, but the actual Century movie theater shooters are still on the loose. I’ve presented this data to Holmes’s attorney, Lisa Damiani. I want honest law enforcement officials to do a real investigation instead of inundating the public with pseudoscience regarding Holmes’s psychological state. They can’t keep ignoring real evidence.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. The American people are largely screwed, like the rest of the world, in that, our government does not respond, it is like an incompetent employee that not only has been looting the till and lying blatantly about it, is now, holding a gun to the employer’s head and dictating future terms, now that he’s been caught. It is likely to get seriously ugly here, and that’s what the government/banks/etc.seem to want (If we weren’t so easy to divide against one another, things might’ve been different.)
  2. These poor patsies who are drugged to the hilt end up taking the blame and punished with life behind bards are death.

    So many patsies since Kennedy’s murder, Lee Harvey Oswald was the start, but since that time, they have been rolled out on a regular basis, and although the stories is so blatantly faked, the Patsy is always the fall guy.

    The Fake Sandy Hook School shooting, when even the FBI admit NO DEATHS, they still go on with the fairytale and blame a patsy.

    The dreadful staged Boston Bombing with mountains of evidence of injured fakers, and secret agents, all well documented and filmed and many even named.

    Yet still the patsies are the fall guys, the two brothers who were set up, one arrested, all documented then murdered and photographed in the morgue, all available at one time on the Web, his younger brother shot and injured, who has been in prison since he recovered to this day with a long drawn out fake trail, seeking the death penalty.

    Same thing in the UK with the 7/7 tube and bus attack, that has been very well researched and documented, so shocking the total lies and false evidence presented by the Establishment, and the four patsies who were executed at Canary Wharf by the police, as was recorded on the day but later denied, instead supposed to have been blown up, all with the agenda of turning the masses against the Muslims, along with 9/11 to justify the dreadful carnage in the Middle East that has been so successful. Thank you Bush and Blair for your traitorous work to mankind, on turning the whole world into a powder keg.

    Unless the American people wake up, (because only they can stop their insane Government) along with the rest of humanity in each country, stopping the puppet Governments bent on destroying the world and wiping out billions of us, as is the plan, and they have never denied this, it will go on until they achieve it.

  3. “They can’t keep ignoring real evidence.” That’s why the guy reporting about this is risking his well being by doing so. The networking that is involved with creating and executing these operations are so intricate and deep-reaching, that the average person has not a clue as to what they are dealing with. Or stated differently, they have no idea that their entire view of a subject really isn’t their take on it at all. It’s a scripted take, created for society’s consumption.

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