Tens of Thousands of Jews Leaving Israel for Germany

By Richard Walker —

A growing exodus of young Israelis to Berlin has not only shocked Israel’s far right leadership but has highlighted the growing disillusionment with Zionism among Israel’s younger generation.

As Israeli commentators noted, the trend would encourage the late Israeli leader, Yitzhak Rabin to turn in his grave. He once described those who fled Israel as a “cascade of wimps” and a “fallout of cowards.” Ravit Hecht, a columnist with Israel’s oldest daily newspaper, Ha’aretz, has blamed ultranationalists for the exodus, and there may well be substance to her claim. “Berlin is a lovely city, but it is sucking away all the forces that we desperately need here, especially now,” she wrote. Of course, it’s not Berlin that’s doing the sucking, but Israel, in a different sense of the word.

The recent outrage in Israel about what has become a developing trend was sparked by what at first seemed an absurd Facebook posting by Asaf Lev, a 25-year-old former Israeli soldier living in Berlin. On his Facebook page, he posted his grocery list to show how much cheaper the cost of living was in Germany. One of the food items on his list was “Milky,” a copycat of a German pudding produced in Israel that costs much less in Berlin. The posting went viral and was taken up by thousands of young Israelis in Germany, many of whom appealed to Israeli youth back home to join them in Berlin where life was cheaper and free of the all the stresses in Israel, including mandated military service.


Within days, social media forums carried the story of the grocery list and highlighted fact as many as 30,000 young Israelis now lived in Berlin. That figure, however, may be on the low side because large numbers of Israelis arrive in Germany using European and not Israeli passports. Some studies have concluded Israelis hold 100,000 German passports. A common feature of Israeli life nowadays is more and more people have two passports, often European, Canadian or American. The second passport offers the freedom to relocate at any time, and as far back as 2008, one study concluded 59% of Israelis were thinking of leaving the country.

But missing in all the hoopla was the fact the exodus to Germany reflected the findings of several studies showing disenchantment among Israelis with their Zionist lifestyle. A 2012 survey by Ha’aretz found that almost 40% of Israelis were considering emigrating. A March 24, 2014 study commissioned by the Zionist Council in Israel showed around 25% of young, secular Israelis wanted to make a life away from Israel.

Rarely mentioned in mainstream media news coverage of Israel is its growing population of poor and the fact it has the highest percentage of poor of developed world countries, higher even than Mexico and Turkey. Were it not for its weapons industry, the billions of dollars it receives annually in United States taxpayer dollars and the massive sums of money wealthy American Jews transfer to Israel through questionable means and by way of so-called non-profits, the country’s economy would be at rock bottom. The other factor driving young people from Israel is the expanding power of its ultranationalists, many of whom have been encouraged to settle in Israel from parts of Asia and Eastern Europe to fill the void left by those who are leaving and to increase the country’s population as it seizes more Palestinian land and builds settlements on it.

Israel is also losing its battle to keep its brightest at home. Many of them see no future in a country whose leadership has become increasingly extreme and isolated from the rest of the world.

Richard Walker is the pen name of a former N.Y. news producer.

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  1. “Israel is losing its battle to keep its brightest at home.”

    Well, all they really have to do is start distributing free pudding in israel…

    Besides – free & cheap stuff (+ some slaves)is what god promised these people, no…?

  2. I have family in Germany, and I live in the United states.
    I can tell you for a fact that Germans hate the Jews and don’t want you; however, the United States will take you any time over a problem child religious zealot.

  3. Hi IQ Ashkenazim must find a nation where they can do business. Israel is too small to develop their potential. Most companies need high IQ talent and will welcome and protect Ashkenazim migrants. Write letters to CEOs and tell them of your situation, many will provide a job and shelter.
  4. To all who want to know how the Jews RUINED AMERICA:

    1) Jesus WAS NOT A JEW. Look up Benjamin Friedman’s 1961 SPEECH at the Willard Hotel. He was a Zionist Jew who converted to CHRISTIANITY.


  5. Low IQ Jews are becoming extinct, no Jewess will marry them. Many commit suicide or become homeless beggars. Smarter Jews find employment in the retail trades or financial district. Most have families with at least two children.
  6. What an racist antisemitism, full of conspiracy theories and rape of history to be found here.

    Even someone claiming France was Germanic speaking 2,000 years ago.

    I can understand most people here not being able to read the book of Julius Caesar about his conquest of Gallia, France 2,000 years ago, but retarded people like that should have read the comic books Asterix and Obelix, which gives a correct historical background.

