Letter to the Editor: OKC Grand Juror Weighs In

Editor’s Note: Seventeen years ago, Hoppy Heidelberg, then 55 and president of the Oklahoma Thoroughbred Breeders Association, was drafted to serve on the Oklahoma City federal grand jury that only a few months later became immersed in the Murrah Building bombing investigation.  However, after several weeks of asking penetrating questions, requesting certain witnesses and evidence be brought forward, only to be frustrated by hollow promises from the U.S. attorney who was “obviously controlling what evidence would be presented,” Heidelberg eventually arrived at the only plausible conclusion: Not only was the atrocity carried out as a government “false flag” operation in order to get restrictive anti-terrorist legislation passed but the same federal agencies assigned to investigate it were actually hiding any evidence that did not help implicate the two patsies, Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols. In October 1995, a federal judge ordered that Heidelberg be removed from the grand jury. Recently, Heidelberg became outraged when he saw the most recent documentary supporting the government cover story that the 1995 OKC bombing was accidental—“a sting operation gone bad.” His letter further details his strong feelings on the subject:


January 28, 2012


AFP writer Victor Thorn’s interviews regarding A Noble Lie, a new DVD on the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City, were spot on. The refusal by former Oklahoma state Rep. Charles Key to be interviewed was the most telling of all. That was the last dot to be connected to expose his true involvement in the cover-up of the OKC bombing. For 16 years, I had assumed that the damage to my reputation by Key’s activities had been unintentional. After all, we were friends, right? I thought the terrible damage done by his multi-county grand jury when it backed up the findings of the federal grand jury, and had the effect of making me look like a fool, was as they are prone to say, an “unintended consequence.” It took me 16 years to come to the inescapable conclusion that the consequences were actually intentional. Pat Shannan is such a wordsmith. His written observation on Key’s refusal to be interviewed is, “In my opinion, Key’s refusal to stand up and be heard amounts to no less than a confession of his own disingenuous stand.” How diplomatic. Others might have said, “Key is a liar, or a coward or an agent provocateur, or all three.”

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It was [Noble Lie producer] Chris Emery’s rhetorical question near the end of the DVD that exploded all my excuses for my friend’s behavior. There it was. The motive for making the DVD: to establish, on behalf of the government, that the whole operation was an “accident,” a “sting gone bad.” Then they proceeded to have three men verify that indeed it was, with no one refuting it.

I ran the DVD back to my interviews to see if the Noble Lie producers had included my opinion that it was done to pass the anti-terrorism bill, originally known as the Omnibus Crime Bill, and was to be passed upon the 1993 World Trade Center operation. They had edited my interviews  to make sure none had mentioned any legislation. Later, I learned that they had done the same thing to Craig Roberts, editing out his opinion regarding the “Clinton files.” I contacted Craig, and it did not take us long to figure out we had been had. Our names, faces and our reputations had been used to sell something opposite of what we actually believed.

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This had been the plan since Emery and James Lane hit Oklahoma City. Emery was taken in immediately by Key, and, according to one member of Key’s OKC Bombing Investigation Committee, began taking over the meetings, replacing Key. Key became the de jure chairman of the committee, and Emery became the de facto chairman.

I only learned this when I began making noise about the deception perpetrated on the DVD. The more I asked around, the more I learned and the more the dots began to line up. It had never occurred to me to distrust anyone in the inner circle.

I pressed for answers as to how Emery and Lane were making a living, as they had no visible means of support. Emery danced around, not really answering my questions, with a lengthy explanation that made no sense. I became curious about where all the high-tech equipment came from, including the tiniest high-definition TV camera I had ever seen, which was about the size of a round cigarette lighter. This thing looked to be straight from the CIA in Langley, Va. It had high-resolution “undercover” written all over it.

The more people I called, the more surprises I got. I had been a fool, allowing these agents provocateurs to seduce me into helping them destroy myself. But most important of all, I had no alternative but to conclude that my good friend, Charles Key, had been undermining me all along. It was difficult to accept. All the damage was intentional and planned. Unfortunately, the DVD is finished, and it is out there and cannot be altered.

They have cleverly accomplished their mission. All I can do is warn people that it is a fraud. Pity, too, because it was so well done.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma