INTERVIEWS: Ukrainians Speak #4

AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s own Olga Belinskaya, a native of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine, conducted a series of raw, unedited interviews with ordinary, peaceful people from Ukraine’s war zone, who told Olga what life was really like in the war-torn country.

Over the course of this year, Olga will be interviewing more residents of her former homeland, giving AFP readers the cold, hard truth, not the sanitized, New World Order-approved pabulum oozing from the mainstream media.

In this the fourth in the series, Olga spoke with an anonymous Ukrainian on February 3, 2015.


Hello! I want to write about the war in the Donbass. I live in Donetsk.

From 26 May 2014 to date, UKRAINIAN ARMY and not Russia or the militia fires on our city! Let that be known in America!!! I lived near the airport in Donetsk, while my house got hit by two shells fired by Ukrainian forces!!!! Now all the houses on my street are destroyed or burned. It was the work of the National Guard!!

They are continuing to bombard the city, killing innocent people, and destroying homes, schools and hospitals. They are destroying us!!!! There is no light, water, gas, heating in the city, and it’s winter outdoors.

Let people in America know that our country destroys its citizens, sending troops to us under the guise of “protecting.” Obama and media deceive you, talking about the Russian threat!!! Do not send any aid to Ukraine, Fear God, for the sake of innocent people, children, elderly, they will kill us all with your help!!! Do not be indifferent! Fascist killers came to power in Ukraine!! Do not support them! I hope for your understanding and prudence!!!

We are peaceful people and do not want war! If you are indifferent—this trouble can come in your house, as Ukraine, with the support of your President provokes Russia to start World War 3. Russia has never waged wars of conquest. I am writing on behalf of the residents of my home and the beautiful city—Donetsk. I appeal to you with all my heart—do not help the Nazi regime in Ukraine, do not send them help!!!

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Olga Belinskaya is a native of Ukraine and is AFP’s former bookstore manager. She is currently a peace and monetary reform activist now based in Virginia.

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  1. Millions of native Ukrainians, Jews, Tartars, and others were forcibly removed from their own homes in Ukraine and shipped to the gulags in Siberia, where most of them perished. Their property was occupied by Russian people which were brought in from various areas of Russia, some went willingly, but many of them were forcibly relocated to Ukraine, a foreign country. Also, this happened in other countries as well, hundreds of thousands of ethnic Russian people are in the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and other countries that were forced to be part of the Soviet Union. This was done to forcibly occupy and align a foreign country to Russian domination. What is happening now is that Ukraine is slowly being brought back to what it was before it was occupied by Russian force. Russians living in Ukraine call the Ukrainian people fascists and Nazis, but the reality is that Russia, specifically Stalin, forcibly removed millions of native people from these areas and sent them to prison camps where they died of starvation, disease, and cold.

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