Guess Who’s Profiting From the Destruction of Gaza

• Israelis will make $7 billion off rebuilding projects.

By Richard Walker —

Just when you think you’ve heard it all about Israel’s murderous bombardment of Gaza, you discover there is much more to the tragedy. Yes, there was a massive loss of innocent life and the utter destruction of tens of thousands of homes, schools and public buildings, but it now transpires Israel will profit handsomely from the $7 billion or more it will take to rebuild Gaza over the next 20 years. The scandalous fact is Israel will continue to control the flow of all building materials into Gaza and will insist they must be bought from Israeli companies.


An unnamed European Union (EU) official quoted in news outlets said it was outrageous a country that had just demolished 25,000 homes was “demanding its construction industry rebuild them at the expense of the international community.” That rebuilding project will have to include at least 5,000 homes not repaired from the previous Israeli bombardments and replacing Gaza’s only power station, leveled by Israeli missiles.

Also to be considered is the damage to agriculture that has left a wasteland of what were once farms. The fishing industry was destroyed and needs to be rebuilt as well as thousands of public buildings and amenities.

Even before this latest Israeli aggression, half the population of Gaza was surviving on United Nations (UN) food rations and Israel had frozen all funds to the Hamas government.

Another scandal uncovered in documents leaked to the UK’s Guardian newspaper shows the UN is preparing to cede authority to Israel for the rebuilding of Gaza, thereby reinforcing its right to control the transfer of all materials into Palestinian territory and the right to decide what is rebuilt and where.

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“Critics argue that plans for monitoring the import, storage and sales of building materials—including installing video cameras, setting up a team of international inspectors and the creation of a database of suppliers and consumers—are more appropriate for a suspect nuclear program than a postwar reconstruction effort,” reported The Guardian. “The agreement would also cede to Israel the right to approve, and potentially veto, major rebuilding projects, including their location.”

Unfortunately, the UN does not clearly speak with one voice on the issue, probably due to pressure from Washington to back what Israel wants. In contrast, the UN chief human rights figure in the region, Pierre Krähenbühl, warned Israel could no longer impose a “collective punishment” on Gaza with a blockade “illegal under international law.”

The EU is the one body entirely familiar with how Israelis use the blockade to benefit enormously from aid going to Gaza. In past years, materials shipped from Europe were held up for months in Israeli ports and airports. It was Israel’s way of making the point that if all construction materials were provided by Israeli companies they would get to Gaza on time. It had the effect of EU aid being spent with Israeli outlets. It was and remains a classic scam benefiting the Israeli economy. In this latest rebuilding effort, billions of dollars will flow through Israeli companies in what will be a long, drawn-out and very costly reconstruction process.

In the wake of the Gaza tragedy, a further embarrassment for Israel was the Israeli historian Shlomo Sand naming Israel as “one of the most racist societies in the Western world.” Sand said he wanted to cease considering himself a Jew. Writing for The Guardian, he blasted Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

“That oppressed population, which has lived under the occupation for close to 50 years, deprived of political and civil rights, on land that the ‘state of the Jews’ considers its own, remains abandoned and ignored by international politics,” he wrote.

He compared Israel’s 47-year occupation of Palestinian land to a mythological serpent that had “swallowed too big a victim but prefers to choke rather than abandon it.”

Richard Walker is the pen name of a former N.Y. news producer.

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  1. Guess which country’s taxpayers will pay for the rebuilding? Starts with a ‘U’ and ends with an ‘A.’ I’m sure the unelected EU elite will tunnel some money there, too.

  2. Haganah, Irgun, Stern, were all Jewish terrorists organizations. They have been all integrated to the Zionist entity army.

    Who dares to say Arabs are terrorists? They are defending themselves against an illegal military occupation. And now they face 20 years in prison for throwing rocks against tanks and well armed soldiers?

    Supporting Israel is showing inverted values. It is supporting evil.