    For those uninformed talking about Chazars, they forget the Judaism in Europe also consisted of Sephardic Jews and that present day Jewish Israelis for more than 50% originate from Arab countries.

    You all might want to brush up your knowledge of real history.

  7. We may never know which came first, the chicken or the egg, but we definitely know that anti-GENTILISM preceded “antisemitism.” Anti-GENTILISM is the cause of so-called “antisemitism.” HUMANITY did not invent “antisemitism” and then wait thousands of years for Ashkenazi so-called “Jews” to appear, just so everybody could “hate” them for absolutely no reason.

    Judaism codified anti-GENTILISM, their hatred of ALL NON-Jews, and the only SANE reaction of any NON-Jew is self-defense, which the “Tribe” calls antisemitism. Judaism consciously chose to separate itself from the Family Of Man, labeling ALL non-Jews GOYIM, GENTILE, SHIKSA, and infusing Judaism’s very soul with venom toward ALL NON Ashkenazi so-called “Jews.”

    Anti-Gentilism has been in full throat for decades. The main weapon against our nation was the charge of bigotry. Gentiles had to make amends and turn over power to the Jews. And don’t suggest dual loyalties! How dare we stereotype Jews as plotting or greedy? So much language got described as racist. “International bankers” was code. It was anti-Semitic to notice the confluence of Jews and finance. You were a Klan member if you noticed Jewish control of media. Most Gentiles wince to even use the word “Jew.” So Jews got their compensation for the alleged inequity they suffered and look what happened! Some Jews put Israel and tribal loyalties ahead of national loyalty.

    Goyim mustn’t notice Israel’s complete takeover of our country, but Haim Saban can say what we must not: Jews can control the U.S., (that thing easily moved) by 1) controlling the money in elections, 2) creating “think” tanks to ensure government doesn’t represent the people but the opinion it is fed, and 3) controlling the media. Wow, Haim Saban can say the same things that would cause a Gentile to be called an anti-Semite.

    These “people” ARE different. They have no soul, no compassion, no conscience, no sense of right and wrong or fair play. Together they ARE “the” devil.

    Judaism is the problem which MUST be eliminated for all time. Judaism is NOT a religion, but merely a smokescreen used by a Mafia-style gang of international criminals led by the slime which took over “the city” in London, and now control the world.

    Send them all back to Khazaria where they came from, and where their anti-human, anti-God plan to destroy the entire world originated around 740 AD.

    We can hate Nazis without hating Germans; we can also hate Zionists without hating Jews.

    Stop trying to conflate the two.

    Soul-less devils have no religion because they’re not really alive. They are satan’s robots. Nothing more, nothing less. Send them all back to hell.

    As for the few supposedly “good” Jews, these individuals may not try to harm us, but their grandchildren certainly will because that’s what being a “Jew” really means. They can’t change because they lack the capacity to WANT to change. They’re not human.

  8. Yid and Yidesses have developed thousands of IT companies and are useful to any nation. Any suspected Nazi caught b*tch-slapping a Yiddish stroller should be taken away without trial and gassed.
  9. Poor Germany. Jews are a blight wherever they go. The holohoax is being exposed for the lies in it.
  10. We really wanted Mr. Kaminski’s former lover Stojniev O’Donnell to move to Israel, but there were two problems. One was that neither Mr. O’Donnell nor the name of the man he killed and whose identity he stole, Kevin Hannan, could afford a plane ticket. The other is that “O’Donnell” did the planet a favor and died. It would be great if Mr. Kaminski would emulate this person, with whom he spent so many s***n-swallowing moments enjoying the few successful times of his otherwise completely useless life.
  11. KARL:

    The Khazarian Jews have already established a homeland in the Russian Far East on the Chinese borders, known as Hebrew Autonomous republic, with its capital city-Birobidzan. Hence, the phony Khaganate Yisrael should be abolished and Palestine reestablished before the Balfour Yiddish Protocols-declaration, plus 1948. Or, they should move to Ityl-Khazaran (Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea, what is the Astra=star of their Khans).

  12. Hi Banjo_Billy:

    What you have written, I also thought it so up to a year ago, but after having analyzed the circumstances of Jesus, I have become convinced that a big part of the guilt on the anti-Semitism, it’s to attribute to those people that have reported the facts ignoring the guilt of John the Baptist. Hebrew, him too, but a traitor who doesn’t respect his predestined assignment. One “small” negligence that however, it inserts the Hebrews political historical run in a limbo of exclusion. I didn’t believe that I would have reached this conclusion, after 30 years of interest in mysticism, but now I must admit that the motives of anti-Semitism are to connect to a deceitful “journalism” in Roman times. For this I have written “another” book on Jesus facts.

