Tens of Thousands of Jews Leaving Israel for Germany

October 26, 2014 AFP 35

By Richard Walker — A growing exodus of young Israelis to Berlin has not only shocked Israel’s far right leadership but has highlighted the growing disillusionment with Zionism among Israel’s younger generation. As Israeli commentators […]

Obama’s Big Government Entitlement State Failing

October 26, 2014 AFP 2

• 38% of able-bodied Americans 16 and over not working. By Victor Thorn — As voters look ahead to two upcoming elections—November’s midterms and the 2016 presidential race—they must ask themselves a question: After six […]

Obama Promotes Spread of Ebola in U.S.

October 26, 2014 AFP 3

• Obama administration working hard to ensure Ebola spreads in U.S. By Dave Gahary — Since the World Health Organization (WHO) reported a major Ebola outbreak in the West African nation of Guinea in March […]

The Ebola Enigma

October 19, 2014 AFP 12

• Former CIA insider warned of staged Ebola outbreak. • Academic alleges EVD a result of bio-terror experiment.  By Victor Thorn — There has been a lot of talk that the mainstream media is exaggerating […]

Did Mossad Sabotage Iranian Nuke Facility?

October 19, 2014 AFP 8

• Unexplained explosion rocks Iran’s Fordow plant. By Ronald L. Ray — In what appears to have been part of a carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign, a large, night-time explosion on October 5 near Tehran may […]

Rothschilds Target Brazil’s Central Bank

October 19, 2014 AFP 5

• Zionist-controlled banking community using “first black president” to push agenda on world’s workers. By Bill White — International bankers are financing Brazilian Socialist Party presidential candidate Marina Silva against Brazil’s current president, Dilma Rouseff, […]

U.S. Using Oil to Punish Russia

October 19, 2014 AFP 1

• Geopolitical machinations in the oil market benefiting Americans at the pump. By Dave Gahary — With its sanctions regime failing against Russia, is Washington now trying to wage economic war on the Russian government […]

Amazon.com Targeted by Censors

October 11, 2014 AFP 8

• Thought police “gatekeeper mafia” pushing book-selling behemoth to censor content. By Victor Thorn — Amazon, the billion-dollar online bookseller, stands as a test case in regard to whether free expression or Orwellian suppression will […]

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