Targeted by Censors

• Thought police “gatekeeper mafia” pushing book-selling behemoth to censor content.

By Victor Thorn —

Amazon, the billion-dollar online bookseller, stands as a test case in regard to whether free expression or Orwellian suppression will reign supreme in America. Currently, nearly every type of book is available on Amazon. Only graphic pornography is banned. But certain forces are working tirelessly in an attempt to curtail free access to certain types of political and historical writings found on the retail giant’s website.

On September 30, this reporter reached out to Michael A. Hoffman, II, author of the book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, among dozens of other works, to talk about the war for free speech that is currently being waged.


“A campaign is being waged in the New York media to interdict in Amazon’s so-called monopoly over online publishing,” said Hoffman. “These grand poobahs are hysterically denouncing Amazon so that they won’t stock books by revisionist historians. One of these elitists, superstar literary agent Andrew Wylie, commented to The New York Times on September 29, ‘If Amazon is not stopped, we’re facing the end of literary culture in America.’ ”

Their motive, as Hoffman determined, is obvious: “This self-appointed avant-garde sees Amazon as a Neanderthal because of their libertarian values. I surmise that the ADL [Anti-Defamation League] and Zionist lobby are involved in the bowels of this movement, and wouldn’t be surprised if they filed an antitrust lawsuit to shame Amazon owner Jeff Bezos into operating in line with the typical Zionist bias.”

On the subject of multi-billionaire Bezos, Hoffman commented, “Although I don’t have any particular faith in Bezos’s future actions, at the moment he’s made every imaginable conspiracy book available on his website. Amazon represents the ‘new media’ that’s opposing ‘old media’ New York mafia gatekeepers. Bezos has opened the doors to a gigantic publishing venture, and that’s why so many people hate him.”

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An outdated marketing approach is also being exhibited by other venues, as Hoffman explained.

“Mainstream brick-and-mortar bookstores like Barnes & Noble still won’t carry politically incorrect titles, and that’s a huge drawback,” he said. “This is one of the reasons bookstores are closing. Young people don’t support the old guard’s lynch mob mentality. As a result, it’s the reanimated corpses of old authors who complain the loudest.”

Expanding on this notion, Hoffman added: “What we’re looking at is the old media’s vampire lobby trying to enforce their dogmas via gatekeepers like Deborah Lipstadt [a woman who has viciously attacked writers such as David Irving, Hoffman and Ernst Zundel]. They’re doing this through an intellectual device that I call denialism. If you don’t believe in global warming, you’re a climate denialist. The same applies to those who don’t believe in the myth of 6 million Jews being gassed during WWII or that 19 Muslims engineered the September 11 terror attacks. They’re also being labeled deniers.”

This reasoning leads directly back to the crux of this reporter’s discussion with Hoffman.

“Without Amazon,” he concluded, “it will be much more difficult for independent-minded readers to find revisionist titles. Although it’s only my opinion, I believe the ADL is part of the intelligentsia’s cryptocracy that wants to keep controversial ideas hidden or ignored. We need to prove them wrong by continually making information available that contradicts establishment history. The best way to do this is by unhooking from the cryptocracy’s material and actively seeking out books written by independent-thinking authors.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. Amazon censors any comments I make about reviews that contain any slight negativity towards homosexuals or blacks. No matter how polite, how rational my comments, they are censored within five hours.
  2. They can always suck your Kindle format books back through cyberspace and leave you with nothing. I know because Amazon has allowed me to return purchases and so they just disappear from my device. Best to by hard copy of anything “controversial” in order to make sure you can hang onto it. Just saying.

  3. Jews will stop at nothing to have full control over the print media. Even if they manage to bamboozle Amazon to provide only what they want, there will be somebody else that will take Amazon’s place and Jeff knows it. Besides, the kosher mafia can’t do anything to him because he’s already a billionaire.

  4. I don’t think they publish all books and I don’t think you are free to give any opinion you want on I’ve had some of my comments censored before.

    But my main beef is why don’t they offer more of the conspiracy type books in the Kindle format at a fraction of the cost like they do the other books? I don’t think you can buy any of the Victor Thorn books as an eBook.

  5. The lying Jews have always been censors of the non-Jews. It’s basic to Judaism from Genesis to Deuteronomy through all the rest of their prophetic frauds. Committing genocide upon the people around them, burning down the temples and burning the books of all other people, leaves only the lies of the Jews standing upon the ashes. You can read about it in the Old Testament. The Hebrew Bible is the Biggest Lie Ever Told. Archaeology proves this. The Lies of the Jews can only stand, when the Jews destroy the Truth of all other People.

    Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!

  6. I don’t know of a better journalist than Victor Thorn. He, apparently, does his research the way we were all instructed to do while in our britches. His words are clear, unadulterated by skepticism and full of knowledge. HE is the reason I stay in touch with American Free Press.

  7. “Amazon represents the ‘new media’ that’s opposing ‘old media’ New York mafia gatekeepers. Bezos has opened the doors to a gigantic publishing venture, and that’s why so many people hate him.”

    If he caves in and does as the Zionist Mafia demands, then the other half will hate him, while the Zionist love him. What will it be? Take your pick. The old liars are on their way out. And of course, someone else will just love to have all of Amazons business!

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