Texas To Federal Reserve: Give Back Our Gold

• Texas wants $1 billion in gold back from the Federal Reserve.

• State also wants to take care of its own border security.

By Victor Thorn —

Texans are so fed up with federal-government overreach that they’re considering taking some drastic measures as a means of reclaiming their sovereignty and independence.

On June 24, AMERICAN FREE PRESS reached out to attorney, small business owner and Hood County, Texas Tea Party member Dave Eagle to elaborate on this.

On May 26, H.B. No. 483 was passed by the Texas state legislature and on June 12 it was signed by Governor Gregory Wayne “Greg” Abbott (R), setting up a “Texas Gold Depository” to hold the state’s gold, which is worth nearly $1 billion. The measure reflects the state’s growing distrust of the Federal Reserve.

Unfortunately, Eagle was not optimistic that there was any of Texas’s gold left in the Fed’s vault.

“If nothing else, they should let us inspect their vaults for ourselves to insure that the Fed and all their cronies haven’t moved our gold somewhere else,” said Eagle. “Meanwhile, the government tells us, ‘Don’t pay attention to that man behind the curtain,’ but we simply don’t trust them.”


JoAnn Fleming, legislative chair for the watchdog group Grassroots America We the People, concurred: “Returning our gold to Texas was an issue first raised by Governor Rick Perry,” she told AFP. “But we never got it back.”

By logical conclusion, Ms. Fleming extended the idea of taking control of their state’s finances to protecting their border.

“The people of Texas are fed up with playing around with our border,” she said. “We’re seeking an interstate compact in which member states would enforce laws that the federal government ignores.”

She continued: “Laredo Border Patrol agent Hector Garza and the Texas Sheriff’s Association have testified that criminal elements crossing into our state don’t stay on the border. We’re being overrun with gangs, drug dealers and human traffickers. Yet the feds continue their catch and release policies.”

And then there’s the matter of a massive military exercise in the United States called “Jade Helm.” When asked why Abbott dispatched Texas State Guard members to monitor the U.S. military in Texas, Ms. Fleming responded: “If you look at maps for Jade Helm, the Obama administration categorized Texas as a hostile territory. I don’t want to believe that the U.S. military would harm its own citizens, but Texans don’t trust the government and are suspicious of them, especially when they see our liberties being eroded.”

Eagle spoke in similar terms.

“When it comes to the issue of states’ rights, we should be free to take care of Texas rather than waiting for a government takeover,” he said. “We’re starting to push back. We’ve come to the conclusion that we’re giving up on the federal government.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. Dear goyim of Ama-ruca, the only ‘GOLD’ left over you have is in your crotches.
  2. Why would we want “our gold back”? Don’t you know that in the days of hardship you cannot chew the gold as a meal? We should collectively donate or gold-teeth and rings to nearest AIPAC (Jew-Zionist) greed company.

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