Obama’s Big Government Entitlement State Failing

• 38% of able-bodied Americans 16 and over not working.

By Victor Thorn

As voters look ahead to two upcoming elections—November’s midterms and the 2016 presidential race—they must ask themselves a question:

After six years of an anemic economy hobbling along on life support, does Obama-style big government work?

In many areas, the proof couldn’t be more obvious. Poverty rates in California top 23%, while Washington, D.C. exceeds 22%.


To better understand why “Obamanomics” has been a dismal failure, on October 9 this reporter contacted attorney Jonathan W. Emord, author of four books,  including Restore the Republic.

Emord is best known for defeating the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the landmark First Amendment case Pearson v. Shalala,  and for defeating the FDA in federal court seven more times, six on First Amendment grounds, making him the only attorney in American history to have achieved that many victories over the FDA.

Although Obama loyalists claim our economy is in healthy shape because rigged Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) figures place the unemployment rate at 5.9%, Emord replied: “38.2% of able-bodied Americans aged 16 and over aren’t working. That comes to 92.2 million people. Society now teeters on a situation where half of us work in order to support the other half that are very costly dependents. Obama has encouraged an entitlement society that’s caused our nation to expend vast amounts of resources to accommodate a bourgeoning near-majority that’s dependent.”

The reason for the skewed unemployment figures is because BLS doesn’t include people who have given up looking for a job.

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After this writer reminded Emord that over 46 million Americans have received food stamps for 35 months, he commented: “Obama’s food stamp program is ruinous. All government by nature is parasitic and produces nothing of economic value. Obama’s federal assistance philosophy depends on the taxation of those who are productive. But skyrocketing entitlements are unsustainable, as we’ll soon find out.”

Expanding more on this, Emord continued: “Despite massive government spending and Federal Reserve manipulation of the money supply, Obama’s stimulus program failed miserably. Such a dire situation hasn’t been equaled in recent times, except for the Carter administration, when the economy tanked. But these results should come as no surprise. Historically, every comparable attempt at big government planning has met with disaster.”

If conditioning the populace into accepting a dependency state isn’t debilitating enough, Emord sees an even more devious tactic being implemented. He told this newspaper: “Under Obama’s version of crony capitalism, a political game of selective assassination is being played. It’s an evil art where Obama’s supporters receive the benefits of legislation which, in turn, disables their competition.”

Answering this reporter’s request for details, Emord explained: “Their formula is simple. Obama’s cronies prosecute business owners in one industry while giving millions to companies like Solyndra. Those who ran Solyndra were Obama’s bundlers during the 2008 election. This entire administration reeks of overt corruption and self-interest that surpasses any previous president.”

If this type of financial sabotage doesn’t prove effective, Emord outlined another tactic. “The IRS has been used to disable businesses and organizations that oppose Obama,” he said. “Even when their operations are exposed, the White House disrespects the rule of law and totally ignores court orders. They hold no respect for the federal judiciary or Constitution. When you combine no limits on lawlessness with the raw execution of political power, it leads to a dictatorship.”

In conclusion, Emord stressed: “Few people in this economy have benefited except Obama and his associates. The disgusting reality is that these carpetbaggers are exploiting big government to the grossest extent possible. If we don’t act quickly to end the unlimited spending and an expanding government state, we’ll be reduced to third world status.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. If companies paid more, like say $20/hr, then people wouldn’t qualify for food stamps and it would save taxpayers money. Food stamps are 1% of the federal budget, Pentagon is 50%. For every $1 we spend on food stamps, we spend $50 on Pentagon. I think the problem is the Pentagon, not food stamps.

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