  13. Ulisse Di Bartolomei:

    None of your comments are historically accurate, rather they merely reflect the lies that the Jews tell about themselves.

    If the Jews were ever persecuted throughout their entire sordid history, it was because they deserved it.

    No people had more “rights” than the Jews during the Roman Empire. And no other people than the Jews had the “right” to lend money at interest and to monopolize the slavery trade from Roman times through Holy Roman times all the way through the Reformation and Enlightenment Ages of Europe. The Jews always made sure that they made money. Anyone who believes that the Jews were living at the “margins of history” doesn’t know their history.

    And as far as their guilt for murdering Jesus, they even admit it to this day! Both by Roman and by Jewish Law, they made sure that Jesus was condemned and crucified. No one other than the Jews did this. But using the Jewish “scapegoat technique,” they point to the Romans as their patsy.

    Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!

  14. Why the anti-Semitism? Holocaust, two millennia of Jewish persecutions. Hebrews, a people always to a margins of history, and despite became a cause of so intrusive implications. However, they don’t have “direct” guilt for the death of Jesus and not even the Roman army, that performed a correlated command to a Jewish popular wish. The firstly guilty one is an “unsuspected,” saved by the exegetes to comply to a mystical project!

    Ulisse Di Bartolomei

  15. I don’t trust the said motivation of these Jews. Jewry are working all over the world in keeping ZOGs. They have largely left South Africa as ANC is performing their duties well. They won over the Boers and ruined their state for the second time. They have no need for anything else than a government maintenance squad. Therefore they can place these people elsewhere, where some more healthy nation can be sucked dry.

    It is no surprise if they are again amassing in Germany, they have never said they have ceased the war against Germany or the Germanic people. And they will not, because they are on fixed course to world conquest. France had 2,000 years ago a German speaking population; look what’s happened and there is no end or satisfaction, they are just continuing and flooding it with Muslims. That’s the same fate which Germany shall receive. As all countries having original Europeans.

    Join the positive money movement.

  16. People like Richard call others “haters” or call the words “HATE” if they criticize Jew crimes and Jew corruption. Let us NEVER stop talking about Jew crimes and Jew corruption.

  17. Banjo billy you are spot on with regards to the actual depiction of the modern day Jews they will always be persecuted and Hitler’s description was 100% correct. Even God has cursed them.

  18. One of the techniques of the Leftists, Commies and Jews for overcoming all opposition, is to take away your ability to resist.

    After all, isn’t it a hard battle to fight against people who can defend themselves and who can put up a good fight? But it is very easy to win against people who agree with you, and give in to your demands, and have no arguments to defend themselves against your lies, and who submit to your every wish. Such people can be defeated and destroyed without a fight.

    Some of you have obviously been disarmed of your defensive abilities by being brainwashed into believing that “hate” or “intolerance” or “prejudice” are bad things rather than the natural defensive weapons that we are blessed with by Nature and by God. Wake up, folks! When an enemy wants to kill you, steal your country and rape your children, you have been disarmed if you are ashamed to “hate” such enemies or be “intolerant” against such devils or to be “prejudiced” against such destroyers.

    As for myself, I am prejudiced against skunks and rattlesnakes and Jews because of their innate characteristics, not because of any character flaw of my own. Their characteristics, is the problem, not my prejudice.

    Prejudice is Nature telling you to “Beware of Danger,” without having to “think” about it first. If you have to think about it, you may very well be killed by the danger.

    The Jews and the Muslims are a danger to the world. Be prejudiced against those devils and be well.

  19. STOP CALLING THOSE THAT RUN ISRAEL “JEWS.” They are not Jews, they are Khazars, from the foothills of the Urals. There are many blogs about these people who have NOT ONE OUNCE OF JEWISH BLOOD IN THEM, NOR ARAB BLOOD. They are a mix of Turks and Mongols. They adopted the Jewish religion in around 750 AD and migrated into eastern Europe calling themselves “Ashkenazi Jews” and they are anything but. They are psychopathic opportunists and that is proven historically.

  20. ALL who claim to be Jewish should be moved to Israel. After all, PALESTINIANS are dying everyday because the Jews (incorrectly) claim that is THEIR homeland. No Jews should be allowed to have “dual” citizenship/passport. GO HOME and STAY THERE, after all, INNOCENT people are being murdered because of you.