  3. And why is this news? The Jewish bankers have been profiting from war and post-war reconstruction loans since at least 1200 BC when Terah, patriarch of the Bankers’ Guild of Babylonia first founded Judaism.

    “War is the harvest of the Jews,” says the rabbis. Loan money to buy munitions and weapons, blow up nations with the munitions, then loan money to rebuild nations. Then foment and finance more wars and loan money to both sides, to buy more weapons, etc. etc.

    Only bankers benefit from wars, and guess what? Because they are Jews who sit on their behinds once a week, they get an automatic military exemption; so they are free to foment and profit from wars, but they never have to fight in wars.

    All banking is a swindle; all bankers are criminals. Follow the money and find out who benefits from war.

    Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!

  4. After the arrival of Jesus, the philosophers or “ethical innovative,” had to compare with him. For some was ally, for others neutral and for other an insurmountable obstacle. History testifies that the harshest competitors didn’t have the hoped fortunes, but they picked up the blame of the posterity that from their ambitions inherited only ruin. They built the own life purpose by discrediting Jesus and contributing to the worse anti-Semitism. For Hebrews their death began a suffering path long two millennium and the Marxism, guilty to have tried “to kill him” conceptually, has been also theirs worse promoter of image. The “guru” Korean Sun Myung Moon, is their emulator of the 20th century, stretched out in the attempt to rise as fulcrum of history in age sprinkled of hopes and disappointments and anxious of new myths! In this book you found analysis and evaluations on characters that even though lived in very distant historical moments, are similar in purpose and in the immoderate ambition to replace the Christ.

  5. The leaders of the Palestinians will use all of building materials to build more tunnels underground to attack Israel. That is why you can’t give it directly to them. They have to be monitored so they are used for building schools and homes and good things. And not for guns and radicalization and cement tunnels to attack. They should get rid of Hamas terrorists and there will be more peace. And they should teach your children to live in peace side-by-side with Jews and Arabs.

  6. Israel has no problem about nuking the entire world. They are not bluffing. The leadership is “f****ng crazy. (and criminal)

  7. I can tell you from personal knowledge that all Jews do not agree with the position of Israel. Therefore in my mind all Jews are not bad. BUT the leadership is purely criminal. If Mexico treated the USA the same way, how would you want our government to react? I think you would have a different tune. In assessing any situation it is always good to walk a mile in another man’s moccasins. There would be fewer wars if honest men of good will were in charge. Right now, greed and global mastery are in charge. Perhaps some day that will change?

  8. I believe, the only reason why the U.S.A. supports Israel is that we the people of the U.S. are afraid of what would happen if we dared to go against Israel!

  9. Hey Andy, sickening are the criminal Zionists like you. Certainly you know that Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and almost all the terrorist groups were created by Israel and are controlled and financed by the same terrorist state who used them not only to make wars everywhere but also to steal the gold from central banks in the countries they put under terrorist attacks and instability. And you support that.

  10. The one who doesn’t is the one who doesn’t want to know that both Lebanon, Balkans, Gaza, etc. destruction were made because it’s business to Israel Nazi Zionist state. That’s why Hezbollah and Hamas are terrorist groups created, maintained and controlled by Israel. All the strikes from Lebanon and Gaza against Israel are made under Israeli request exactly to allow Israel a justification for all the crimes committed including unnecessary destruction. Including non-proportional destruction for the business that follows and the only beneficiary is Israel. Worst is that the money is sent to Israel in the name of Gazan interests and help by foreign taxpayers.

  11. Arabs are terrorists, not the Israelis. Imagine if Mexico fired thousands of missiles into the U.S. And guess what? Those Palestinians elected terrorist Hamas; the citizens get what they deserve. The Israelis only mistake was not going a lot further with it and keeping those sick killers on the run. Next time, finish the job Israel, and go all the way.

  12. The anti-Semitism in this piece is sickening. Not ONE word on the Israeli perspective, just a lot of anti-Semitic stereotypes, i.e., greedy Jews. Could have been published by Herr Goebbels.

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