Did Mossad Sabotage Iranian Nuke Facility?

• Unexplained explosion rocks Iran’s Fordow plant.

By Ronald L. Ray —

In what appears to have been part of a carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign, a large, night-time explosion on October 5 near Tehran may have been the most recent Israeli sabotage, aimed at what the Zionist state alleges is Iran’s “nuclear weapons development.”


Iranian sources initially claimed that the event was the result of an ordinary chemical fire in a production plant, which nevertheless caused significant physical damage in the area and reportedly left two dead. Satellite photographs, however, show not one but two circular locations of apparent destruction, sufficiently far apart to indicate a deliberate attack, wrote Richard Silverstein, who runs “Tikun Olam,” a website that “focuses on exposing the excesses of the Israeli national security state.”

Iran’s Defense Industries Organization, which is subject to the Ministry of Defense, subsequently also alleged sabotage.

The apparent attack occurred less than a day before the arrival of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors in the Persian nation. The explosion took place at or near the Parchin military complex, an ongoing area of interest for the nuclear inspectors, although Iran maintains its work there involves solely conventional weapons. Iran ceased research into atomic weapons in 2003.

Just two weeks prior to the blast, Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz claimed that Iran had tested a neutron ignition switch for nuclear weapons, but without citing specific evidence. That hardly seems a coincidence. Analysts, however, have pointed out that the alleged testing could have happened up to 15 years ago—before Iran gave up nuclear weapons development. In other words, Israelis appear to be recycling extremely old news to gin up more hatred against Iran, leading possibly to war.

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In a CNN interview the same day as the apparent “attack,” described by the online military magazine “Israel Defense,” Israeli Prime Minister and leading war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu went on the warpath against Iran, which he considers worse than the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq, hardly a pacific viewpoint, especially considering that Iran has helped oppose ISIS.

Israeli Defense and a different “ISIS”—the Institute for Science and International Security—through its website, “Nuclear Iran,” appear to be two principal sources for claims that Parchin is a facility developing nuclear weapons. Claiming to be “non-partisan,” this ISIS has sought to provide “evidence” supporting Israeli assertions against Iran. Both organizations have issued carefully worded reports that give the impression of being “fresh,” but turn out to rely on information which is more than a decade old. The rest of their “research” is the purest conjecture.

Much of the current speculation revolves around a single “eyewitness” description of a supposed explosives testing chamber from the early 2000s. Although nuclear engineer Robert Kelley debunked this nuclear mythology in 2012, Israel’s media myrmidons continue to parrot the party line that Iran “may” be working on atomic weapons. Kelley notes that the IAEA is also involved in the ongoing Zionist hoax, compromising its credibility.

As this newspaper has reported often, Iran is a member state of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and continues development of nuclear technology only for peaceful purposes—verified by numerous inspections and investigations. But the Persians get no credit for that. The United States and Israel continue a never-ending quest to find some “evidence” of nuclear weapons development, even if it must be manufactured. They reason that if Iran even formerly attempted to develop an atomic bomb, the country and its people must be punished severely. However, nuclear proliferants Israel, India and Pakistan get a free pass. South Africa is not pilloried for once having a nuclear weapons program it abandoned. But South Africa is not part of “Greater Israel.”

On Oct. 10, Iran’s representative to the IAEA, Reza Najafi, expressed “satisfaction over the significant progress” in the latest talks with the agency, saying they were “fruitful and serious,” according to Iran’s Fars News Agency.

But Silverstein, who is an anti-Zionist Jew, rightly points out that this potential of a peaceful solution to the mythical “Iran threat” infuriates Netanyahu. “This is a potentially very dangerous development if Israel was involved [at Parchin],” wrote Silverstein. “It means that, regarding Iran, Israel has become a rogue state. No one can be sure exactly what it might do.”

Israel is spinning the explosion story to embellish its Iranian nuclear fairytale so that the U.S. will continue to support wars of Zionist aggression. Concludes Silverstein, “Israel . . . will leave everybody else to pick up the pieces afterward.”

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.

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  1. All the evidence points to both the Israelis and the Persians being competent enough to exploit the power of the atom.

    One more thing that all the evidence points to is that the Israelis have spread Stuxnet, Amdocs, Duqu, Akamai, Primesense (iPhones), and actively use them, whether for industrial espionage and sabotage in Persian facilities, in the vending-machine on the corner, your kids FB-feed, or your telephone.

    This is unwelcome, and is permeating and corrosive.

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  3. Any fool who isn’t with Israel and backs Iran or the dogs in Palestine is an enemy of the free civilized people of the world. May Israel wipe Iran from the face of the Earth.

  4. A complete idiot is he who believes in Israel´s right to possess nuclear weapons and at the same denying Iran´s right to possess the same.

  5. As I examine the things that are being set in place for World War 3, and the world dictator, the son of Anti-Christ, who will be seated in TYRE, to deceive the Minds of the People. This Lie that is being told by Israel and the U.S.A. is a LIE. Iran is a Member, AND SIGNED THE N.P.A. ISRAEL HAS NEVER SIGNED IT, AND THEY HAVE ONE bomb Called the Golem. This is Why they Killed President Kennedy. There is a God in HEAVEN WHO GAVE US AN instruction BOOK. John 8:44 DECLARES THAT SATAN IS THE FATHER OF lies. LUKE 4 DECLARES THAT SATAN OWNS EVER GOVERNMENT on THIS EARTH. II CORTH 2;11 WARNS A PERSON NOT TO LET SATAN GET AN ADVANTAGE OF YOU, AND NOT TO BE IGNORANT OF HIS PLAN. THERE IS A TRAP BEING SET FOR YOUR SOUL. THE SON OF THE ANTI-CHRIST WILL BE SEATED IN TYRE, IF YOU AGREE TO HIS EVIL WORKS, YOU WILL TAKE HIS 6, IF YOU REJECT HIS EVIL WORKS, THERE WILL BE AN ANGEL TO RESCUE YOU.

  6. Whether Israel did this or God directly Himself caused the fire, I am happy that it happened. Anything to set Iran back is a good thing. I praise the Lord.

  7. Here is a thought. When was the last time a nuclear power was attacked by another sovereign nation? With all the threats against Iran, could you blame them if they were seeking to become a nuclear power? Read about the Iranian country and culture and you will find most citizens do not want anything but peace and prosperity, neither of which are produced by war excepting those who profit from it. The Israeli government hates Iran, so that means U.S. politicians have to hate them as well OR their election coffers might be devoid of Israel dollars come re-election time.

  8. Either you’re an idiot for not seeing that Iran is trying to create a nuclear weapon, or you’re an idiot because you want them to. Either way you’re an idiot.

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