  21. I NEVER thought I would say it, but after a lifetime of thinking that Anti-Semites were off-base, I now see that in fact there is something twisted in the Jewish community/meme. Ironically, the best and the worst humanity has seen, both seem to come from that pool. For instance, my favorite artists all seem to be Jewish, yet, the Jewish mafia is responsible for the most genocidal acts in the world—consistently. There must be something wrong with the gene pool that not only allows this to happen, but keeps their community from realizing how sociopathic they are.

  22. Jews should be prevented by law from living in any country EXCEPT Israel. In whatever country they choose to reside, Jews quickly become traitors and saboteurs and work for the destruction of that country as per their instructions from the Talmud and their racist rabbis. Until this policy is followed, the world will continue to be wracked by endless wars and contrived poverty.

  23. Richard:

    I think it’s more so, at least in America, right-wing media. Did you ever watch FOX “news”? I watched it for an hour last week (first time ever), and for the entire hour they simply screamed about Muslims (and Ebola). I know people who watch FOX 24/7, and they pass around on Facebook anti-Muslim stories 24/7. They get this from FOX. And Hannity. And Pam Geller. I think hate and intolerance rose exactly when Limbaugh, Hannity, FOX rose.

  24. Wow! just listen at all the hate in these comments. This is truly what the world has become filled with. HATE, VIOLENCE, INDIFFERENCE, INTOLERANCE, ETC…

    The biggest problem enveloping our world today is the inbred hatred of just about any and all things. Radicals around the globe have imbedded hate into their children for all Americans. It’s not due just to religion but intolerance as well. Race hatred is bred into our children of black against white, yellow against brown, I like rice, you hate race. It is stupidity and ignorance that is ravaging society.

    Today’s children are growing up hating everyone and everything and they have no idea why. That’s just how it is. I hate YOU because YOU’RE different from me. Think about that for a moment. This entire globe is in a dire state of oppression.

    You may or may not be a Christian but PLEASE someone help me to understand why we can’t love our neighbor as ourself! Please explain the flaw in that philosophy to me. And don’t say “well if they this and if they that” it starts with the individual willing to lead by example. We as adults must model that to our children. They are the future.

    The future we are giving our children now has already been foretold in the Bible and the Koran. We all have the choice to change. The only thing that any individual can control and change is themselves. So why does society exhaust sooo much effort on trying to control and change others.

    GOD BLESS and it that offends, then be blessed by whatever means you choose. It’s your choice!

  25. Perhaps they’re leaving what they are finally realizing is a war mongering, oppressive, deceitful regime hell bent on the destruction of any and all things NOT Zionist!

  26. If I were an unkind person given to coining epigrams, I might have suggested that it is not so much ‘Germany sucks’ as ‘Israel blows.’ But that wouldn’t be fair or nice thing to say. Would it?

    I do think, though, it were better to focus attention upon Zionist fanaticism that, from this distant perspective, seems little different from Nazism [right down to concentration camps (Gaza), arbitrary killings (recall Hitler’s comment about ‘wry looks’?), and the policy of lebensraum]. It would be a great mistake to implicate Jews and Judaism holus bolus into the policies and actions of the powerful minority of fanatical and criminal ideologues. At that, Israel is merely the cat’s paw of U.S. foreign … uh… policy in the Middle east.

  27. To Banjo Billy:

    You take Hitler’s words to heart? He is your hero, eh?

    Who was Jesus? You mean that fanatical Jewish rabbi from Judea who thought the Holy Land belonged to Jews? Sounds like a Zionist to me. Oh, and nearly all his apostles were Jewish, too. And Jesus was talking about the angel of the church in Philadelphia, not Jews. Nice try though.

  28. Israel and Jerusalem have never, ever been the center of Judaism. The center of Judaism has always been where the most money was or where the most money can be made. During the entire history of Israel and Judah, the center of Judaism was Mesopotamia, specifically Assyria and Babylonia, not Jerusalem. During Alexander’s time, the center was Persia. During Rome’s Imperium, the center was again Iraq and then Alexandria and then Spain.

    The quote above says it all: “On his Facebook page, he posted his grocery list to show how much cheaper the cost of living was in Germany.”

    The center of Judaism is always, throughout history, where the money is or where the money can be made. Link this to the fact that Germany is still under WWII censorship and the German people are still under the thumb of Jewish bankers and lying Jewish media moguls and supine German lapdog politicians, and you have the reason that the parasitic Jews are moving back to Germany—with their hands open, palm up. They first arrived in Germany with Roman troops as slave merchants, wine sellers and pimps. And they are still slave merchants, booze merchants, pimps and devils, today.

    Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are devils — Real Ones!

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